Video: Allison Iraheta Takes a Jab at Jive Records on Stage

September 24, 2010 04:05:48 GMT

The 'American Idol' singer adds the record label's name into the lyrics of her ballad track 'Scars' when supporting Adam Lambert in his final U.S. stop of Glam Nation tour.

Allison Iraheta
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Following her release from Jive Records earlier this month, Allison Iraheta hit back at her former label live on stage while supporting Adam Lambert in his Glam Nation concert. The former contestant of "American Idol" season 8 added 'Jive' into the lyrics of her song "Scars".

"Do you know how hard I tried/ To become what you want me to be, ... Jive," so the red-haired singer delivered the ballad track. People was cheering on her, showing their support as she finished her set during the final U.S. stop of the traveling show.

Later that night in the Puyallup gig on September 21, Lambert invited Iraheta back on stage after his main set to "take a bow." The crew said goodbye to the female singer, firing off strings all over her.

Allison Iraheta is still signed to 19 Recordings despite being dropped from Jive. Rumor has it, she was released from her contract in Jive due to her not-stellar debut in "Just Like You". Some fans blame the album's poor promotion for the lukewarm acceptance.


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posted by LoveTheWorld on Oct 17, 2010
While Allison might not have the stage presence or experience yet, she has the talent. She was probably getting bad advice and bad soundmixing. Jive might regret this someday, but she needs to keep trying and get better help for performing technique.
posted by SickAndTwisted on Sep 27, 2010
Shes an artist and doesnt want to change or be something she's not just to fit a mould. For that reason alone she will always have my respect. And idc if a few ppl dislike her for pity things, more of a reflection of your own morally drained character.
posted by Peggy on Sep 26, 2010
I Agree Taylor Swift may be able to write music but she sure can't sing...I cringe every time they bring her out...Must be some big wig on her side... Allison is rock...
posted by karen on Sep 26, 2010
Allison has a GREAT AND WONDERFUL VOICE. However, it is not her fault that the sound is not very clear. It is the sound engineering, they should make sure the sound is well balance between her voice and the music instrument.
posted by Karen on Sep 26, 2010
This is in reply to jagger: I believe it is Jive's fault. Do you know why? For a reason that they did not distribute her album to the stores. I live in the East Coat. My friends and I could never find her CD in the stores, so we never bought. This is terrible, bad marketing for Allison. Going and opening for Adam was only a crash for her.
posted by Ruby on Sep 25, 2010
I think Allison is at her best when she's singing with someone else - her duet with Adam, for example. The duet she did with Kris Allen, The Scientist, is awesome! I think she needs to be the only girl in an otherwise boy band - not the lead - but showing her personality and talent while mixing it up with rocker/dork guys who have equal talent and personality. Teens would eat it up.
posted by Amy on Sep 25, 2010
Allison needs to work on her live performances. A new sound engineer for starters. Quit screaming in the mic. We can't understand what you're singing. It's noise not singing. You have the voice. Not let us hear it without you going spastic on the stage. Someone is giving you lousy advice. You got it girl, but we're not seeing it. I was at 6 concerts.
posted by Pork Adobo on Sep 25, 2010
this is a response 2 BlurUpdates,i respect ur opinion but calling Allison w/ those words i think u went too far from reality coz Allison is absolutely not like that.U R NOT INTELLECTUALLY HONEST!
posted by Jagger on Sep 25, 2010
I can't understand why people seem to believe its Jive's fault. This girl had more opportunities that new artists would kill for. Face it people- people don't like her. Chances of her being picked up again are slim to none. Jive lost big bucks on her- and they tried many different ways.
posted by runnerkm on Sep 25, 2010
I went to one of Adam's concert and, of course, Allison opened the show. While she does have a great voice, her stage presence leaves a lot to be desired. She rushed through her songs and just screamed into the microphone. (I couldn't understand the words). With more exprience I'm sure she will be fine.
posted by anonymous on Sep 24, 2010
I think it is great that Adam and Allison look out for each other. They will always be close. Allison should continue with music! She is very talented!
posted by Britte on Sep 24, 2010
More talent in her little finger than most out there. This Jive experience will help her in the long run because it gives her experience, it will help Jive not one bit. Short-sighted corporate drones.
posted by Mal on Sep 24, 2010
Yes, Allison has talent way beyond her years and yes, she received very little radio play due to very little promotion. Jive, you will regret it someday.
posted by TJ on Sep 24, 2010
She'll land on her feet. She's too talented not too. It irks me too that somone like Taylor Swift who sounds horrible live gets all breaks. Adam has looked out for her so far bringing her on tour and put her in his music video (I don't see any of the others helping). She's still signed with E19 so maybe she'll go over to Universal.
posted by Silva on Sep 24, 2010
CNB, you nailed it girl, that is sad that some talentless people become so famose and get all attention, they can't hit a damn note when they sing live etc. I wish Allison the best, and Adam is really a good friend, I will always support them both.
posted by CNB on Sep 24, 2010
Allison has more talent in her little finger than many of the current "chart toppers" out there have in their whole bodies. It is so true that she has had zero promotion from Jive. She has some really great songs on her debut album such as "D" Is For Dangerous, and "Scars" had me choked up when I saw the show because it is so beautiful the way she sings it. I'm so glad that Adam recognizes her amazing voice and wanted her as his opener. But I guess she needed an "established" performer like Usher to be HER mentor?
posted by RoRo on Sep 24, 2010
I hope to see another label pick up Allison - she is a huge and gorgeous talent and I wish her much success. Loved her set with GlamNation!
posted by BlurUpdates on Sep 24, 2010
I'm tired of this crap. Jive wouldn't change her. She's just a crap singer, a horrible person and stupid. She just should go away right now.
posted by SickAndTwisted on Sep 24, 2010
I would be upset too, they screwed her over. Seen it coming with the little FU gesture at the end of her song Scars when she performed it on idol, probably because so many other idol alum with way less vocal talent got to play with their whole band while she got a backup track and performed by herself almost as if she was competing with the others that season.... Lame. the single Friday sucked major asss. If they were a smart label, the first single would have been ROBOT LOVE then they would have spun platinum, no doubt.
posted by GlamSquad1 on Sep 23, 2010
That is hardly a big deal. Just a statement. She is understandably sad. But, she should continue to write her songs and stay in the public eye. Allison your time will come - you are extremely talented. Do not give up!

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