Official Wedding Photo of Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormick Revealed

September 23, 2010 03:19:21 GMT

A wedding shot of the Pearl Jam's frontman and the model has been outed, showing the rocker kissing his bride on a sandy shore in Hawaii.

Eddie Vedder
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Official wedding photo of Pearl Jam's frontman Eddie Vedder and model Jill McCormick has been revealed. In the newly outed picture, Eddie, in his bright suit, is seen kissing his bride who sweeps her feet off in her wedding gown with a traditional lei over it on a sandy shore in Hawaii.

Eddie and Jill swapped vows in front of around 70 guests on Saturday, September 18. The wedding was attended by some stars including "Milk" actor Sean Penn, singer Jack Johnson, volleyball star Gabrielle Reece and her husband, surfer Laird Hamilton.

Before tying the knot, Eddie and Jill have been in longtime relationship. The newlyweds already have two daughters together, 6-year-old Olivia and nearly 2-year-old Harper Moon. While the wedding is the first trip to the aisle for Jill, it is the second for Eddie. He was previously wed to Beth Liebling from 1994 to 2000.


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posted by ohdear on Apr 11, 2015
If you date a model, at least date a hottie.
posted by real deal on Jul 25, 2013
go to bed mike
posted by smarter on Mar 15, 2011 idiot have you any idea what you are talking about !!!!! knob...blood is not satans bed it is .. wake up to yourself he is the man!
posted by char on Nov 20, 2010
do you really think a genius like eddie would marry someone if he didnt think something special of her. so he made a comment about models in 1994. not all models are horrible. he has two children with her and the song just breath well its beautiful and about her and happens to be my wedding song. get over yourselfs its eddies life let him live
posted by funkdup on Nov 13, 2010
Hey Mike, His "song" you refer to is called "satan's bed" in which he addressed the shallow models that were all throwing themselves @ the time because of who he was. Obviously in his older age he realized that these were the rants of a young man stereotyping a group because of the majority & grew up. Maybe you should try it. You are clearly jealous & obsessed.
posted by Mugsy on Oct 31, 2010
These two are like oil & water. What do models & rock stars have in common? Models have been pampered; rock stars have seen the bottom. I don't see this as lasting. Beauty fades with years & models don't have the mental stimulation artists need. I say it's time for a change. Rock stars should choose a common girl who piques their interest. I have some interesting freinds I know that could do this. And why not give a less fortunate girl a chance to see the other side of the world? Models have enough money as it is. They can survive on their own, but alot of gals I know are beautiful people & are struggling. Besides, Vedder looks like shit compared to those tall lanky models. He's only alittle over 5' something & looks like a midget next to the Sesoning Heiress girl. Does she lean down to kiss him? How about when she wants a hug? C'mon RS guys, get over the model stigma & have the courage to date an ordinary girl that's special!
posted by talula on Oct 19, 2010
posted by Mike on Oct 10, 2010
wonder if he sang his "song" blood where he talks about rolling models in blood. poor girl this guy has some serious issues.
posted by Mike on Sep 23, 2010
It should say "He previously was wed to Beth Liebling from 1994 to 2000."

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