Accused of Misdemeanor Battery, Adam Lambert Explains on Twitter

September 18, 2010 03:12:31 GMT

After a photographer filed a report, accusing him of misdemeanor battery, the singer wrote on his Twitter page, 'Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown.'

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Dominic Chan/WENN

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has taken it to his Twitter page to explain a battery allegation made against him. On Friday, September 17, Lambert wrote, "Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown and no one was on the ground. It was literally harmless. If embarrassment is a crime-thats all I'm guilty of."

The incident itself happened when Lambert was relaxing in a Miami beach on Thursday, September 16. According to police report obtained by TMZ, Lambert grabbed a photographer's backpack "where the camera was placed" and "wrestled (him) to the ground forcefully." The report also mentioned that the alleged victim didn't sustain any "bruises or lacerations."

In pictures taken, Lambert was seen wearing turquoise shorts, a tank top, big straw hat and black fingernail polish. On this, the singer shared, "Hahha the photos are hilarious !! Lol please everyone forgive me for that hat. I was attempting a disguise - clearly failed." Although stating there was no scuffle, he admitted that the snapper ruined his day, writing "Eeew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach!"

Though the paparazzo has filed the report, accusing Lambert of misdemeanor battery, no arrest was made. A police spokesman revealed that there will be no investigation made, Associated Press further reported. The state attorney's office will review the report and decide if any charges will be filed.


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posted by Alan on Sep 20, 2010
What I don't get, is why anybody would want to snap anything, except the little fag-hag's neck, anyway? Hideous little no-talent!
posted by lj bless on Sep 19, 2010
posted by hlf on Sep 18, 2010
These ppl are the scum of the earth taking advantage of celebrities' good natures. The idiot should have been arrested, NOT Adam!!
posted by Jet on Sep 18, 2010
If that Paps bugged a normal citizen for over one hour snapping constant photos and refusing to go away, it would be illegal. Why is it okay for them to harrass a person just before they are famous. That Paparazzi guy was a total jerk. I am sorry I wasn't there to punch him myself.
posted by tmd on Sep 18, 2010
These bottom feeders usually target the celebs that are mild mannered & easy going or WOMEN who are defenseless. There should be a UNIVERSAL law against them not just in the US. They should be banned by the WORLD so that everyone can be free of their harassment once & forever!!!
posted by Kendall on Sep 18, 2010
To your comment. You are So on the mark about this. Some Paps are the scum of the earth, doing whatever they can to provoke, even when a celeb has been cooperative with them.
posted by Lamchops50 on Sep 18, 2010
I'm on Adam's side. He is always more than gracious with his time for interviews and photo ops. This pap crossed the line when Adam asked him to leave and he didn't. It's the pap who should have been charged, not Adam who was just defending his right to have some time to relax with friends out of the spotlight.
posted by FranWorth on Sep 18, 2010
You need to take a look at the greats and learn a lesson of dignity and integrity from look like a total jerk will not last long, like the greats ....
posted by smitty4fs on Sep 18, 2010
If you did not want your photo taken, you should have never went on American Idol. It comes with the territory and YOU KNEW THAT .... so grow up little boy and accept what you asked for...
posted by olivia291 on Sep 18, 2010
paparazzi don't they got somethin betta to do seriously
posted by Deb on Sep 18, 2010
Actually, Adam seemed quite restrained considering his privacy and downtime were being invaded-the paps are like annoying mosquitos or knats buzzing in your ear on a hot, sweaty Florida afternoon, no matter how much you swat at them, they are still there annoying the h___ of you. I know a degree of loss of privacy comes with fame, but give the guy a break, celebs are like the rest of us, they need time to relax and regroup. Sorry Adam that you had another bad, or at the very least annoying experience in Florida, but hope that you keep coming back once in awhile,you are loved and appreciated by many of us here. I am going to see you perform tonight, been waiting for six months, I am so excited.
posted by Patti on Sep 17, 2010
I am just so sad it happened here in FL..we love Adam!And if I ever see that Pap anywhere, I'LL punch him for Adam! How dare he start with Adam, go to the cops and tell lies!
posted by jojo on Sep 17, 2010
So funny! The photographer was laughing and it really did look more like a tickle battle than a fight. Adam posed with a smile for several pictures and the guy wouldn't go away or respect when he was asked to leave them alone. He had enough pictures and wouldn't take no for an answer. So, I guess after three months of touring and finally getting a really relaxing day off, Adam just had enough. He is the most patient celeb, kind to his fans, always giving yet another photo. This guy must have really pissed him off.
posted by taboo on Sep 17, 2010
it should be illegal for paps to press charges against their targets. PS. hilarious photos. The diguise (which didn't quite work) killed me. Adam is adorable.
posted by LMAO on Sep 17, 2010
LOL. The full set of pics (on ONTD) are hilarious. The pap was LAUGHING, Adam didn't look the least bit menacing, it looked like a freaking TICKLEMATCH roflmao. No strikes were thrown, NO ONE hit the ground or was hurt, all Adam tried to do was grab his camera after warning him after HOURS. It was the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Russell Brand just got accussed of Battery for protecting & defending Katy when the guy tried to shove his lens up her skirt. Stalkerazzi like this are nothing more than money-desperate PERVS. If they weren’t ‘photographers’, THEY would be thrown in JAIL. A strange man shoving a camera up a woman’s skirt. NO FKN WAY WOULD THEY GET AWAY WITH IT IF THEY WERE JUST A RANDOM DUDE WITH A CAMERA. They follow you for hours, they will hide if they have to, they will WALL you in, shout anything and I mean ANYthing no matter how racist, derogatory, offensive, sexist……it is…….they act like a pack of WOLVES….just to get 1 reaction from you so they can get their shady photo. When are the laws going to change? How is it ok for these scumbags to shove their lenses up peoples' skirts & violate personal space, do WHATEVER they can to provoke just for 1 shady photo YET don't pay for it? If they were random people on the streets with cameras, NO FKN WAY would they get away with what they do to people. These Papz are a hindrance to not only the celebrities but people of the public especially when they're in Airports putting other passengers in dangers with the way they behave. Talent aside, Lambo is so funny and charming in every interview, no wonder he has people like Spielberg, Slash, May, LPerry, Muse.....all the rest on his side. You can get safe gossip and pics without being complete d**heads. Paps that STALK people for HOURS, car-chase them through red lights and violate their privacy, personal space and bodies are disgusting and if you think any of that is ok, you’re in the exact same filthy cheap boat as them. Paparazzi are scum of the earth.

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