'True Blood' Season 3 Finale Reactions and Season 4 Hints

September 13, 2010 06:16:42 GMT

Most of the show's fans are disappointed by the season 3 ender but Kristin Bauer and Joe Manganiello promised better things in the next season.

'True Blood' Season 3 Finale Reactions and Season 4 Hints
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"True Blood" had a rather mild season 3 finale if fans have a say. Reactions of the September 12 episode have been coming out via the official Twitter chat at and most of them are not favorable toward the ending where everything seems to be a loose end.

[ Spoiler Alert! ] Only three major story lines get a closure and opening. Bill squared off with the Queen of Louisiana but he did not get a conclusion with Sookie after telling her for the umpteenth time that he pretended to betray her. Meanwhile, Eric got to 'live' another day when he survived the cement bath to confront Bill's motivation in romancing Sookie. The last point is most likely to be explained in season 4. Sookie resorted to Gram's grave, complaining of being lonely. Shortly after, a pack of fairies led by Claudine approached her and extended her hand.

The Sookie scene was pretty much the cliffhanger to the fourth season other than the possibility of Lafayette becoming a witch. Most of the show's fans showed disappointment for a lot of things are cramped under one episode and many left unanswered. "That #trueblood resolved nothing," one fan said. "I expected an episode with more action," said another.

Kristin Bauer and Joe Manganiello took part in the live chat after the finale. Bauer had the first shift and she was quite generous in spilling season 4 hints. "I have no idea of season 3[sic] but Alan hinted that Eric may lose his mind. Hoping he wears pink spandex!" she wrote. She also hinted that Pam may get a steady girlfriend and kick some ass. On a bigger note, she said, "we go back to filming TB season 4 in November I heard!".

Manganiello, who has been upped as a regular, confirmed that Alcide will be back in season 4. The slightest hint that he offered was, "Looks like There's going to be some fighting next season." But he revealed what he wanted to see happening, saying "I want David Bowie to play Sookie's great grandfather."

Creator Alan Ball had said that more supernatural creatures will be present in the fourth season and these include witches like Jesus.


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posted by Desdemona on Nov 07, 2010
Brilliant season as far as all the vampire stuff was concerned - love Eric and Russell. Also Sookie's OK and so is Bill, and the psycho vampire is great. Shame if Bill didn't kill the queen - a very irritating, one-dimensional character, as is the body-builder Alcide (though the actor seems to like to constantly promote himself). Thought the Sam and Jason sideline stories weakened the whole season and brought it down; the pregnant barmaid was even worse. (I loved Jason in particular in the first two seasons.) At least in Season 2 the storylines converged at the end. As for the fairies, well, surely those shouldn't look like prancing New Age Californians in tutus wearing flowers in their hair? Fairies are other-worldly beings - very tall, pointed ears, slanting eyebrows, dangerous, and not looking like the human race at all...
posted by AngryBears on Nov 02, 2010
The finale was rubbish. I couldn't believe the director were such prats as to allow Sookie to just vanish into the "Fairy World". It has become massively stupid.
posted by Magdaloveseric on Oct 29, 2010
I love this show & yes the end was lacking but hey,eric naked bill showing he does have a spine & being badish. Eric is the best throughout
posted by mike on Oct 14, 2010
the show is alright the only reason i say alright because there was alot of guys kissing and the queen dident get naked but and ps dannicus is funny
posted by JOad on Oct 10, 2010
Seriously, I was like.. That's it? I loved this vampire politics, it gave the show lots of edge. The Authority need to get in on this.. Can we keep the viking vampire sane? Pretty please?
posted by Meow Meow on Oct 08, 2010
Hey! season 4 will be a blast!!! "is this inadequate?" i think thats the line of eric with sookie in their first hook up in the book!
posted by Sar on Oct 05, 2010
There are witches in the book. It was a witch who cursed Eric and took away his memory.
posted by Mstruebloodintn on Oct 03, 2010
If you all look at how many episodes the Queen is on, it's not manta and ends in 2010, while others goes on to 2011. Maybe if some of you all read the character list that would help...just saying :)
posted by cool kid on Oct 03, 2010
vampire diaries is better than True Blood
posted by daani on Oct 02, 2010
can't wait for next season
posted by jj on Oct 01, 2010
tahlia, naked vampire viking, lol. I so totally agree. I hope season 4 follows the books and the Eric and Sookie romance will start to blossom. I can't take another season of Bill and Sookie together, I just can't.
posted by tahlia on Sep 30, 2010
he season finale was disapointing i think they should have had the scene where sookie gose off with claudine near the middle of the cluster of scenes scenes at the end ( tara leaves town, bill and sophie-ann ect.)i wanted it to end up with eric running down the road in the latex iwould have made thefinale more exciting because yu would have already seen eric and pam and you would think "oh, there ok now thats there finale scene in this episode," but then you see him running road and your happy the season hadn't ended on aa boring note and you would also be happy to see a close to naked eric running down the road."naked viking vampire anyone".
posted by ashley on Sep 27, 2010
posted by true fan on Sep 26, 2010
i hated the finale! The episode where Russell snatches out the news reporters spine was by far the best @ most exciting! They should have concluded on that!
posted by mystical on Sep 21, 2010
I love Eric!!!!!!!!
posted by chacha on Sep 17, 2010
David Bowie as Sookie's grandfather would be perfection! That character is straight out of the book! Yep, so is Eric "losing his mind".
posted by anya on Sep 17, 2010
i wanted sookie an eric to get it on damn faires. supes and witches are in most of the books guys!
posted by KaaKaaPooPooPeePee on Sep 17, 2010
i didnt like the way it ended this time the begining of the season was great the but the last 3 or 4 episodes seemed not quite as good as i expected i still love the show though maybe if i watch it a few more times ill like it more
posted by lking on Sep 17, 2010
personally, this fairy thing has gone to far in the series already.. sookie never had those ''recently discovered powers'' (light)... that annoyed me.. sucky ending, but overall pretty good. (doesnt top off the first and second season though)
posted by meh on Sep 17, 2010
Eric was helped out by Pam. She is shown fresh out of the shower saying something about getting the cement out of her hair
posted by lindseysc89 on Sep 16, 2010
For the ppl who dont like all the supes then you may as well stop watching. The show follows the book fairly well & there are ALOT of other supes left.
posted by Drea on Sep 15, 2010
Tired of people saying they're sick of all the supes. Read the books. Most, if not all of the supes exist in the books. Ugh. The only thing I don't remember is a witch and I might be wrong there.
posted by phil wiseman on Sep 15, 2010
I just like the pretty colors.
posted by Jody on Sep 15, 2010
The finale was bad, I expected a lot more of the show. Like, can anyone please tell me how did Eric go out of the concrete?!
posted by Illyria on Sep 14, 2010
I really didn't like this finale. There was a character shift when the finale was supposed to conclude at least SOMETHING..but it created more questions. Unecessary questions. I also agree with syqnys. I've had my fill of supernatural creatures on this show. Vampire, fairy, werewolf, shape shifter, witch, werepanther, whatever Marianne was, etc. I think we're good Alan.
posted by vampchick on Sep 14, 2010
I thought the season finale should of been a lot better, it was like a regular show. For us to wait to the summer of 2011 it should of been a lot of better.
posted by syqnys on Sep 14, 2010
I think there are too many supernatural creatures in this show. I love it, don't get me wrong, but Jesus!
posted by Jayball on Sep 14, 2010
You are all retarded. Read the goddamn article. It states that Bill "squares off" with the queen, NOT "finishes her off". Unreal.
posted by Mercury Blue on Sep 13, 2010
Bill didn't 'finish off the queen'. The fight started, but they didn't show how it ended.
posted by Bambi on Sep 13, 2010
I didn't see him finish off the queen. I saw a fight start, but didn't show anything else. Yes I was disappointed though. I expected more from the finale, it seemed more like a regular episode that should pick up next Sunday.
posted by dannicus on Sep 13, 2010
Which True Blood did you watch? Bill didn't kill the Queen. Maybe because the finale sucked so bad you fell asleep and dreamed an alternate ending? ;-)

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