New 'Godzilla' Movie to See Fight Between Two or More Monsters

September 22, 2010 07:01:01 GMT

Spilling some details about the remake to the 1998 film is producer Brian Rogers, who also says that the upcoming movie will stay true to the traditional Godzilla character.

New 'Godzilla' Movie to See Fight Between Two or More Monsters
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Godzilla was haunting New York citizens in the 1998 film but it will likely meet an equal opponent in the remake. Speaking to, producer Brian Rogers says that forthcoming "Godzilla" will feature at least one other monster which the title character will face off.

"There's going to be another monster, or monsters, that Godzilla will fight," he reveals, claiming that this kind of situation is what fan base wants to see. Meanwhile, he thinks what Sony did with the previous film by featuring Godzilla fighting an army "was not the same kind of spirit of the character."

On how the new Godzilla will look like, Rogers says Legendary wants to pay homage to the traditional Godzilla character. This perhaps means that the monster will have no Iguana-style anatomy like it was seen in the Roland Emmerich's film, but it will return to the more dinosaur-like form.

The filmmaker also claims that they hope to take "Godzilla" remake in the same direction as "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". The upcoming action sci-fi movie is additionally planned to be made in 3-D.

Back in March when they first announced plans to make "Godzilla", Legendary stated they intend "to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible." Thomas Tull, Chairman and CEO of Legendary, added, "Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see."

Godzilla is Toho's iconic character which was first turned into Japanese movie titled "Gojira". Since then, the character has appeared in many "giant monster" movies in Japan. The first U.S. version starring Matthew Broderick grossed $379 million worldwide.


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posted by Ryan on Nov 11, 2012
I think that the main antagonist for the movie should either be Bagan (from the SNES game "Super Godzilla", who was replaced by Destoroyah on the big screen) or something entirely new and cool. If you are going for something new, it should be: much bigger than godzilla, a reptilian monster, very epic NOT be Biollante, Mothra, King Ghidorah (he is cool, but has been in too many movies), Destoroyah (he too is cool, but replaced Bagan which pissed me off!), and Mechagodzilla.
posted by Jean on Apr 18, 2011
Guys, try to keep in mind the concept that Godzilla is a force of nature...if not Nature's Metaphor in one being. He is powerfull and at the same time an ally!
posted by Brad on Jan 03, 2011
If Godzilla is going to fight two monsters, PLEASE let at least one of them be either King Ghidorah and Destoroyah. Those two were the only 2 monsters to ever give Godzilla a challenge! well, them and Space Godzilla
posted by Bonk on Dec 28, 2010
Nothing new. Stop rehashing ancient ideas, America.
posted by kibertman on Oct 12, 2010
Godzilla's appeal was that he was an unstoppable monster that NOTHING could harm. They should Remember that ingredient in the recipe. Without it, he's just pathetic and you feel sorry for him like lassie.
posted by kibertman on Oct 12, 2010
Godzilla, when it was first released was about a scarey completely UNSTOPPABLE
posted by Jerry on Sep 22, 2010
Why not both Godzilla fighting that "other monster" and the US army. This is Godzilla,the King of Monsters. Think of the Cloverfield movie, the cloverfield monster attacks the city, the armed forces fight the monster but are unable to stop it. But before they decide to level the entire city, a roar is heard from the ocean, Godzilla emerges and manages to fight the other monster and levels most of the city in the process. Army drops a dozen or so MOAB bombs, explosions galore, cloverfield monster killed, Godzilla escapes to sea. the end.
posted by Dennis on Sep 22, 2010
So if Godzilla is not going to fight the US army, exactly where is Godzilla going to surface, and what other monster would Godzilla be facing.

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