Reba McEntire's 'Turn on the Radio' Music Video Emerges

Reba McEntire's 'Turn on the Radio' Music Video Emerges

The 55-year-old country music singer gets a revenge, bringing the man who has done her wrong to a warehouse and tying him up to a chair.

In a music video for her new single "Turn on the Radio", Reba McEntire ties up a guy who has done her wrong to a chair and shows him, once for all, who's boss. The music video is directed by Randee St. Nicholas and was filmed in late July at a warehouse in Nashville.

The video shoot was forced to be halted when there was a terrifying electrical storm near the location and a confirmed tornado touched down only a few miles from downtown Nashville. "This is only the second time one of my video shoots as been shut down because of a storm," Reba said back then as quoted by The Valory Music.

"The last time something like this happened was on the set of the 'Does He Love You' video in Long Island. I hope that's a good omen because 'Does He Love You' ended up being a Grammy winning-song and a great music video!"

"Turn on the Radio" is the lead single from Reba McEntire's upcoming release "All the Women I Am". She said of the track, "I fell for the song immediately. I love that it's an up-tempo, strong woman song about a woman who has been done wrong by her lover and is telling him to turn on the radio if he wants to hear from her through their favorite song."

Reba McEntire's "Turn on the Radio" music video




    Dec 17, 2010

    Love the song. OOOO baby who's the guy in the video? Give me some of that!!!!

    Nov 08, 2010

    Ha ha... I so agree... I LOVE the song.. but that dude is WAY TOO YOUNG for Reba. It makes her come across as CREEPY.

    Oct 24, 2010

    Ryan King nashville model

    Oct 18, 2010

    Seriously does anyone know who this guy is???

    Oct 03, 2010

    Who is the guy on the video, he's gorgeous. I want him. Ha,ha. Anyone know his name??? Reba looks great for her age, she seems to never age. Go Reba!!!

    Sep 12, 2010

    Love the video, but who's the guy in it and how many other videos hashe done wuth her?

    Sep 05, 2010

    Reba's a COUGAR! Who is that guy anyway???

    Sep 03, 2010

    Don't get me wrong, Reba is looking good for her age, but isn't the guy in that video a little young? He could be her a son. As good as she looks, no amount of work, good lighting, or hair brushed in her face, is going to make her look 35.

    Aug 19, 2010

    YEP !!! we're in charge !!! haahha.. you're awesome Reba, and the video its incredible, love it (: cant stop watching it !!

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