Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Wins Miss Universe 2010 Pageant

August 24, 2010 02:58:47 GMT

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete has beaten off a total of 84 contestants at Miss Universe 2010 pageant, followed by Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps at the first runner-up.

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Wins Miss Universe 2010 Pageant
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Miss Universe 2010 pageant has finally announced its winner and the girl who was chosen to replace Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez is Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete. Jimena successfully fought off a total of 84 contestants at the beauty contest.

Jimena won at the first place with Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps at the first runner-up. Meanwhile, Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, who was chosen by fellow contestants as Miss Congeniality, landed on the second runner-up. Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and Miss Philippines Venus Raj were at the third and fourth runner-up respectively.

Earlier, five other contestants of the beauty pageant who made it to top ten but weren't selected into top five were Miss Albania Angela Martini, Miss Guatemala Jessica Scheel, Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell, Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Paola Vicente and Miss South Africa Nicole Flint.

Miss Universe 2010 pageant was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip on Monday night, August 23. A total of 84 contestants at the big event, which is co-owned by Donald Trump and NBC, were judged by Criss Angel, the gold medalist Evan Lysacek, Chynna Phillips and actress Jane Seymour.

Miss Universe 2010 Pageant:

  • The Winner: Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete
  • 1st Runner-Up: Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell
  • 3rd Runner-Up: Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska
  • 4th Runner-Up: Miss Philippines Venus Raj
  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell
  • Miss Photogenic: Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul
  • Best National Costume: Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul


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posted by dfhsfjsj on May 26, 2011
posted by cuatro,arpa y maraca on Jan 15, 2011
Estefania se la comio estuvo espectacular y como siempre muy segura de si , que emoción cuando ondeo nuestra bandera símbolo de amor por su patria y muy feliz de entregar la corona a una de las nuestras. De nuestra América latina.
posted by Amarillo,Azul y Rojo on Jan 15, 2011
Como buena venezolana y como latina me da orgullo que una preciosidad como jimena nos represente también no solo por México,sino por todos los LATINOS.
posted by mi patria on Jan 15, 2011
La mexicana mas linda Jimena Navarrete,la venezolana mas bella maritza sayalero.Que viva Mexico,que viva mi pais Venezuela.
posted by lis on Jan 15, 2011
Es cierto que jimena es bonita.Pero a ustedes los Mexicanos no les parece bien cuaqndo ganan las venezolanas que son mujeres hermosas y eso lo demostramos en cualquier concurso donde participamos por eso tanta envidia hacia nosotras,Las venezolanas si swabemos reconocer los triunfos de los demas y no somos egoistas.
posted by NANA! on Oct 14, 2010
I love Jimena!!!
posted by viva mexico cabrones on Oct 10, 2010
P.s. viva la familia!:)
posted by arlize on Sep 29, 2010
Congrats Jimena on your new role as Miss Universe,and also to the brilliant and bright Yendi for her achievements and to my favorite Jesinta for such a great performance....mwahs
posted by MEXICANA on Sep 20, 2010
posted by coed on Sep 19, 2010
congrats venus raj.
posted by laimarch_phil. on Sep 16, 2010
congrats jimena your so pretty....thanks from Philippines
posted by miss bc on Sep 14, 2010
proud kme sa.u venus.. ang ganda2 mu talaga iniidolo ka namin...
posted by haters haha on Sep 14, 2010
dnt hate your haters love em i jst hope they dnt burn in hell haha VIVA MEXICO!
posted by haters haha on Sep 14, 2010
dnt hate yur haters love em i jst hope they dnt go to hell haha GO MEXICO!
posted by Pinoy on Sep 13, 2010
@josh i think your the m0st ugly creature in philippines insyd out.. And y0ur mind is full of lust. C0ngratz mis. Mexico. I l0ve u ms. Venus raj ur so beautiful pinay im pr0ud of you major! Major!
posted by petite on Sep 11, 2010
yendi phillips u have done us proud, if was any were else in the world u would have won the crown
posted by 0912 mae on Sep 10, 2010
im pilipina .. congrats miss mexico ..
posted by jON aviLA on Sep 09, 2010
i lOVE meXicaNS even i'm haLF fiLIPino,haLF bRitish(cOz my eX-gF is a meXIcan),so kEEp it up mS. meXico!!!!
posted by Josh. on Sep 09, 2010
Congradulations Jimena (Miss Universe) you deserved the crown.. the pretiest of all... I'm philipino and i didnt cheer for Ms. Philipines because she was ugly..
posted by Josh. on Sep 09, 2010
Congradulations Miss Mexico... You deserved it... You where my favorite since i saw you in the red dress.. and im philipino
posted by AJ on Sep 09, 2010
Yeah Yeah Yeah Miss Mexico is preatty and all that sh**.... im proud cuz im half mexican but Miss haiti is also preatty and would've deserved the crown
posted by Tor on Sep 08, 2010
Congrats Yendi you have done extremely well and we are proud of you.
posted by donabel patangan on Sep 08, 2010
Miss Philippines shouldn't be in the top 5! she is super duper BOBITA!
posted by YES! on Sep 06, 2010
posted by to all ignorants! on Sep 06, 2010
Once again You are making Mexican stronger than ever! get a life and check yourself, you have ugly soul with hate.
posted by Gerardo on Sep 02, 2010
Miss Universe 2010 is Ximena thas all. she won .
posted by Maritere on Aug 30, 2010
Miss Mexico tenia (y tiene) Todo para ganar: Hermosa Cara, Hermoso cuerpo, Porte, Desenvoltura, Educacion e Ineligencia!!! Losd que no esten de acuerdo, como Jueces, se Morian de Hambre!!! FELICIDADES, JIMENA NAVARRETRE, MISS UNIVERSO!!! VIVA MEXICO!!! ;)
posted by Evan on Aug 29, 2010
Whoever this kiwi chick is ur super rasvist n need to get a life & watch what u say. "a true american" jus cuz ppl r white doesnt make em bettet... Y r all those teen prep hoes tanning 24/7 ur a racist person with lots of insecurities well u can suck it. Gooo jimena she's super pretty and so was miss j go both of them!
posted by Luis on Aug 28, 2010
posted by nacho on Aug 28, 2010
Usted dijo "cucaracha mexicana", sí sí a usted la que dijo eso. Eso quiere decir que en tu país hay también cucarachas, pero de otra nacionalidad, verdad? Quizás has de pertenecer a ese árbol genealógico. Ah! Sorry!, You don not understand Spanish "sweet heart". Well, sorry again. Try to learn it then you can read this. Remember, "honey" many latinos can speak your language and you, hahahaha sorry, ignorant. Excuse me, who is more like "cucaracha".
posted by JAE on Aug 27, 2010
QUE VIVA MEXICO!!! GRACIAS XIMENA eres DIVINA Y por poner el nombre De MEXICO e NUESTRO PAIS en alto. And For all you hater F**K off ignorant F**K'S i bet You fat and ugly and sit on a**"s all day long watching jerry springer lol.
posted by Rosa on Aug 26, 2010
Felicidades Senorita Mexico! Mas bien dicho Miss Universo. Y que Dios la bendiga. Congratulations Miss Mexico! Better said congratulations Miss Universe. Viva Mexico!
posted by glenn roi agurang on Aug 26, 2010
we are very proud of our candidate,Ms. Philippines who got the 4th placer of the Ms. Universe....... Thanks for bringing the bacon!
posted by gerald a. on Aug 26, 2010
congrats ms. mexico....and also ms. phil......"major major",hehe.....
posted by wiliam levy:) on Aug 26, 2010
Felicidades! Ya que si era hora que reconocieran la belleza externa e interna. Viva Mexico!!!
posted by kimeraLD_kirT on Aug 26, 2010
CONGRATz 2 ms. mexiCO!!!!!!!and aLso pHil.!!!!
posted by laya on Aug 26, 2010
Jamican chick should have won
posted by tc on Aug 26, 2010
Mexico has yet to answer the question she was asked...dont believe me you tube it. That chick Yendi from Jamaica gave the best answer and she was a stand out star all kidding. You should have won...
posted by janna on Aug 26, 2010
posted by chris on Aug 26, 2010
mabuhay .......
posted by ye on Aug 25, 2010
I am from Mexico I am so happy for Jimena pero Yendi Philips should have won
posted by kristian on Aug 25, 2010 philippines...
posted by Greysha on Aug 25, 2010
Que bueno que marelisa no califico jajajajaj tanto que sonaban con la tripleta
posted by Jahleel on Aug 24, 2010
Even do she did not win. 1st runner up yendi phillips is darling of missuniverse2010. Thats a fact, no bias. Best body, gorgeous smile, best dress person in missu. And she sparkles when she smile. Good stage presence. Bookies (model agency) will be calling her. Go jamaica. To d universe! Next year we will do good. Win ja first missu.
posted by bmw on Aug 24, 2010
hondarevo, are you sick...why not try to join such contest and experienced how, not to blame anybody....go try common...try...
posted by matt on Aug 24, 2010
ms Jamaica should have won it . she gave the best answer and delivered with ease n poise.
posted by honey on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulation!, Ms. Philippines, Your Top 5 Most beautiful women in the World, Mabuhay !
posted by Chloe on Aug 24, 2010
A big congratulations to Jimena the new Miss Universe 2010! Such beautiful and classy lady. Viva Mexico!
posted by kiwi on Aug 24, 2010
a mexican won it even though the trouble we have with illegals in should of gone to a true american!!!!!
posted by em-em from phil. on Aug 24, 2010
congrats to miss mexico
posted by Arturo salazar on Aug 24, 2010
Felicidades Jimena.tu belleza natural tu encanto y tu inteligencia te llevaron al Dios te bendiga y ke Viva Mexico!!!
posted by sarsi on Aug 24, 2010
congrats Ms. philippine.keep up the good work..We are proud of you..
posted by erika on Aug 24, 2010
Norma, I could of said it better myself. Way to go.
posted by abby on Aug 24, 2010
Happy yet sad coz we expect a lot! But still we're proud of you Ms. Venus Raj you make it to the top 5 finalist!
posted by Erika on Aug 24, 2010
Congrats to all the ladies. Proud to be a Mexicana!!! Felizidadez Jimena. To the the people with the negative comments, come on people how old are you? please stop with the negative comments, no one wants to hear them right people!!!
posted by ham on Aug 24, 2010
two thumbs up for venus raj.. we are very proud of you. mabuhay pilipinas..
posted by Rowena Haloot on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulations Ms Venus Raj for being the top 5 of Ms. Universe 2010. We are so proud of you!!! MABUHAY PILIPINAS!!!
posted by Clarisse Del M. Halo on Aug 24, 2010
MABUHAY PILIPINAS...Congratulations to Ms. Venus Raj. We are so proud of you. ...GO PHILIPPINES!!!!
posted by Nerwin ron, CD, Lyre on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulations to Miss Venus Raj. We are so proud of you!!!! MABUHAY PILIPINAS
posted by slz on Aug 24, 2010
Que viva las mexicanas. and to those haters they can kiss our beautiful bronzed skin but they won't have the pleasure of doing that...ha ha
posted by Jahleel on Aug 24, 2010
Go yendi! 1st runner up in d universe. Queen of d caribbean. U made us ja proud
posted by CIN on Aug 24, 2010
Congrats to all of the beutiful girls!!! People we have to change our way of thinking be positive
posted by unbielever on Aug 24, 2010
congratulations to all mexicans. that girl is all beauty. really good impressive. She is a winner. there are a lot of people like she in mexico we are proud
posted by Ms. Thang on Aug 24, 2010
BIG UP!!! to Yendi you are still a winner in our eyes you have done ur country proud. Jamaica to the world. Wi likkle but wi tallawa. Love you Yendi well done!!!!
posted by Tammy Downs on Aug 24, 2010
they told me I was too fat to be in the contest. but I got some tikko bitties and some wett poossee for them nuccas. Ask my nigga
posted by real deal on Aug 24, 2010
poor girl had to sneak back across the border three times to register in guadawhatta then had to wait three days for the mice to finish her gown.
posted by rt on Aug 24, 2010
posted by mari on Aug 24, 2010
Just another mexican cockroach
posted by Patobravo on Aug 24, 2010
Racism=Ignorance Be happy for other people dont be rude and that "person" who said Mexicans are cockroaches please get to know the culture one of the most renown in the world!! Viva Mexico!!!! Congrats to all the other contestants they were all beautiful. This has nothing to do with immigration or other stuff this is a beauty pageant! Respect from Mexico. Viva Ximena Navarrete Miss Universe 2010
posted by jamrock on Aug 24, 2010
Great work Miss Jamaica Yedi, you did our country well. your our island winner and a beautiful girl around.keep representing Jamaican,showing there is always greatness.
posted by norma on Aug 24, 2010
posted by ermie on Aug 24, 2010
in behalf of Filipinos in belgium congratulations to Ms. Venus Raj, you deserved it and we're proud of you !
posted by valrie elliott-small on Aug 24, 2010
proud of you yendi you are our reggae queen
posted by petra on Aug 24, 2010
I not happy the Mexico win.First Australia and Jamica de answer the question better than her.But the money always cover everything, if you see Ms. Mexico she know the crown that was for herl.Please next year do the right select because really Ms. Mexico she was not really pretty
posted by Aztec*Mayan on Aug 24, 2010
its not about race, status, or fame its about unity as you could see we are united during this pageant everyone is watching. so to all the girls that represented their country thank you so much dont forget anything that happened back there its a good lesson for all of us. CONGRATULATIONS!
posted by Castillo on Aug 24, 2010
congratulations to all of you. you deserve everything back there savor the moment till it last since you have shown the world and beautifully represented your country.
posted by sassygurl on Aug 24, 2010
wanna know the answer of ms.jamaica..does anyone knows here??ive heard she's got the best answer and might as well should be the ms.universe..:-)
posted by Valrie on Aug 24, 2010
Proud of you Yendie you make Jamaica proud
posted by Valrie on Aug 24, 2010
Proud of you Yendi you make Jamaica proud
posted by Cory on Aug 24, 2010
Congrats Jessica Scheel!!! Guatemala is proud of you
posted by _rex_ on Aug 24, 2010
I am so proud of you Venus Raj aka (Ms Philippines).. even you are just in the 5th place, you are still the Ms Universe for us filipinos....more power and congratulations!!
posted by MCG on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulations Ms. Philippines,your answer is great...people should understand you didn't had a bad experienced, so you didn't want to answer like making it out or telling a lie. At least you didn't need an interpreter- that means you have the whole beauty and and the brain for the pageant...GREAT JOB VENUS!!!
posted by Menchie on Aug 24, 2010
At least she was in the top 5 and out of 83 beautiful women, she got no. 5, I am so proud of you, Venus, well may be if u become the Miss Universe, the more happier we are! God bless!
posted by 612quizst on Aug 24, 2010
even if Miss Venus Raj didn't win, I will always be proud of her
posted by co08 on Aug 24, 2010
congratulations venus raj!Even if you didn't win the crown, we are still proud of you!for us, you're still the winner!GO PHILIPPINES!!!
posted by Empress J. on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulations on your win, Miss Mexico. Big up home girl Yendi! You have done Jamaica and the diaspora proud.
posted by Bebe on Aug 24, 2010
Muchias felicidades a Jimena, por llevar el nombre de Mexico en alto con orgullo e inteligencia. Le deseamos lo mejor para los proximos 365 dias en sus actividades por Estados Unidos. Y a todos los egoistas y reprimidos, que dejer de escribir comentarios tan negativos que solo reflejan su poca educacion y su poca capacidad de celebrar la felicdad de los demas.
posted by princess on Aug 24, 2010
Proud of whom represented MEXICO, mexico chingao!!
posted by princess on Aug 24, 2010
Viva mexico chingao!!
posted by youby on Aug 24, 2010
big up to all the Jamaicans. Congratulations to all Jamaicans
posted by jassy on Aug 24, 2010
Viva Mexico!You deserved the crown!Congratulations! To Venus Raj,still you are the winner in the heart of our kababayans!Congrats!
posted by tania on Aug 24, 2010
hurrayyyyyyyyyy mexico we didi it that shows that we are the best in the world and all latinas form all over the world lATINAS STAND UP
posted by Sam on Aug 24, 2010
No matter what had happened, Miss Phillipines, we are proud of you....Gongrats!
posted by LuMar on Aug 24, 2010
Gimena Killed It' ... She was clearly the best out of all of them. Love her confidence and smile, just right' Congrats Mexico'
posted by pampi80 on Aug 24, 2010
mexico deserve to be the winner, she got the pose and beauty under pressure... venus of phillipines congrats making to the final 5
posted by roger on Aug 24, 2010
felicidades mexico,ximena navarrete miss universo 2010
posted by katri on Aug 24, 2010
congratulation to miss universe of 2010 she really deserve to be miss universe.
posted by Yeni on Aug 24, 2010
Real Deal----here is some real deal for you...first of all if that was the case well at least she was in it and hey she won...did you win??? And if you were to participate would you's the answer NO!!! She won and not you so that says a lot. Stop judging and first fix your own-self.
posted by Yeni on Aug 24, 2010
Mari---shut up because I'm pretty sure you look like one...and what are you? A white stop making fun of other people when you can make fun of yourself. Kiwi-shut the f*** up..yes it's a mexican!! Know the definition of a mexican well here it goes...hard working, smart, caring, sweet, and actually work and not sit on their a** and expect to get unemployed all the time!!
posted by tee on Aug 24, 2010
Congratulation to Ms Mexico, Ms Jamaica we are proud of you !!!!!!!!!!
posted by Norma on Aug 24, 2010
For the person that said it should be a "TRUE AMERICAN" This is not about the United Sates, fool!!! This is about the WORLD. And Mexico is in AMERICA.
posted by Rencel on Aug 24, 2010
To all Filipinos - We might got disappointed with what Venus said in the q&a portion but why dont we try to think if we were on her shoes on that stage?? its a matter of empathy for her. If you will be the one to you think you'll make it to the top 5?? do you have the body? the looks? Congrats Venus! Mabuhay Bicolanos!
posted by Juan De La Cruz on Aug 24, 2010
Congrats Miss Mexico from a Filipino. We're good deserve it !!!
posted by amely on Aug 24, 2010
la hora por fin llego!!! mexico tiene su nueva miss universo!!! (^-^)
posted by Glo on Aug 23, 2010
Ms. Raj has just committed big mistake. Now you have something to make it right.
posted by lolot on Aug 23, 2010
Ms. Philippines you deserved to be on the top 5, you forget your mistake.
posted by janski on Aug 23, 2010
congrats to Ms Philippines Venus Raj....
posted by yo on Aug 23, 2010
Wohooo viva MX! !!!
posted by Jiminy on Aug 23, 2010
Felicidades! Ya que si era hora que reconocieran la belleza externa e interna. Viva Mexico!!!!
posted by Coopdaddy on Aug 23, 2010
Agree with top two Philippines should have been third.
posted by Peace on Aug 23, 2010
No matter what happened, Miss Phillipines, we are proud of you.
posted by Mony on Aug 23, 2010
Ayayayaya Viva Mexico. Hasta q dimos una.
posted by fherrera on Aug 23, 2010
Hola so proud to be mexicano.jimena eres la reina te amo..
posted by nareen on Aug 23, 2010
Congrats yo miss Jamaica thanks for representing
posted by polinab40 on Aug 23, 2010
philippines would have won had it not been for her pathetic response
posted by hondarc5148 on Aug 23, 2010
woowwo ya era ora
posted by yup on Aug 23, 2010
Philippines answer was what messed her up
posted by T4YT4Y on Aug 23, 2010
posted by hondarevo on Aug 23, 2010
congrats to Ms. Mexico! Ms. Philippines you deserved to be on the top 5.
posted by Dee on Aug 23, 2010
So proud of Jimena - Viva Mx!!!!

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