Official Tracklisting of Selena Gomez's 'A Year Without Rain'

August 17, 2010 04:21:13 GMT

There are ten songs listed in the September 28 release, including lead single 'Round and Round' and 'Ramona and Beezus' theme song 'Live Like There's No Tomorrow'.

Official Tracklisting of Selena Gomez's 'A Year Without Rain'
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Ten tracks are confirmed to be included in Selena Gomez's upcoming studio album "A Year Without Rain". One of them is titled "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" which also serves as a soundtrack for her movie "Ramona and Beezus".

Beside the standard edition, fans are also offered to purchase the deluxe package which adds music videos, behind the scenes at the photoshoot and song remixes as bonus features. The album will be released in United States on September 28 and has been made available for pre-order on her official website.

Before unleashing the tracklisting, Selena Gomez unveiled cover art of the album. "I really am putting my heart into this and this album is dedicated to my fans. I'm really just trying to make it the best I can for them. You can really see my growth in this album and that's what I'm excited about," she said of the album in a radio interview earlier this year.

Standard edition:

  1. "Round & Round"
  2. "A Year Without Rain"
  3. "Rock God"
  4. "Off the Chain"
  5. "Summer's Not Hot"
  6. "Intuition"
  7. "Spotlight"
  8. "Ghost of You"
  9. "Sick of You"
  10. "Live Like There's No Tomorrow"
Available on deluxe edition only:

CD bonus tracks:
  • "Round & Round" (Dave Aude radio remix)
  • "A Year Without Rain" (EK's future classic remix - radio edit)
  • "A Year Without Rain" (Spanish-language version)
DVD includes:
  • "Girl Meets World" - extended edition
  • "Girl on Film" - behind the scenes at the photoshoot
  • "A Year Without Rain" video shoot - behind the scenes
  • "Round & Round" - music video


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posted by GROW UP on May 01, 2013
uoi all need to grow up stop being childish thanks BTW: I LOVE SELENA!!!
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I love her and her music! If ur a real friend u wouldn't tell random ppl personal stuff about someone without them sayin it's cool! grow up lil kidz!
posted by zackiezgirl on Apr 25, 2011
damn hot Selena Gomez can't wait 2 c her nu album again and again and again !!
posted by tink on Mar 29, 2011
i think she is amazing and she is really good at singing she is my favourite singer
posted by lulu on Feb 24, 2011
I love her & justin They are both great
posted by gorgeous on Jan 29, 2011
well,she's my best friend a long time ago but now were not..she have a secret to me and she said that she's not virgin and she finger herself:(
posted by gorgeous on Jan 29, 2011
selena is not a virgin anymore
posted by ?!?! on Dec 14, 2010
posted by love u on Dec 03, 2010
well i love justin beiber you shouls have shagged him and made babiessssss owwwwwwwwww but ur a 2 timerrr
posted by h on Nov 18, 2010
I know you didn't kill the bever dude which is good!:) I love you and no matter what people say you CAN sing!=)=)
posted by banana on Nov 10, 2010
selena is great i can not belive she kissed justin bieber
posted by bob on Nov 10, 2010
they are all rubbish

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