Video Premiere: Lil Jon's 'Hey' Ft. 3OH!3

Video Premiere: Lil Jon's 'Hey' Ft. 3OH!3

During a warm summer day, people are gathering near a swimming pool for a rap-music party hosted by Lil Jon.

Lil Jon throws a party, inviting duo 3OH!3 in a music video supporting his single called "Hey". A number of hot smoking ladies dressed in either skimpy summer dress or just bikini join the bash as well and the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" make cameos.

"The concept of the 'Hey' video is assemble the largest amount of hot chicks you can and throw a pool party," 3OH!3's Sean Foreman told The BoomBox. "[It] is kinda crazy because we're never invited to those kind of parties."

Featuring 3OH!3, "Hey" is featured as one of the theme songs for Snooki's hit reality TV show. Also, it also appears among new tracks in Lil Jon's solo debut album "Crunk Rock" which has been in stores since June this year.

Lil Jon's "Hey" music video



    adam freasier
    Aug 27, 2010

    00:16Lets get high,marijuana in the party Pot Pot Pot Pot cuz its time 2 get real faded,everybody grab a m/f blunt and smoke that s@^T till u get f^D up. PuffPuff Pass like its ur homey,I dont give a f@ that s@^t really does help me.I Iike 2 smoke or take a toke,It really doesnt matter”TOKE TI’LL U CHOKE” 00:47Look what I just rolled, its got 4 gs or so, let everybody know. I got the Northern Lights,Gods Gift is mixed inside so who here has a light?But hey,who can say,they ever tried 2 light up atleast once, and it didn’t make their day,I Dont play, And yes im gonna smoke 2 this, ur bumpin it, and drifting away. :)

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