Official Promo Pictures of David Archuleta's 'Other Side of Down'

August 25, 2010 04:09:09 GMT

The three promotional pictures of 'The Other Side of Down' continue to show off the joyful, fun-loving personality of David Archuleta.

Official Promo Pictures of David Archuleta's 'Other Side of Down'
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After unveiling cover art of his forthcoming studio project "The Other Side of Down", David Archuleta reveals three more pictures from the album photoshoot. All of the photos show off smiling Archuleta wearing a casual, gray T-shirt similar to the one he wears in the cover art.

Led by single "Something 'Bout Love", "The Other Side of Down" is pushed back to October 5 after previously slated for September 14 U.S. release. The delay is made because he "would like to make sure he's delivering the best possible album and he needs just a little more time to do it."

The album has now been completed. In a video blog, he shared the news with fans, saying "I'm a space cadet today. Stoked about getting all these songs for the album finalized! We're sooo close. Going to be doing some radio station visits this coming week. Time to introduce some new David music."


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posted by davidafan on Aug 27, 2010
SSSOOOO Excited for THe other side of the down!!! DAVID ARCHULETA is the most adorable singer I ever known! :-bd
posted by jane on Aug 25, 2010
My David is growing fine. Furthermore, he is beautiful inside.
posted by amanda on Aug 25, 2010
OMG he's soooo HOT! And his music is AWESOME! :)
posted by Leila on Aug 25, 2010
He's lookin' better and better.
posted by malia08 on Aug 25, 2010
October 5 is so far away. Can't wait for the new album. All the pictures are awesome. David is handsome as always. I love SBL and anything he sings will be amazing.
posted by ashley on Aug 25, 2010
He's so hot! fgsdukfdbsjk
posted by lct on Aug 25, 2010
Gosh he's so beautiful to look at and to listen to!
posted by archangel48 on Aug 25, 2010
David's pictures from the photoshoot just keep getting better and better! I'm also lovin' the new cuts from the greatly anticipated The Other Side of Down! Is it Fall yet?
posted by Grace on Aug 25, 2010
Can't wait to get his new CD! His photos look great!!! We need more singers like him. Jive needs to promote him more! Other artists out there can't really sing. His first single off the album is GREAT! Love it!
posted by kristian on Aug 24, 2010
These three pictures off the photoshoot, the album title, the album cover, new songs "Something 'Bout Love" and "Elevator" -- they are all very David Archuleta. Can't wait for The Other Side of Down! :)

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