Demi Moore Dirty Dancing With Snoop Dogg in Front of Ashton Kutcher

August 31, 2010 09:53:35 GMT

When watching Dogg's Las Vegas performance this weekend, the 47-year-old actress joined the rapper on stage and showed her bump and grind moves while her husband of almost 5 years watched them.

Demi Moore Dirty Dancing With Snoop Dogg in Front of Ashton Kutcher
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Demi Moore has shown her dance moves during Snoop Dogg's performance in Las Vegas this weekend. Demi and the rapper even heated up the night by having a dirty dancing while they were on stage and in front of Demi's hubby Ashton Kutcher.

Demi initially sat along with Ashton before she decided to join Snoop on stage. Once she was on stage, Demi, who wore a black mini dress with a revealing open back, started grinding on the "Sensual Seduction" rapper. Demi also tried to persuade Ashton to join them.

Following the impromptu stage performance, Demi posted a picture of her and Ashton on her Twitter page. With a message read, "Boy do we look smart!", Demi and Ashton, who wed in September 2005, were seen posing in a booth, wearing matching black-framed glasses.

Demi Moore and Snoop Dogg's Dirty Dance:


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posted by Jelly b on Sep 22, 2010
They are both desperate and pathetic twitterers
posted by Dabbydolly on Sep 21, 2010
Sickening...on so many levels. These two really believe their own twittering BS...and the AHOLE now got PUNKED with his cheating. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
posted by JonnyCat on Sep 21, 2010
How ridiculous and sad these two TOOLS look in the glasses. I won't even go into the dancing. Security should have hauled their sorry, untalented, desperate, revolting butts out of there. People paid money to see Snoop Dog...not this hag and her boytoy.
posted by Sammy on Sep 17, 2010
She needs to be medicated and given an estrogen patch.
posted by HaHaBrody on Sep 17, 2010 that moron Kutcher taking photos of this catastrophic dance of shame to post on his Twitter account??? TWO DESPERATE TWITTERING FACEBOOKING MYSPACING LOSERS...
posted by Delilia Daisy on Sep 17, 2010
Demi, Demi, sad. You can take the beotche out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the beotche. I DID NOT need these horrible images of Demi "dancing" (having convulsions) etched in my brain...I'm going for a run. Celebrities...what jokes....ugh
posted by Solly Lolly on Sep 17, 2010
Ever hear of narcissitic personality disorder?!?!? egads...not only is Ashton an insufferable, pretentious, egomaniacal, conceited douche tool...he's a CHEATER, too. These two are freaks, and not in a good way.
posted by Mr Luger on Sep 17, 2010
Ain't gonna lie...the tragic menopausal Demi looks like she's havin a seizure...either that or trying to dislodge a HUGE piece of feces from her rectum. Can't even look...I'm cringing..I'm gonna have flashbacks...SO PATHETIC AND DISTURBING ON SO MANY LEVELS.
posted by Jomba Jomba on Sep 17, 2010
WTF?!?!?!? I'm speechless...that is the saddest, yet most hysterically funny, "dance" of desperation and delusion I have ever seen. How friggin mortifying for her kids!!!!!!
posted by LOL Cougars on Sep 06, 2010
i do not envy her not one bit
posted by red on Sep 05, 2010
dont be a hater! most of making negative comments probably can't even do the electric slide! She did just fine and her body is great for 47! HATERS
posted by josicoyote on Sep 04, 2010
Menopause is starting
posted by johnthing on Sep 03, 2010
how pathetic!
posted by Moooooom! on Sep 02, 2010
I feel sorry for her girls. Between this and the posting bikini pics of herself online.. Ugh.
posted by Ms X on Sep 01, 2010
Demi looks like she has a bad twitch! Don't they meds for that?
posted by johnny2222 on Sep 01, 2010
posted by pagold13 on Sep 01, 2010
God Demi and I thought I couldn't dance you really suck at it
posted by sinapsa on Sep 01, 2010
Refreshing to see people having a good time. Good for them!
posted by Pat on Sep 01, 2010
OMG...what a mother. She cant dance, how embarassed are her kids now. Sit down and act your age, its your husband who is young not u
posted by trae on Aug 31, 2010
She sucketh the biggeth.
posted by . on Aug 31, 2010
Ashton deserves much better than that hoe.

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