Lil Wayne Homecoming Concert Set for November 5, Drake Says

August 21, 2010 03:42:01 GMT

Dishing on his plan to hold a homecoming concert for Weezy once the incarcerated MC is freed, Drake promises, 'That's gonna be crazy.'

Lil Wayne
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When Lil Wayne steps out of jail, he is going to be greeted by his fans in a homecoming concert. "November 5, the Welcome Home Weezy concert," Drake confirmed in a Ustream chat. "That's gonna be crazy." Knowing that his announcement is a big news for Weezy fans, he said with smiles, "I told you I got you. I would never just Ustream and talk about nothing."

Prior to revealing plan for the homecoming gig, the Young Money rapper talked about his next tour and his tourmates wish list. "You know we was trying to get Wiz [Khalifa] on the tour," he shared. "Hopefully, the Light Dreams [and] Nightmares Tour, depending on what city we go to, it'll be Clipse, Bun B and Wiz Khalifa. That's what I'm hoping. I don't know, maybe I spoke too soon."

While Drake urged Khalifa, who is named this year's MTV Hottest Breakthrough MC, to call him if by any chances he learned about the offer, Khalifa himself told XXL magazine that he is not interested to join the Canadian rapper's tour entourage.

"No disrespect to [Drake] or anybody else who might wanna see me do some more collaborative things, but to keep building and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusing on what it is," he explained. "This is my first tour that I got coming up, the Waken Baken Tour. I gotta at least kick that off and make that what it is so we can do 10 more."

He doesn't rule out possibility of hitting the stage together with Drake though. "We can do like some special dates or some surprise guest-type thing," he said. But, his main focus now is to headline his own tour and score big earning like Drake as he stated, "I was looking on the Internet and [saw] that [Drake] made $10 million this year. So maybe when I make $10 million, then we can tour."


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posted by jojoo on Oct 29, 2010
wizzy cn't wait tha hell of a track u gna release n tha show to wElcoMe bk wizzy
posted by Themba mdluli 4rm na on Oct 27, 2010
Hey dwayne carter i knw u wl b ruled out of jail n we hv bin misng u..cum out of ther n rock wayne..we cnt w8 to c ur upcuming album tha carter 4.
posted by MI G on Sep 27, 2010
wizzy the best rapper in the world l enjoy u my bro one day u gona meat emi gee wizzy dont worry about the fuckin police how prepair a fucked up song fo them wizzy east empire miss u . from emi g££ zambia lubuto high school
posted by MI G the gungstar on Sep 27, 2010
wizzy £MI G££ love u docci gee needs u lap d like u we miss u bro emi gee from lubuto opposit kalampa station
posted by mi g on Sep 27, 2010
wizzy u my hart u be released 2 min remanin from zambia
posted by mickiiii on Aug 31, 2010
hell eaaa imma be theree!!!!!
posted by lee on Aug 31, 2010
i miss yewwwww:(
posted by Ms. Wenter on Aug 27, 2010
I am most def getting me some tickets!
posted by young cheezy. on Aug 25, 2010
i am missing you lil wizzy. says cheezy from nigeria.
posted by young cheezy on Aug 25, 2010
i want young money to be out of the forking jail men.

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