Video: Ali Fedotowsky's First Gig as Fox 5 Correspondent

September 14, 2010 03:22:59 GMT

The former 'Bachelorette' star sat down with a face reader who then did her a favor by reading the good features of her and fiance Roberto Martinez.

Video: Ali Fedotowsky's First Gig as Fox 5 Correspondent
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Ali Fedotowsky was officially a news correspondent for Fox 5 San Diego on Monday, September 13 morning. Her first on-air appearance included answering questions sent in by viewers, such as how to handle a long-distance romance and what things are important in a relationship.

And then she sat down with a face-reading expert Barbara Roberts who told her about several face features that are suitable for marriage. At one point, Roberts pointed out the strong features of Fedotowsky's fiance Robert Martinez. "People tell him everything. What you see is what you get," Roberts said and Fedotowsky agreed.

Tweeting her experience, Fedotowsky said, "I had SO much fun :) The team at Fox is super friendly :)... I was SOOOO nervous. The news is LIVE so it's intense, but I loved it :) (sic)"

Fedowtowsky's Monday gig was crucial for her career down the line. "We'll see how I do and hopefully I'll be doing a lot more segments for them after Monday," she told E! Online.


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posted by mee on Dec 09, 2010
Great interview Ali, I quite enjoyed it. Your personality definitely shines through.
posted by yep on Sep 20, 2010
Some people are so cynical. What is wrong with someone sounding happy and energetic? We have enough stuffy reporters who take themselves way too seriously. Respect is commanded by one's charcter not by a boxy gray suit. Wear as much pink as you want, girl!
posted by Annie on Sep 19, 2010
You: "Hi, I'm Ali and this show is all about ME, ME, ME." (giggles) ME: (Turning the channel.)
posted by anabrowne on Sep 18, 2010
Do not say "I guess ... " on air. Also, do not say, "um."
posted by persephoneford on Sep 18, 2010
1. says "mmm hmmm" way too much. 2. Too much laughing. Laughing at end of phrases and sentences too frequent. Bwa ha ha ha ha! 3. Too overly energetic and friendly, comes across as being fake and trying too hard. 4. Outfit is cute but does not exude authority. 5. Little girl, nasally voice. Not a professional voice. 6. Too lax and casual in speech and grammar. 7. Not fit for this job. Not fit for tv. Get a desk job.
posted by Kristen on Sep 17, 2010
Unfortunately, that was hard to watch. And your giggling was awkward. It would be great to watch this segment again with a host who has actual talent and compare. Just because you went on a TV show doesn't mean it's your calling.
posted by Paris on Sep 16, 2010
Oh please Ali is the most fake person I have ever seen. From the 1st episode of bachelor,and a total B#@TH for how she treated Vienna. Poor Roberto hope he wakes up to his senses soon.
posted by Canada on Sep 16, 2010
Ali that was great. I wish you and Roberto all the best on your approaching wedding.
posted by muffyjo on Sep 15, 2010
You are so real! Refreshing.
posted by malgorzata on Sep 14, 2010
Ali , I watched the whole segment after work (Chicago time). You were very comfortable in that chair, naturally graceful, and at ease. So, it was a good start , we are having your back and be tuning in, just keep us posted, schedule or your appearances. In time of such a pessimism, you and R. are flames of hope and enthusiasm for life. Your star is shining bright. Congratulations.
posted by Tatsgalan on Sep 14, 2010
Ali, you did great on your 1st segment.I wish you & Roberto all the best.Bless you both.
posted by Helena on Sep 13, 2010
Ali, That was good for a first time. I like you and Roberto and wish you all the best.

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