'The Apprentice' Fires Its First Season 10 Contestant

September 17, 2010 04:23:23 GMT

Nicole Chiu, an unemployed attorney who is 'determined to use her brains and beauty', was dismissed from the crowd for being an incompetent leader.

'The Apprentice' Fires Its First Season 10 Contestant
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Nicole Chiu, a law graduate who wanted to abolish the beauty queen stereotyping through her participation on "The Apprentice", fails to launch her mission. The 27-year-old was the first to be fired from season 10 due to her lack of leadership.

The task in the two-hour premiere was to design an office space. Nicole immediately volunteered herself to be the Project Manager because she said during the individual interview that showing a good first impression is important. Immediately, Mahsa did not like Nicole's attitude, saying "it was the wrong move" to try to dominate like that.

Meanwhile in the men's team, Gene was voted to be the PM, and he had the idea of making the office space "green". However, he was absent most of the time, including when Ivanka Trump came to visit them.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump said he didn't like both of the team's work results but he decided to judge the women in the boardroom. Tyana and Mahsa immediately threw Nicole under the bus for being incompetent leader who is absent all the time. Trump began to see their point and fired Nicole on the spot.


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posted by cc on Sep 17, 2010
I agree with pc and bc. That mossa or whatever her name was is just a nasty person. And that failed plastic surgery face of tianna was bugging me the whole episode. Nicole should've been a contestant to go all the way imo. But those other hyenas gave Trump no choice in the end but to fire her. Too bad!
posted by pc on Sep 17, 2010
haha, agree with bc
posted by bc on Sep 17, 2010
that was messed up how nobody else could think for themselves and so nicole was out. messed up...

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