'Criminal Minds' 6.02 Preview: Goodbye JJ

September 23, 2010 07:46:32 GMT

Given a proper goodbye in this episode, JJ will deal with 'other more powerful elements in the government.'

'Criminal Minds' 6.02 Preview: Goodbye JJ
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The time has come to finally say goodbye to A.J. Cook and her character Jennifer Jereau on "Criminal Minds". While JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, her BAU family braces for the loss of one of their own.

JJ's departure from the show was the producers' decision for creative reason and budget cut. When the news hit headlines in June this year, her fans set up an online petition to topple down the decision. The devotees went as far as sending the CBS headquarters with lipsticks and file folders as signs of protest. The campaign was also held to give Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss more screen time.

Showrunner Ed Bernero was pro the idea but the petition could only bring JJ for 2 episodes airing this Fall. Bernero said the September 29 episode would put a lid on the character which has stayed in the BAU department for 5 years.

Executive producer Simon Mirren told TV Guide, "We've always intimated that JJ's character has connections outside of our world - other more powerful elements in the government. Those powers that she's connected with come back into her life. So basically, what we're saying is, our loss is going to be somebody else's gain."


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posted by Genie on Oct 05, 2010
You took a player away that was too good. bad move.
posted by lm on Oct 05, 2010
are u people stupid. we want jj back on the show. no one should be forced to take a job they don't want. it made us think that our government has communistic tendencies.
posted by jamee on Oct 02, 2010
I think getting rid of her is a terrible idea. The show will not be as good. Im not impressed
posted by Gary on Sep 30, 2010
The network seems to be on the same power trip as the fictional bureaucrats on the show. Making a decision because they can without caring about what we want. I can decide to watch something else on Wednesday night!Bring back JJ!
posted by pbh on Sep 30, 2010
well im gonna stop watching it since JJ was my reason for starting the show. It was a great run and I enjoy'ed it but without jj i just don't care anymore.
posted by llittled on Sep 29, 2010
I don't understand why they'd made such a change? The cast works so great together and you can see it in the show. I'm quite disappointed!
posted by JJ on Sep 29, 2010
What a stupid move to get rid of JJ, one of the reasons to watch criminal minds was what she brought to the show, not only beautiful but humanity. I for one will not watch a show that has such unthinking producers that have ruined one of the best series on T>V>
posted by cirich01 on Sep 29, 2010
i loved criminal minds, i watch every episode I can find, but it was a HUGE mistake getting rid of JJ. They really were like a family, but not anymore. I just hope they get enough complaints to bring her back.
posted by Babs3571 on Sep 29, 2010
The show is awesome but they are making a huge mistake by getting rid of JJ. The BAU is a family and nobody wants to see her go! Not the other actors And surely not the fans! Each and every actor on that show has a pivotal part to play! Bring back JJ!!!!!!
posted by StevieLuvsJJ on Sep 29, 2010
Once again, the writers put their keen & penetrative minds to task, & as usual came to the WRONG conclusion! Listen to the fans for shits sake & make it happen. Swallow your ill founded pride & bring A.J. Cook BACK. IDIOTS.
posted by sbomb on Sep 29, 2010
I really hate how they took JJ off the show, she was so awesome. I bet even the toughtest guys cried when she left.
posted by babygirl on Sep 28, 2010
I think the show will probably keep going on good ratings - I don't believe CBS hadn't considered the impact of JJ leaving in numbers. They must've had numbers checked and come to the conclusion that audience loss after JJ leaves wouldn't be hard to reverse. I think this is partly why the season's theme is SECRETS. It's clear they're going to balance the emotional background that JJ used to bring to the show among the other characters, by exploring more of their personal lives and conflicts. Of course I liked JJ and I'm not happy about this. But it can't be undone, the episode is airing tomorrow. I'm sure AJ upped her game in this episode and I'm prepared to cry tons. But we have to be realistic - CM has more than 15 milion views in and out U.S and for a lot of those, the show is not only about JJ. Everyone has its favorite characters. And there are those who just love the show and will go with whatever happens. Let's just hope the show can keep its good game running and it'll be just fine. I won't stop watching it - although to me JJ is forever to be missed.
posted by dee on Sep 28, 2010
This show will tank just like law and order. Have not the producers learned that u don't screw with original cast
posted by jjmorganab on Sep 26, 2010
Thats it I am done with I am done with this show no one and I mean NO ONE MAKES JJ LEAVE! she is the best part of the show Criminal Minds is really going down hill!
posted by CM far on Sep 25, 2010
You are going to start the end of a great show with the loss of JJ's character. She is what holds the team together with her compassion, her humanity, her personality. She is not robotic like as Hoch is, she is not a bully as Morgan protrays because someone in the producers never took a reality check at real FBI agents. JJ's leaving will have the show ratings falling after we say good bye to her. Those in charge need to have a pyschological meeting with some shrinks. Get her back!!!!!
posted by RoyMx on Sep 24, 2010
NOOOO what have they done!!!! I will stop watching the show after this episode!!!
posted by bacardi on Sep 23, 2010
Don't mess with something that works. Doesn't the producer care about what people want and we want them all to stay!!!!! It will not be the same. If something works don't screw with it. Let the producers take a cut in their pay to keep the public happy and watching. After all were the one who keeps them employed.
posted by SUKIWATSON on Sep 23, 2010
She was the reason I started watching this show. I think this show works with everyone on it. If you get rid of J.J. this show will not be the same. I will stop watching it.
posted by Jack on Sep 23, 2010
After that performance by AJ Cook last night how can CBS seriously let her go?!! This is a joke and I won't be watching after next week.
posted by Nickki on Sep 23, 2010
They must have new writers because the season finale was horrible and so was the new beginning episode.
posted by jlwoodlpn on Sep 23, 2010
The show won't be the same without JJ...What are those idiots at CBS THINKING?????? I love the show and have watched every episode but when they cut one of the main characters out due to budget cuts it pisses me off... UGH!!! I say BRING JJ BACK FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by JC on Sep 23, 2010
Can't believe they would drop JJ. Hard to have respect for the writers and everyone else involved when they take an integral character from the show. It's like taking Joe Walsh from the Eagles. It just doesn't work right without him. Pathetic. I hate criminal minds.
posted by MADSHARK on Sep 23, 2010
posted by Mel From Toronto on Sep 23, 2010
This is the last season I'm watching CM and I seriously hopes the spin-off fails.
posted by Suzy on Sep 23, 2010
I LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS BUTTTTTTT... i hav to say the decision to get rid of JJ is plain stupidddd!!!! seriously wat is CBS thinking and i hav to agree with the statement that there must be new writers becuz the season finale and the season premier did stink! im so shocked and confused!!!! wats gonna happen next?!
posted by lucrevenge on Sep 23, 2010
What a shame. The one show on telelvision that had a cast of charachters with so much chemistry between them. Why mess with this. It took me a year to get over Mandy Patinkin leaving!Please don't mess with Morgan and Baby Girl!
posted by Toby on Sep 23, 2010
I would like for JJ to stay on because she is a big part of the show. It won't be the same without her. I don't know if I will watch the show anymore after she is gone. The show works with JJ. It won't without her.

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