Cancer Back, Andy Whitfield Withdraws From 'Spartacus' Season 2

September 18, 2010 08:00:29 GMT

'It seems that it is time for myself and my family to embark on another extraordinary journey,' the lead star of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' said in a statement.

Cancer Back, Andy Whitfield Withdraws From 'Spartacus' Season 2
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Andy Whitfield pulls away from the second season production of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" for health concern. The actor was diagnosed with treatable stage 1 non-Hodgkin lymphoma back in March. The cancer has apparently returned and doctors advised him to take an aggressive treatment which may require a lot of time and energy.

Starz cable network which is home to "Spartacus" had produced "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena", a prequel to the series which doesn't involve Whitfield's character. The prequel is still scheduled for January 2011 premiere but the second season of "Blood and Sand" which is due to premiere in September 2011 is still a question mark.

"It's with a deep sense of disappointment that I must step aside from such an exceptional project as Spartacus and all the wonderful people involved. It seems that it is time for myself and my family to embark on another extraordinary journey. Thank you sincerely for the support so far," said Whitfield in a press release.

Starz also release a statement, saying "Our hearts and prayers are with Andy and his family during this difficult time. Andy is not only an incredible actor whose portrayal of Spartacus made an indelible impression on Starz audiences, he is also an amazing human being whose courage, strength, and grace in the face of adversity have inspired all of us."

As for whether Whitfield will be replaced, Starz has no answer. "Right now, we just want to extend our concern and support to Andy and his family," said Carmi Zlotnik, Managing Director, Starz Media. "We will address our programming plans at some later date."


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posted by maricela on May 07, 2011
estoy empezando a ver la temporada spartacus y pido a dios porque ayude a Andy para qaue salga de este transe lo mas pronto posible, te queremos
posted by tincu on Jan 21, 2011
Most important is your recovery , like everyone else i would love to see you take over the role that you made your own. You made every feel like a hero in their own life through your character and your real life. Good luck and God bless. Stay positive.
posted by Adexbusta on Jan 21, 2011
Don't let fate catch up with you. This is the time to fight and I pray that by God grace you will win.
posted by Jared on Jan 17, 2011
I write this message as a reviewer alwell as a huge fan. You cannot replace Andy Whitfield in his role of Spartacus. You can progress with prequels, however everyone longs to the see the Primus, that is Blood and Sand, with Andy Whitfield.
posted by Ilupeju Akeem on Jan 17, 2011
In my Church, I WILL organize prayer warriors for a fasting and prayer sessions on behalf of Andy Whitfield permanent/soonest recover. Apart from being my super hero, he's got a bright, promising future which he must live to see. I urge all the crew of spartacus and all concerned persons to put up effort to see Andy cured of this deadly disease. God will help you all.
posted by eiah_filipina on Jan 15, 2011
ever since my boyfriend introduce me to watch this series i can't stop myself from being obsessed to andy whitfiel i find him as a serious guy get well soon wish i can see you on the 2nd season of blood and you...
posted by Tricky on Jan 15, 2011
People watch the show for the same reason roman people watched the games. Their commitment will fade with the arrival of a new champion / actor. Give them the death and sex and they will continue to worship you.
posted by James on Jan 11, 2011
Do not replace Andy, please! He is spartacus and no one can replace him, GOD bless him and his family, Get well soon
posted by Omotayo on Jan 09, 2011
All d world is praying 4 u so u will get by d special grace of GOD, u ar d man.
posted by Jamdown 32 on Jan 04, 2011
Hey Andy with our prayers, there is nothing hard or impossible that God can't do, get well soon. I would implore the executives of Starz to wait for Andy, he is such a great actor who have captivate the hearts of people all over the world. Just as how they push for Lucy Lawless to return to season 2 they can see to it that Andy return.
posted by IME UKPONG on Jan 03, 2011
posted by Lateralus on Dec 17, 2010
To Tera luhizo: At least he can spell and use proper English, unlike some people. All the best Andy, get well soon.
posted by Felisha on Dec 15, 2010
Oh no...poor baby! I hope u get well and build ur strengh back, so you can fight in the arena, again. Hehe. God bless.
posted by Damola on Dec 11, 2010
I pray for Andy's speedy recovery, remember you fought in the arena and won you can do better, you can gain control over the sickness. God's with you.
posted by NDU B on Nov 25, 2010
season 2 "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" that what they call it,it will be gods of arena but without Andy Whitfield it will not look like gods of arena.i pray that u will get well soon to make the season 2 look real love your acting brother
posted by victoria on Nov 18, 2010
yah so true andy is irreplaceable. he fitted so much on his character as spartacus. no one can replace him.. I know GOd never abandon him during this difficult time, so ANDY you must fight like a gladiator in the arena..go SPARTACUS. i'm praying for your health..god bless to you and to your family..
posted by acb on Nov 18, 2010
I hope you get better soon!! This serie will be a crap without you..please don't replace the man! Good luck with the recovery.
posted by ck on Nov 15, 2010
we pray forAndy, get well soon..
posted by Minidee on Nov 11, 2010
I'm not watchin season 2 if he's not acting
posted by none on Nov 07, 2010
He is irreplaceable, i hope they wait for him to get better. It wont be the same without him!
posted by Angel on Nov 06, 2010
first of all many many blessings to Andy and his loveones! And second if Andy does not come back i will never watch season 2!
posted by Tera luhizo on Oct 27, 2010
Yeah change him he dont even knw how 2 act
posted by Concerned fan on Oct 24, 2010
There is no way Starz could possibly replace Andy! He does such a wonderful job that I would be willing to wait for the second season just to see him reprise the role. I hate it when tv series shove another actor into a role that doesn't suit them and they are under pressure to give a fantastic performance. DO NOT replace Andy Whitfield!!!! It is the best option for Starz!!!!
posted by MfySoB on Oct 24, 2010
fack off
posted by enoch on Oct 22, 2010
can anyone act lik him i doubt it....i wish andy rapid recovery.
posted by Omotayo on Oct 22, 2010
We all eager 2 see season2, but it does not mean we should give up on him, pls give him some times, we are praying 4 him.
posted by Omotayo on Oct 20, 2010
I urge de manager director to give him some time to recover, i dont need any replacement
posted by Omotayo on Oct 20, 2010
D fust day i heard, i weep, then i went into prayer & fasting. I beleive in GOD u will get better
posted by Samuel on Oct 13, 2010
My prayer are with u and ur family 2 recover soon.i don't nd any replacement in next series
posted by Hakeem on Oct 11, 2010
We all in nigeria nd people of osun state pray 4 A whitfield nd family we pray 4 speedy recovery
posted by lyngirl on Oct 10, 2010
Lots of prayers and much love to Andy and his family on yet another difficult journey speedy recovery LOTS OF LOVE
posted by Vishal on Oct 06, 2010
My prayers and wishes are with Andy. It would be hard to imagine someone else as Spartacus. Well nigh impossible. Hope he gets well soon. :-(
posted by timar on Oct 05, 2010
You're a wonderful talent and I wish you and your family the best in this new challenge.
posted by Ruri on Sep 29, 2010
I absolutely Love Andy...and I sincerely hope and pray that he will get better again. I feel such a sense of sadness that he has to deal with this all over again...and I pray that he is able to fully recover. Not only to go back to the show...but because he has such a strong talent..and I think has made us all care about him just for being such a great actor on screen. GOD BLESS you Andy and your family...I truly hope you feel better SOON!
posted by map on Sep 28, 2010
I agree with the others and pray for Andy and his family during this difficult time. Prayerfully, he will return because replacing him will be next to impossible.
posted by boniface on Sep 28, 2010
hey guys don't b in a hurry he is our man u should wait 4 him 2 recover GOD bless him & give him a quick recovery.
posted by Kris on Sep 28, 2010
My prayers are with A. Whitfield and his family during this tough time. I wish Mr. Whitfield a speedy recovery and hope that he is able to come back and take over the roll of Spartacus. I agree w/ the comment above, I hope that Starz does right by Whitifield and does not replace him. We all know the series was a success b/c of such a great actor. The series won't be the same w/o him.
posted by dmcphee on Sep 27, 2010
Hope you get better soon and make a speedy recovery. to all those Starz executives - please do the right thing and wait for Andy to get back anyone else in the role would be a waste of time!
posted by jwr on Sep 26, 2010
my prayers are with you and your family! May God Bless you.
posted by mauriciokratos on Sep 20, 2010
mucha suerte andy dios te vera con buenos ojos y te recuperaras con toda brother...mucha suerte fuerza y fe
posted by KRAYZIE on Sep 20, 2010

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