'Jersey Shore' Cast Wrapped Up Season 3 Filming

September 06, 2010 02:50:16 GMT

Snooki has a situation with her luggage, J-Woww escorts her dogs to the car while Sammie and Ronnie kiss each other goodbye.

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Photo credit: C.Smith/WENN

"Jersey Shore" wrapped up the filming of season 3 on Saturday, September 4. The cast such as Snooki, The Situation and JWoww were moving out of their temporary residence in Seaside Heights, New Jersey to head for their own ways. The night before, they had partied on the top floor of White Pearl Hotel.

Snooki was out of hand in tending her luggage which mainly consisted of stuffed toys and clothes. Instead of carrying them down the stairs, she threw it down before realizing that she had more than 10 bags and kneeling in frustration. Her friends were more organized although DJ Pauly D chose to be practical by not packing his clothes in a suitcase.

They all looked grim as they loaded their belongings to the cars. Lovers Sammi and Ronnie had a long-kiss goodbye before they entered their cars while the newest member of the gang, Deena, shared a hug and laughter with her BFF Snooki.

The Situation, who sported new hairstyle, left in his TheMan1 car. He was due to meet Karina Smirnoff to begin practicing for his participation on "Dancing with the Stars". "I'm going to lose a couple days practice... But I don't mind being the underdog. I promise to try my hardest and practice as much as I can and be the best that I can be," he told People.

MTV has not announced the air date of season 3. The network is still airing the second season which continues showing spectacular ratings. Last week's episode pulled 6.5 million viewers which makes it the highest-rated show on the network in the 12-34 demographic in the last 8 years.


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posted by lovesjersey on Aug 11, 2011
I love me sum jersey shore! The cast you're all great especially Ronnie & Sammi. Hope u guys can work it out, you're a great couple! Mwa Love Ya
posted by lovernotahater on Apr 08, 2011
I love jersey shore they're fuccn hot!! And Ronnie can do some much better than Sammi shes so fat!
posted by n on Apr 03, 2011
posted by mio on Mar 08, 2011
i love the show i think sammi should leave ron couse she could do way better
posted by puerto on Mar 08, 2011
posted by dreamer on Mar 08, 2011
jersey shore is alriteeeeeeeeeeeeeee '!!!! idk why everybody is braging boutt it being the shittt ? sammii is an a dumbass stitiation there is some wrong with him paugly is adorable vinny is too snookie is funny ' lol jwow is the best lmao it was funny when sammi got her ass beat twice wooooooooot jwow is my babyyy A!
posted by PrettyGirl on Mar 01, 2011
Rons a jerk.. idk why people are hatin on Sammie, shes just "dumb and in love" ya'll act like you aint ever been there.. oh yeah, vinnys my hubby <3 ha
posted by shawniee on Jan 27, 2011
i love jersey fucking shore ! pauly is like the hottest dude ever. snooki is hilarious. and sammy is a fucking idiot.
posted by :) on Jan 27, 2011
sammie should just be shot. that is all
posted by es on Jan 26, 2011
posted by melis on Jan 25, 2011
idk why so many ppl hate angelina. snookie is fatter! and they are all whores!
posted by Ciara xoxox on Jan 21, 2011
Deena is amesome for all u fucks that hate her(: and i hate sammi. wooord
posted by sweet on Jan 16, 2011
i love jersey shore so much i hope sammie dose not leave!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by rocky on Jan 10, 2011
Everyone on that show better watch out, it seems like the new girl in town wants her 5 minutes of fame and if she keeps up the way she's going she is going to get it because everyone likes to see a dumb ass whore like herself make an ass out of herself on national T.V.
posted by hey on Jan 08, 2011
when do the episodes air?
posted by mik on Jan 08, 2011
i love the jersey "whores" ...burgers for the boys!!!!
posted by aac on Jan 06, 2011
I don't like the new girl, we should all stop watching until they take her off.
posted by sirafina on Dec 23, 2010
i have seen the trailer and maybe sammie is stupid sometimes but i don't like it then she and ronnie broke up maybe there is a lot of drama going on when they are around but they make show, they love each other even when it's hard and jwoww and snooky aren't real friends cause when you are a real friend you are brave enough to tell you best friend something in her face and not in a note, too bad . ps. vinny is hot
posted by BLAH on Dec 23, 2010
Ummm why are people still talking about Angelina?You are the reason she is making so much money. she is gone now hush! F the new girl too she probably is a snookiE clone omg they must come in packs RUN FOR THE HILLS!!
posted by The Situation 2 on Dec 20, 2010
Why dont you show porn actions it will be fantastic
posted by KingKong on Dec 19, 2010
If Jwoww and snooks were real friends with sammi then they wud have told her about ronnie to her face. Those 2 are cats. How can u write a letter?? Thats bullshit.. I wud rather here it from your mouth. Them to need to MAN UP!! Oh and the fight was staged!!
posted by m.v.p fist pump on Dec 05, 2010
pauly and vinny fucking rock t shirrrrtttt time funny shit
posted by kevin on Nov 30, 2010
let there be season 3 til 15 or so it is so f*cking good shit this whahaha ahjeaa ahjeaa cabs are here!!!
posted by rio on Nov 28, 2010
wait confused, is angelina on this season or not any thoguhts???
posted by james on Nov 15, 2010
deena nicole you go and you know.. its going to be girl your frioend james from the tanning salon and she is very pretty and to all the haters they are just assholes and i love the show and i think they should get a gay cast member on there and im willing to be that cast member to grab all kind of viewers lol
posted by james on Nov 15, 2010
cant wait to see season 3 and deena is going to make the show and cant wait to see her she a a gfreat girl and a good friend
posted by DON Y. on Nov 15, 2010
posted by domdick on Nov 10, 2010
I HATE Sammie, I never thought a person could possibly be any dumber.She's a poor excuse of a woman. She chooses her cheating bf over her gfs, she's always around him, she's depend on him, she's whinny and never happy (probably because she's always sticking around), she has no sense of humour, never understands to relax, make stupid reasoning, says and can't make decision on her own, she dresses like a cheap ass hoe and then says she look classy, she talks like if she's constantly buzzed, her hair looks like they are going to fall off, her face looks like if it's melting. omg... she's horrible! Mike the situation is definitely the funniest guy, he's out of his mind!
posted by Melissa leboohickaa on Nov 09, 2010
listen up all u motherfukers that wanna hate if u gotta problem wid da show then fuk off u must be gay ! paully d is off the hook yum & vinnny is sexxxy n the situation is sweet n snookii is just the cuttest chick jwow is jus daa bomb sammi & ronn yoous needa stop fightinn & angelinaa get a life
posted by sexy mammmi 94 on Nov 07, 2010
I LOVE JERSEY SHORE!!!!!.... i cant wait to see season start off i dont like jwow, situation lik seriously yhu need to get a life cause im tired of yur stupid things .i love pauly nd vinny they're just hot words....and i like the couple sammi and ronnie.. i love dis people ...even thought ronnie played sammie out i still like them together...they look better together instead of single ... i enjoy watching jersey shore everytime they air out a new gonna miss yhu guys after season 2 finale.....i love sammi and ronnie.....nd all the roommates...
posted by cutest bitch you\'ve on Nov 03, 2010
o my gosh what the hell is goin' on - I just wanted to find out when the new season is coming up and what I find is this page with lots of foolish comments. okay. I'm from Switzerland and probably no one of the americans knows where that is ("wtf-sweden in the north?") I LOVE YOU ALL seriously and it is mean that everyone is mean to angelina cause she's the only one that actually doesn't behaves like a stupid slut of the 4 girls. PAULY D is goddamn hot he made me do de unbelieveable: loving guidos
posted by Chiikamaala69 on Oct 28, 2010
1st off Snooki your cute just as u are. Vinny you are the cutest thing ever. Jwoow is the shit, Situation needs a life and a new nose, u have the money do something about it Gonzo!!! That should be situation's new name for season 3... Pauly D is a hottie... Sammi and Ronnie, WTF? Seriouly get it together, u guys are annoying with all ur fucking drama and fights... Sammi ur an idiot for stayin with Ronnie, he plays u and goes back 2 u when he's done doing his dirt... Ronnie if she deals with it, then hey do u and enjoy ur cake as well... Can't wait for season3!!!
posted by guido on Oct 25, 2010
deena is a grendade...good job promoting GFA with that in the house
posted by jerseylious on Oct 25, 2010
yo da cabs r herre. Pauly D-so hot, Vinnie-sweet n sexy, The Situation-funny n aight :) Ronnie-???????? Sammi quit whinning and complaining and have fun already. Snooki and J-Woww keep doing you. Angelina have fun in staten island.
posted by your mom on Oct 25, 2010
Sammie is a dumb birch!! The Situation is a gay basterd
posted by meee on Oct 25, 2010
posted by pauly D i love on Oct 24, 2010
this show is so fucken awesome and pauly D dont get me started
posted by jerseyloveyoyaa on Oct 23, 2010
why do conservatives LOVE Jersey Shore? free enterprise- Love these kids! Make as much money as you can. They created an empire! The USA rocks!!!!! Where ELSE?!?!?! Free enterprise!!!!! Where anyone can be rich!!!! And you make the rules!!! I LOVE this show!!!!
posted by jerseyloveyoyaa on Oct 23, 2010
conservatives LOVE the shore! love it love it love it love it!!!!
posted by The Situation on Oct 23, 2010
Deena is so ugly, why did they pick her? They should've picked a cuter girl...
posted by rayfieldswoman on Oct 22, 2010
Jwow beat that bitch!!and really mike quit acting like a bitch!!Pauly if you get any sexier imma move to Jersey and tear that ass up!!
posted by Jnonashlee on Oct 22, 2010
i love jersey shore. they are crazy.. i would like to see sammi get wild and come alive alittle. Jwow is hot and so is pauly in vinny you guys all hate on this show and this shows hilarious u have to be reatarded not to like jersey shore. BUT i was not happy with the seasen 2 finale it def sucked. but yo im DTF.
posted by Viva la aja on Oct 22, 2010
I hate Samn I love sniix da end brrra
posted by Julie77 on Oct 22, 2010
Bamaboy..... Jennie is not italian she is irish
posted by nina15 on Oct 22, 2010
i love dis show but i jst dnt like anqelina becus she jst a be treatinq evryone lyk sht tht jst aint riqht thhinkinq she could be friends with evryone hell no hunny u cant u jst too much of back stabber too hve friendz
posted by Real Italian on Oct 22, 2010
Angelina you are such a DIRTY rotten, trashy,low class, skanky, whore!! I feel bad for Staten Islanders to have to live around your croch stank, considering it already smells like trash!!
posted by Real Italian on Oct 22, 2010
This show really is funny, well the cast is dumb funny! Sammi, your a bipolar idiot. Those girls where tring to help you.. P.S. Jwwoooww wiped your ass, and ur man has you wrapped Mike us seriously are the biggest, dumbest, self-indulged, wannebe, gernade getting, douche bag, that is f-in lucky only because of the show. Pauly would so beat everyones ass on that show!!! Snooki shut your obnoxious noise making mouth with ur ugly, busted dog face friend Deena, pigs make weird noises like that,& go suck a pickle, I still kinda like ya thou!! Ronnie, seriously don't come back w that nut job, because you could really be the fun guy of the bunch! No drama Ronnie, you would get more girls than anyone else... Vinne keep it real ur the only real Italian!! Jwow, UR DLg
posted by KRisytn3131 on Oct 22, 2010
you dirty little hamster!
posted by tapout01 on Oct 21, 2010
I love Jersey shore it's reality at its best I have alot of friends just like the guys we act like that when we go clubing they need to bring the show to so Cal if not Vegas baby.....oh yeah......cabs r here...
posted by *Miss\'Jersey\'Whore on Oct 21, 2010
posted by Vince on Oct 18, 2010
Its Actualy Not Scripted Okay Thats Why its Called Reality Tv
posted by Nicole on Oct 17, 2010
Angelina your a nasty bitch.
posted by Nancy on Oct 15, 2010
Ok guys, seriously, Mike is such a bitch. He argues with women and is very disrespectful, he slaps sweet Snooki on the face and then gets away with it. I don't see the difference between the other guy who punched her on Season 1, yet he is still getting away with it! He is such a hater and can't definately doesn't man up to take rejection! Honestly guys Angelina isn't the only one who is disliked!
posted by me on Oct 15, 2010
people that act like the people on this show... is what is wrong with our society today!
posted by babix3 on Oct 15, 2010
IM not gunnea hate on anyone ,this is TV people they are scripted,some of it might be real but most of it isnt!!!! okay as far as that goes. i think snookies adorable she has the cutest pesonality,she can make anyone smile.and honey dont worry about what people say ur beautiful!your perfect the way you are.=) you make the show. the situations a total hottie and damn does he have a body ,hes so funny too. Jwow-seems like such a kick ass girl she seems like shed be so much fun to be around. n the girl can dress. sammie-is a really pretty girl but she should have never went bak to ronnie after all the shit he put her threw. no offence but wtf? i dont care how much u love a person ,have respect for yourself or ur never gunnea get it in return and idk why she got so mad at snookie n jwow they were being good friends.they just didnt tell her cus they didnt want everyone else to b mad at them. ronnie- he seemed like such a sweetheart in the first season n then idk wtf happend. he does have a cute face pauldy D- has awseome hair hes cute just not my type. vinny- lol hes such a sweet guy ,hes the kind of guy u can talk to about anything. angelina-i felt bad for her every one treated her so bad ,but she did start alot of drama ,I think she should have just been herrself n stopped being on everyones side everyone would have liked her alot more. but snookie and jwow and the situation are the absolute best !!!i love em!!!
posted by ? on Oct 15, 2010
you know the cast dont come on this shit, whoever poses as them have no life..
posted by seaside philly on Oct 14, 2010
am i the only one in the united states that thinks the situation looks like pauly shore with short hair !!!!!!!!and we know what kind of tool pauly shore is!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Honesty on Oct 11, 2010
O' and one more major thing!-How dare u "The Situation" hit a woman in front of the whole world..what kinda man are u?-jealousy is a terrible sickness but it shlnt ever result to u hitn a woman-I wld love to see u do that to a man what u did to snooki,yeah u wldnt dare cause u kno damn well ur they'd lay ur ass straight across the floor-get u sum help looser!
posted by Honesty on Oct 11, 2010
Love the show!-ronnie and Sammie has got sum issues but wat 2 ppl so in love dnt?-season 1 Sammie was the one doin wrong.Season 2 Ronnie did the season 3 shld be perfect they both did wrong so they shld be able to move on and just be the awesum cpl they can be...And yea the "situation" def has a big situation on his face,wt all the money he's making he shld be able to fix that..he is not hott shit whatsoever,when is he gunna realize that?-Vinny..damn what a hottie and a sweetheart as well what every woman is lookn for!-He shldnt sell himself short he cld def do sooo much better,but dude dnt start drama between women-that's shameful! she's all talk and no action..dnt act all big and bad and not bck it up!-now u got Sammie thinkn she can kick ur ass,that's crazy-Ur still hott neways but lay off the surgery ur soo beautiful wtout all that!-Snooki-altho u act like a baby ur still got a good heart-just shows how sincere u are!-your def loved by all!-Angelina-grl wat is ur deal u had an amazing man in season 2 and u blew it,u wanted to act like one of the men and u got treated like one in the end they got the last laff...slut?-naw far from it-you are ur own person,the men in the house had no rite to call u names..if u sleep around that's all on u-keep doin what ur doin just realize when to stop when u got a good thing rite in front of ya..Pauly D well I dnt hv much to say about u besides that ur a follower..let your balls drop and do ur own thing-OH YAHH! all those on the show ur welcome we made u famous by watchn all your craziness!:]
posted by Shorty on Oct 10, 2010
Sammy is the biggest loser. I didn't like her on the show she was a bith! Angelina should of gotten kik out since the first nigth. I love every body else!
posted by sexy arab on Oct 06, 2010
i freakin love jersey shore its a great show i most definitly think pauly n vinny are so damn sexy they can call me anytime lol :]me n snookie r so alike but i am like jowow 2 cause if anyone says anything 2 me or my friends then im gonna kick there a** lol jersey shore all day every day <3
posted by sammy \'the bicep\' on Oct 03, 2010
posted by carain on Oct 02, 2010
I love the show canT get enough! Just wanna say sammi i know what u went through fuck all the haters who never have been in love wether its real or not you gotta be in it to win it! Snooki ur crazy girl! But luv ya! U just show ur ass too much! Jwow stop actin like u a killa cuz i aint seen u have ur own oppion yet and seriously y r u on the show ur nothin but talk! Pauly d ur hott luv ur personality do u cuz whatever ur doin ur doin it right america loves ya situation good luck on dwts ur doin good! Got my vote on j.s. Ur a lil too harsh with ur pimp status! I think u could b a lil nicer and be big pimpin instead of scarin chicks away but ur a good dude at heart i see through u! Ronnie stay true to sammi cuz u got a good girl and shes right u wont find another like her! Vinny seriously dude luv ya kind hearted sweet side! I wanna see more of that cuz its sexy as hell stop hookin up with trash ur to good for it! Angelina hunny u got some issues but the first step is admitting them! But it aint ur fault! Luvya
posted by mzhollyd on Oct 02, 2010
I love Jersey shore! Vinny is so sexy! I'm definitely dtf! Ha! As far as Angelina...well the situation said it best she's a dirty little hamster, and I hate to say this because I love her but snookie really needs to drop some weight she's way too short to be so fat. Ha!
posted by Jake g. on Oct 02, 2010
Snooki and Jwow blamed Angelina for everything!
posted by jdog on Oct 02, 2010
Shut the fuck up. Obviously you watch the damn shot sand angelina is a dumbass she's fucking dirty and she doesn't shut up. Who cares
posted by SonOfWotan on Oct 01, 2010
It's sad that Angelina was used as her castmates' way of avoiding their own insecurities. She was blamed for the letter to Sammi. Unreal !!! She was blamed for the entire scheme. Those two guilt ridden broads J-Wow and Snookie committed the crime and Angelina did the time. There's little to no loyalty or respect for each other. I enjoy the show for the laughs I get. How about having the cast on a show where the audience, maybe even have a psychologist, tell them about themselves. They are not the gods their egos have them believing they are. Legends in their own minds. Please !!!!!
posted by Krisz on Oct 01, 2010
I completely agree with the last two comments! Everyone is so in love with these people for no reason. They're assholes and I can't believe that's why there so fucking famous!! THIS WORLD IS SO FUCKED!
posted by whocurss on Oct 01, 2010
comments at the top, you guys are all fucked
posted by LaVeyan on Oct 01, 2010
i want to bang j woww on a bathroom floor
posted by Keeping It Rea; on Oct 01, 2010
Thank goodness SonofWoten, Krisz and Bank are intelligent enough to call it like it is. These people are horrible and have absolutely no character. It was painful to watch how Sitution BULLIED Angelina so brutally. He and the other boys acted like jr. high school "mean girls." It was just disgusting. I watched this season after being forced to watch last season's finale with my son who was home from college. He was so outraged that no one ever took responsibility for their actions. I watched, hoping these idiots would grow up. The only person who kept it real was Angelina. I have much respect for her. She never once started an argument or fight and was ALWAYS attacked without provocation. Keep your head up Angelina. You too Sammie. The rest of you...go to Hell!
posted by the one and only. on Oct 01, 2010
their all fucking low LIFE GOOFS. who should all just get tha fuck back to their hick ass towns.
posted by BANK on Sep 30, 2010
I hate J Wow. She thinks she has the right to hit people. I hate the Situation as he is ugly, has a huge nose and looks like he is 40 just like Anelina said. All the girls on that show are sluts and judge Angelina. All the guys are sluts to so who are those hipocrits to judge Angelina. Angelina should blow the loosers off. They are all stupid, ugly and hipocrits. J wow is ugly and has a fat ass with cellulite. Snookie is a skank and is so fat, short and ugly. Sammy is such a pretty girl and doesn't belong in that skank house. She can do way better than Ronnie and maybe someday she will see that. All the other cast are just trash, but I must admit I watch it for the shock effect. And o yea, Sammi did kick J Wows ass and Angelina beat that orange fat tramp up named Snooky.
posted by sweetheart on Sep 30, 2010
i think sammie is the dumbest fuckin gurl on the planet she went back with ronnie after this dick fucked around on her. Thats fuckin crazy, i love jwow and snookie they are the best of friends ,agelina should not have came back she a fuckin snitch and she scared of everyone in the house.......... pauley D is so fuckin sexy i would eat him up, Sammie needs to stop actin like she beat jwow's ass cuz she didint she now jwow would have had that ass if she wasnt held back.....Sammie you sucks ass you dumbass u should have left ronnie alone and just did ya thing and let the loser be a fuckin loser......... The show was the best
posted by Bamaboy1 on Sep 30, 2010
JWOW may be one of the sexiest Italian women alive.
posted by Eve on Sep 29, 2010
Everyone who's calling Sammie a dumbass should open their eyes and smarten up cause apparently you're the dumbass. The only reason she stayed with him is because the relationship got better since the cheating, also she was in love and when you're in love you try you're hardest to not believe what u herd. So please, seven year olds don't comment if you have trouble typing. Also, I love the show.
posted by thesituationssexy on Sep 28, 2010
THE SITUATION ;) and PAULY D what bangs :)
posted by rita on Sep 28, 2010
As an "older woman", I just want to say that Pauley is very hot, but I think he should change his hair
posted by Reys girl on Sep 24, 2010
i love the show and cant wait til season 3!
posted by sstephyy on Sep 24, 2010
I love everyone from the cast , I don't hate on anybody , ya guys r haters . The show is the best!! Love ittt
posted by Lsan on Sep 24, 2010
posted by guzman on Sep 24, 2010
love da shows. fuck sammi and ronnie. hate dem. luvs snookie jwow n pauly D . snookiee da best
posted by dickfucker on Sep 23, 2010
posted by livenlearn on Sep 23, 2010
I would def b dtf pauly d
posted by amandab-more on Sep 23, 2010
Vinny is a cutie
posted by RealRudeBoi on Sep 23, 2010
Yo no more grenades in the Hot Tub plz fellaz!!!!! Keep the standards sky high
posted by hoodyngloves on Sep 22, 2010
yo all the girls is ugly. i swear. sammi da cutest. da girl dat get the most pipe. holla. Liindo from north philly
posted by Luna on Sep 22, 2010
I feel like I lost IQ points by reading those posts. Doesn't anyone smart watch the show? Or anyone who can spell?
posted by mm2585 on Sep 22, 2010
The jersey shore is one of the greatest shows since real world!
posted by R;E on Sep 20, 2010
posted by ashley bitch on Sep 19, 2010
snooki is my idol :)
posted by Loca on Sep 18, 2010
Jwoww wop sammie so bad she beta b glad she was held bac otha wise she would of been n da hospital
posted by bigd433 on Sep 18, 2010
the screen name (yupiwentthere) is the situation and vinnie just so ya know!!!
posted by mystery on Sep 17, 2010
sammi probby didnt care or leave ronnie cause the first season when there were together she was still letting me hit her off.. i know her from college but dont kid urself she was still doing her
posted by ljg on Sep 17, 2010
posted by POLY D on Sep 16, 2010
posted by smokes on Sep 15, 2010
the jersey shore is the best show on telivision and i hope that they stay friends so that they are able to make more seasons
posted by Snookie on Sep 14, 2010
Cali Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome To California Bitch
posted by the situation on Sep 13, 2010
where my girls @?
posted by mesAZ on Sep 12, 2010
sammie shouldnt brag about kickn Jwoww's ass cause it didnt happen....not when Jwoww is the one being held bak!!!!!! Your the Koolest Jwoww!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mesAZ on Sep 12, 2010
OMG I luv the whole cast xcept 4 Sammie "the stupidest girl u will ever meet" LMFAO....N Vinnie your the hottest!!!!!
posted by shanefreeman on Sep 12, 2010
posted by the explination on Sep 12, 2010
i hope they go for a couple more seasons and jus add ppl it wuld b more drama and more hookups and it wuld definatly set the bar for other reality shows
posted by Justme on Sep 12, 2010
Well I don't wish they continue after season 3.... Time to bring in new people and all you know. I enjoy it and will be watching the first season very soon.
posted by Vybc9292 on Sep 12, 2010
.i totally agree that j wow won the fight.sammi ur stupid ur jst getting played..and angelina is fucken punch
posted by wish4summer on Sep 12, 2010
Ronnie's girlfriend (don't even remember her name) looks totally stupid. Her boyfriend cheats on her and she get mad at Snooki and J-Woww for telling her. Too funny girl hope you realize that you are being played.
posted by J on Sep 12, 2010
hope they do not bring in new people it would totally ruin it for me bro
posted by yupiwentthere on Sep 12, 2010
hmmm killaguidotogotoheaven if you dislike the jersey shore cast that much then why would you even take the time to post? it's not like this is the first article that pops up on google. even if you hate them, they still feed off of haters such as yourself so they're probably thanking you.
posted by rio on Sep 12, 2010
Killaguidogotoheaven u at a bitter breatch who probably did not make any where and still leaves at home don't hate looser.
posted by ace on Sep 07, 2010
i love jersey sore i hope they dont stop making jersey shore its my favorite show i allso hope they all stay friends there like a little family :)
posted by killaguidogotoheaven on Sep 07, 2010
I hope they all die horribly

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