Video: Robert Pattinson Hits Post Emmy Party With Growing Beard and Casual Outfit

September 01, 2010 08:14:19 GMT

Joining other Hollywood elites at Jimmy Fallon's post Emmy party at Trousdale, the 'Twilight' star opts T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap as well as the new facial fuzziness.

Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson has shown that he has lots of confidence in himself. When Pattinson, accompanied by his publicist Stephanie Ritz, joined other Hollywood elites at Jimmy Fallon's post Emmy party at Trousdale on Sunday, August 29, the "Twilight" actor didn't even bother to shave his growing beard.

Beside hitting the party with the new facial fuzziness, Pattinson didn't even try to dress up either. The rumored boyfriend of Kristen Stewart appeared casual in a T-shirt, dark jacket, jeans and a baseball cap. Despite the effortless style, Pattinson showed that he is a real gentleman as he carefully escorted pregnant Ritz.

Robert Pattinson will reunite with her on/off screen lover Kristen Stewart this fall as they are set to film "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn". In the final installment of "Twilight" which will be made into two movies, Pattinson and Stewart will be seen reprising their roles as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan respectively.

Robert Pattinson Joining Jimmy Fallon's Post Emmy party:


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posted by Lala on Sep 05, 2010
posted by j on Sep 05, 2010
well, whatcan i say? the idiots are here, again! @arabiata, ITA! @CrystalCullen youre an idiot, too.
posted by mainiacpam on Sep 04, 2010
I love RPatz.. but I think that he is becoming the same old celeb... he coud have signed the two guys stuff.. it's all going to his head now!! :(
posted by amina on Sep 02, 2010
i like rob but i think rob & tom are the real couple..robsten is just publicity..
posted by arabiata on Sep 01, 2010
Who is DAMON? i'm from the Philippines and we only know of one georgeously genuine sexy beast- EDWARD CULLEN! Maybe we have different definition of SEXY because for us, we need not see the 6 packs abs nor the intriguing biceps. Its the killer smile, his deep set eyes, his chisseled profile and georgeous way of carrying his role as Edward that makes him our SEXIEST BEAST!!!
posted by Dorlocita on Sep 01, 2010
The poppirottens are out and about. The lies are flying wild and Breaking Dawn is the next twilight movie. Film at 11.
posted by CrystalCullen on Sep 01, 2010
I love rob but am starting to doubt his sexuality. Anyone else find it weird that tom was on robs back and then when the publicist seen the cameras she turned and said something to rob???
posted by ana on Sep 01, 2010
leave him now he has to shave to look you rob
posted by tc on Sep 01, 2010
Rob, always grows out his facial hair when he's not filming,he's talked about that in many interviews.
posted by greenstars on Sep 01, 2010
you know what's bullshit? This story - I hope he is with his publicist instead of Kristen....High Five Rob!
posted by mo on Sep 01, 2010
i love him
posted by mainegirl on Sep 01, 2010
good for you , rob, be your self. we like you just the way you are, good wiSHES to you&kristen, waiting for your next B.D. (hope not in 3 D,THOUGH.SEE THE WHOLE CAST SOON,

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