'Transformers 3' Canceled Filming in Chicago Is Not Rescheduled

The shooting of final scenes in the city, which was suspended following the accident on September 1, will never take place.

"Transformers 3" has wrapped the production in Chicago earlier. The movie was scheduled to shoot the final scenes at Millennium Park on Thursday, September 2, but it was postponed due to an accident involving an extra on Wednesday. Now, it has been reported that the plan is canceled after all.

" 'Transformers [3]' has completed their filming in Chicago," Richard Moskal, director of the Chicago Film Office in the Mayor's Office of Special Events, says as quoted by Los Angeles Times. "The filming that was canceled [Thursday] was not rescheduled."

Gabriela Cedillo, who was injured on the set because of a stunt that went horribly wrong, remains unconscious as of Friday and is in critical but stable condition at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, relatives say. "We haven't talked to her," says the 24-year-old bank teller's mother, Rosa Cedillo. The woman adds that there were no immediate plans for surgery, though Radar Online previously reported that Cedillo had undergone brain surgery the night after the accident happened.

Meanwhile, the production company has released a statement regarding the accident. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Gabriela, her family and loved ones. We are looking into what caused the accident," the statement reads.

"Transformers 3" is directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBeouf as well as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among many others. The action sci-fi movie is set to arrive in U.S. theaters on July 1, 2011.

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    Sep 12, 2010

    Looks like Megan Fox was right about Michael Bay being a dangerous man to work for, after all... Definitely won't be going to see this scrap heap in theaters.

    Sep 04, 2010

    Damn man i hope she gets well soon, n transformers is cool man, its better than any other movies they have been making lately.

    Sep 03, 2010

    Every person everyday around the world we all live the same not knowing whether anything could happen to us at any moment. To live the life is living in each and every moment whether full of excitement and happiness or shockingly grieved with physical or mental sadness. Time and unforeseen occurrences are what befall us all with prayer Godís help time heals all wounds. Have patience for the injured with the help of medical professionals and our prayer recovery can come quicker. We pull together especially thru times of distress and sadness we are on the same team. Together we reevaluate our priorities and realize no matter what happens there are still blessings. With our heartfelt prayers and thankfulness for the timely rescuers Gabriella Cedilloís life was spared, all the proper medical attention was given, her needs will be provided for by trusted surgeons, physicians, and nurses. No worry of any payments that have to be made for extended hospital stays and rehabilitation. Gabriella Cedillo survived an accident that many children and young adults do not. Parents live with that fact every day every person around the world we all live the same. May our prayers help strengthen Gabriella Cedillo, her family and friends, morale needs to be built up not torn down. Please keep sentiments just that sentimental and sweet a treat soothing; wholesomely sweet. Pray for Gabriella Cedillo to recover complete. All the best possible is was and will continue to be provided for Gabriella Cedillo and her family, please send good thoughts hopes and wishes for wellbeing show respect be honorable and supportive a poem by Denise Hoglund for Gabriella Cedillo, family and friends written September 3, 2010.

    Sep 03, 2010

    Lecrae - Children Of The Light search it up

    Sep 03, 2010


    Sep 03, 2010

    Yeah man, they just took a cartoon with a big name and made a crap movie out of it, i really hope the chick that got smacked in the head with a hammer will be ok though.

    Sep 03, 2010

    who cares transformers sucks

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