'Jumper 2' Could Be 'Somewhere a Little Darker'

August 19, 2010 08:26:14 GMT

Teasing more about the possible storyline, the film's star Hayden Christensen says, 'It's gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother.'

'Jumper 2' Could Be 'Somewhere a Little Darker'
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Hayden Christensen had always shown optimism about "Jumper" sequel and he has not changed his mind. Met at the premiere of his latest starring-film "Takers", the actor tells MTV Movies Blog that talks about making "Jumper 2" are happening, claiming "We're talking about it right now actually."

Asked where the story could go in the sequel, he says, "Hopefully somewhere a little darker." He further explains, "I think there's a lot you can do with it. It was sort of set up in a way it's gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother," before adding "We're talking about it, trying to figure it out."

Before "Jumper" was even released, there had been an idea to make it three-set movies. Back in 2008, Christensen confirmed the plan, stating "It was set up to become that - a trilogy - if it did well. And I think they're happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don't think they're rushing to get into production."

"Jumper" follows Hayden Christensen's David Rice who could teleport himself anywhere in an instant. Because of his unique ability, he is hunted by 'Paladins', people who dedicate their time to kill any 'Jumper' like him. Chasing Rice is Roland Cox, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who believes that only the Lord Almighty should be able to be everywhere at once.

Directed by Doug Liman, sci-fi adventure flick was not adored by critics but it performed well at box office. The film raked in a total of $222.2 million globally as of press time and was named the 28th highest-grossing film worldwide for 2008.


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posted by Dajump on Feb 02, 2011
really loved the movie,hope griffin's in it too he's one of the best
posted by roses_are_red on Nov 11, 2010
Griffin must stay hes like one of the main characters he is one of the main characters
posted by Shane on Nov 09, 2010
I hope it Awesome I really love the premise
posted by rissy333 on Oct 02, 2010
I could care less what critics said. I LOVED jumper. Christensen's facial expressions and banter with Griffin are priceless. I can't wait for the sequel!
posted by sio on Sep 19, 2010
decent movie, this has the potential to be a great trilogy hope it's out soon and jamie bell was good also.
posted by ~Hawke~ on Sep 12, 2010
I really hope Griffin is in this one as well...he spices it up, makes it more interesting!
posted by Cotton727 on Sep 10, 2010
Cant Wait For The Movie!!!

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