'True Blood' Season 3 Finale Reactions and Season 4 Hints

'True Blood' Season 3 Finale Reactions and Season 4 Hints

Most of the show's fans are disappointed by the season 3 ender but Kristin Bauer and Joe Manganiello promised better things in the next season.

"True Blood" had a rather mild season 3 finale if fans have a say. Reactions of the September 12 episode have been coming out via the official Twitter chat at BloodCopy.com and most of them are not favorable toward the ending where everything seems to be a loose end.

[ Spoiler Alert! ] Only three major story lines get a closure and opening. Bill squared off with the Queen of Louisiana but he did not get a conclusion with Sookie after telling her for the umpteenth time that he pretended to betray her. Meanwhile, Eric got to 'live' another day when he survived the cement bath to confront Bill's motivation in romancing Sookie. The last point is most likely to be explained in season 4. Sookie resorted to Gram's grave, complaining of being lonely. Shortly after, a pack of fairies led by Claudine approached her and extended her hand.

The Sookie scene was pretty much the cliffhanger to the fourth season other than the possibility of Lafayette becoming a witch. Most of the show's fans showed disappointment for a lot of things are cramped under one episode and many left unanswered. "That #trueblood resolved nothing," one fan said. "I expected an episode with more action," said another.

Kristin Bauer and Joe Manganiello took part in the live chat after the finale. Bauer had the first shift and she was quite generous in spilling season 4 hints. "I have no idea of season 3[sic] but Alan hinted that Eric may lose his mind. Hoping he wears pink spandex!" she wrote. She also hinted that Pam may get a steady girlfriend and kick some ass. On a bigger note, she said, "we go back to filming TB season 4 in November I heard!".

Manganiello, who has been upped as a regular, confirmed that Alcide will be back in season 4. The slightest hint that he offered was, "Looks like There's going to be some fighting next season." But he revealed what he wanted to see happening, saying "I want David Bowie to play Sookie's great grandfather."

Creator Alan Ball had said that more supernatural creatures will be present in the fourth season and these include witches like Jesus.

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