Miranda Cosgrove's 'Today' Performance Captured in Pictures and Videos

Miranda Cosgrove

The Nickelodeon songstress catered fans flocking into Rockefeller Center with tracks such as 'Kissin' U' and 'BAM'.

Miranda Cosgrove spent the recent Labor Day on September 6 by taking the stage of Rockefeller Center for summer concert series of "Today" show. The "iCarly" star wore black outfit and rocked her songs such as "Kissin' U" and "BAM".

A day before performing, Cosgrove did rehearsal with her band. She wrote on Twitter, "Last day before the concert on the Today Show tomorrow! If only I could learn to breakdance before tomorrow..." On early Monday, she added, "It's insanely early but I'm so pumped! Can't wait to perform today. Thanks for all the nice messages about the Today Show this morning! Means so much to me."

The concert series will continue on September 7 with Sara Bareilles as a musical guest. Sugarland, Robert Plant and Maroon 5 are going to fill the 2010 remaining dates which will come to an end on September 21.

"Kissin' U":


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    Sep 16, 2010

    That was possibly the worst performance I have ever seen, I am almost sure that the tweens attending where shocked to know that this cute young lady can not sing... oh my, I felt sorry for her!

    Sep 10, 2010

    I thought she was pretty good. Perhaps a bit nervous but apparently she is very new to performing. I think she did pretty good overall, my wife agrees.

    Sep 08, 2010

    miranda is a hore

    Sep 07, 2010

    @DSALKD i sooooooooo agree with you she can not sing!!!!

    Nathan Cosgrove
    Sep 07, 2010

    Miranda looked very sexy in the show, she if she can sing

    Sep 07, 2010

    Miranda also tweeted, on September 1, “Heading to a singing lesson.” I asked my wife about this, and she said, “Leave me out of this, Slick. Figure it out yourself.” And then walked into the bathroom, got into the shower, and started warbling away as beautifully as one could possibly imagine. So, I sat down on a comfortable rock, and assumed a pose not unlike Rodin’s “Thinker.” And I pondered several questions. The first was, “Might not this cup pass me by?” The conclusion I arrived at was, after careful consideration, “Not a chance, Bubba.” Pondering further, I thought of the ballet and the opera. And, I wondered, “Why do ballet dancers seldom sing, and opera singers seldom move at all?” And the answer I arrived at was that although they are not mutually exclusive activities, except under certain circumstances, they do not appear to be complementary, unless careful consideration is given to the particular song sung, and the physical capacity of the individual singing. I was interrupted by my wife’s return, in pajamas. She hopped on my lap, and asked where I had been all day. I handed her a beautiful purple tee shirt I bought for her. It said, “Travie McCoy.” She said, “Did you talk to him?” “I did not,” I replied, “because there were too many beautiful young women, in various states of undress, in the audience, and I wanted to return home, rather than fight the crowd.” I then picked up a book, and read Sonnet CXXX, aloud to her. And she closed her eyes, and listened. When she fell asleep, I did not move, since I knew she must be very tired, and instead spent the night, holding her, and reflecting upon the utter aversion Love has to the lie, in any of it’s manifestations. And I was content.

    Sep 06, 2010

    wow, there are no words to describe just how terrible she is

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