Aarti Sequeira Is 'The Next Food Network Star' Winner

August 16, 2010 03:13:45 GMT

The Indian chef is praised as 'extremely relatable' by a group of committee comprising of the show's judges and network's viewers.

Aarti Sequeira Is 'The Next Food Network Star' Winner
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"The Next Food Network Star" has found its new winner. Aarti Sequeira, who is known to have always-warm and upbeat personality, took home the title during Sunday, August 15 finale, beating Tom Pizzica and Herb Mesa altogether.

Sequeira triumphed in the final challenge where the remaining contestants must tape a 3-minute pilot coached by the network's personality Rachael Ray. A focus group became the judge and they thought Sequeira looked comfortable talking in front of camera although she didn't look at the camera often.

The New Jersey native has no experience in the professional kitchen but she won the judges' affection with her bubbly personality and unique effort to fuse Indian flavors to everyday American cooking. For one, her Indian-themed proposed program, "Aarti's Paarti" would be none like the network has so far, making her a stand-out from the beginning.

Sequeira is set to debut her show next week. Food Network had a bad experience with the third season winner Amy Finley who walked out of her show "The Gourmet Next Door" after just six episodes.


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posted by justinsmith25 on Dec 24, 2010
I hate everything about aarti, she is sooooo annoying. i cant stand her voice or anything she says. i will not only change the channel but stop watching a network that would choose that loser as next food network star. what a bunch of idiots. she sucks real bad.
posted by BabyMax13 on Oct 06, 2010
It seems Aarti is OK, but honestly I was seriously upset when this went to Aarti. Herb and Tom are much more interesting to watch. The "oh poor me" and the confidence issues were driving me friggin' nuts. A food network star needs to have more professionalism and confidence than that. Again, not to sound like a downer, last year's winner Melissa D'Arabian literally bores me to tears, with seriously pedestrian food. Is Food Network purposely looking for the underdogs? Makes you wonder. I miss Herb & Tom.
posted by McLovin on Sep 21, 2010
"When I am scared I think of my mum." Lame
posted by Manny on Sep 08, 2010
Aarti deserves the win. Indian food is delicious!
posted by lnorbury on Sep 06, 2010
Okay...just how bigoted are some people? "I'm American so I won't cook or eat Indian food"?!? What exactly is American food besides the dishes brought to America by the people who make it up! What are we going to eat? I guess not spaghetti, ceviche, borscht, pho, rice, tacos, wontons, sushi, pizza, creme brulee, ice cream......I could go on! Are we going to live on purely "American" food? Okay I'm game, maize (corn), now remember, we have no baking powder so we can only make flat breads. How about fry bread? Nope that's made from ingredients distributed to Native Americans living on reservations. baking powder, no baking soda, no sugar, no yeast, no milk, fat mostly in the form of unrefined fish oil or animal fat. How about acorn mush, roasted cattail roots, fermented seal flippers...mmmm...Akutaq, also called "Eskimo Ice Cream", made from caribou or moose tallow and meat, berries, seal oil, and sometimes fish, whipped together with snow or water. Now don't get me wrong, I love many "American" foods but I think we should remember that many of our families were immigrants. We certainly seem to expect the original inhabitants to accept our new foods, shouldn't we be willing to grow to include the foods of more recent immigrants
posted by kim on Sep 03, 2010
Hello guys I followed THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR from the begginging and I loved Aarti from the start! Ha. I would always talk about her with my boyfriend! I knew she was going to win and i always cheered for her. Ahh'I love her!!!!!!!!!!! She is so funny! And she gave me boost and now I believe I can accomplish more because I saw her story from the start!
posted by B on Sep 01, 2010
Bal Arneson makes Aarti unnecessary (as she is inarguably better in all categories except for maybe spunk). Tom was great, but if he was too much like Guy for the judges then it should have gone to Herb.
posted by Chrissy on Sep 01, 2010
Ugh. You know why I'm on here? Because I like watching the food network but every time her commercial comes on about "Aarti Party" I get annoyed. Her voice and face is just annoying the crap outta me. I don't get why she was chosen as the next star when she doesn't even have the personality to keep me from changing the channel. If anything SHE'S the reason I'm changing the channel. For the love of god STOP PLAYING THAT STUPID COMMERCIAL. I don't know what it is about her but it's so annoying.
posted by Foodie on Aug 22, 2010
I can't believe all these negative comments. Herb and Tom were good, but Aarti was GREAT. She was the only one who brought a new perspective to the show. Every other Food Network show is pretty much the same and generic, it's about time a new point of view is really shown. I just watched the premiere and cannot wait for more shows. The recipes look fresh and exciting. I will be going to the store to try the salad and kulfi pops ASAP!!
posted by Allen on Aug 22, 2010
This final show all 3 did a great pilot. Any of the three would have made a great winner. Aarti you fall in love with her personality and shyness. Last season that was joke. Melissa was not that good from day one. She is still on Minx but all reruns. Of all the Stars that won Guy Fieri was only one to make it past the single season. And he has made lots of new shows since then.
posted by blurfee\'s mission on Aug 21, 2010
This was a terrible choice. Herb was the clear winner. They made this decision weeks ago! I won't ever watch this show! Needs to lose the nose piercing!
posted by badpick on Aug 21, 2010
Aarti is awful. Clearly picked for reasons other than cooking. She was not even top 10.
posted by Adam on Aug 19, 2010
I'm so dissapointed. Aarti is extremely talented, but to me, nothing more than an Indian Sandra Lee, minus the mandatory cocktails. Herb deserved the win, with his life being as terbulant as it has been up to now. Tom had an amazing pilot as well. There were two better choices, who would be interesting to watch, and would have benefited the Food Network much more than Aarti. Let's hope she doesn't walk out on the show. I really hope there's some possibility of Herb or Tom making their way onto the Food Network, somehow, although I'm sure there are no second chances with such a huge company. The judges were wrong this time, and although Aarti deserved a victory as much as the other two guys, she was not the right choice, and I believe the judges will come to realize it soon. To the judges I would offer one piece of adivce. LISTEN to the people who watch the pilot with you. Don't disregard those who reflect the audience who will ultimately determine a show's success.
posted by Suz on Aug 17, 2010
I have missed the last 2 shows, so I was shocked when I saw her commercial. UGH. I agree, rigged, they wanted her from the start. Why??? Indian food, yuck. Definitely not something most american cooks will do. Tom or Herb would have been awesome. She's as bad a pick as Amy Findly was.
posted by Suz on Aug 17, 2010
I agree, they picked her from the start. She was good on camera but come on, Indian food??? This is America. I don't want to cook Indian food, can't stand the flavors and definitely will not watch. This is as bad as Amy Findly. Boo on food network. Tom and Herb both would have been a better choice.
posted by aartisucks on Aug 17, 2010
This is another blown season of the next food network star. Melissa D'Arabian sucks and Aarti is 10 times worse! I will switch the channel as soon as I hear her awful voice!
posted by Lulu Foody on Aug 17, 2010
Tom definitely had the best pilot and Herb totally should have won the Iron Chef challenge. But through the whole thing I kinda of liked Aarti and hope she does a good job with her show.
posted by Gourmet Charlie on Aug 17, 2010
Herb got robbed. Arti should have been eliminated weeks ago. Brad totally carried her in the Iron Chef challenge.
posted by Untrained Chef on Aug 17, 2010
I fell in love with Aarti from the beginning. I have to admit the show was not shy at letting us know that Aarti would make the final 3. It is simply refreshing that Aarti won, I cannot wait to see her show.
posted by kiki on Aug 17, 2010
I love her. All of these haters are just jealous that they can't cook and their top picks lost. They obviously are too American to try new things besides their own everyday fatening foods. I like Herb and Tom, but Aarti was an excellent competitor through the whole show. It's just a show about Indian food. GET OVER IT. Aarti a fantastic pick.
posted by uh huh on Aug 17, 2010
The Food Network has to bow to affirmative action just like anybody else.
posted by five on Aug 17, 2010
i agree with with Phyllis 8-15-2010. You'll be perfect. Good luck!! i'll be watching.
posted by IronChefLegend on Aug 17, 2010
This was horrendous! I knew it was a scam with the Iron Chef challenge. Alton clearly stated that the challenge was 50% cooking and 50% commentary. Aarti's cooking was fantastic but her commentary was horrid. How does 50% of a challenge add up to beating out Herb when he clearly did fine in cooking and fantastic in commentary? What a frick'n crock. Aarti has been on the elimination block more than any other finalist and only seemed to cut mustard from time to time. They called Herb a rollercoaster ride what Aarti clearly bounced up and down harder than the rest. Must be easy to win a competition when you are a former producer for CNN and your father produces reality shows for the FOX network. I can only imagine how that call went. "Hey FoodTV, can you give my daughter a cooking show." "Of course, but the question in... How do we launch her." "Eh, put her in The Next Food Network Star. That should build up an audience." "Perfect! I'll go round up 11 suckers and let's do this."
posted by homecooknmom on Aug 17, 2010
such a shame... I love watching Food Network but honestly can not watch Next Food Network Star anymore. Last season was a huge disappointment can not stand Melissa and then this Aarti woman? This panel is biased, they only choose people who they think will fit their schedule not who watchers want to see. Tom had the audience laughing and interested, Aarti not so much. Also, how many times did she not rise to the challenge and still she managed to wriggle through elimination? I for one will not be watching this again to much of a let down:-(
posted by rachel ray on Aug 16, 2010
She was chosen the first week
posted by bobby flay on Aug 16, 2010
congrats aarti
posted by darlene on Aug 16, 2010
I am glad she won.. She won by a landslide..
posted by bumkiss on Aug 16, 2010
I love Aarti
posted by Lemonhead on Aug 16, 2010
More like aarti FARTY
posted by FalloutWe356 on Aug 16, 2010
I'm pretty sure no ones gonna watch this fatass.
posted by Scott on Aug 16, 2010
The show is rigged. The entire judges panel was going to make sure she won from the start. Nobody wants to watch a pretentious woman cook nothing but Indian food. Indian food is good from time to time, but nobody wants to cook it regularly. Way to pick another dud like the rest (minus Guy). Wasted time watching it and won't make that mistake again.
posted by giverofdreams on Aug 16, 2010
posted by giverofdreams on Aug 16, 2010
to the people who say nasty things, you are so mean and ugly. If you have nothing good to say don't say it. She is a Christian and it is God's favor on her life that brought here this far. I believe Aarti is a natural on Camera and she is so enthusiastic and loves what she does, she will be on for years to come.
posted by ml34 on Aug 16, 2010
I love Aarti's personalty and food. I will definitely be watching her show.
posted by lynn cain on Aug 16, 2010
I am very happy this competition, was won by the most inspiring cook, and a very nice lady; Best of luck Aarti I'm proud of you
posted by mikey on Aug 16, 2010
Aarti is cute , funny , and engages you from the moment you see her..i was sure she had won from the first day.Congratulations..i will be sure to watch every show.
posted by aly on Aug 16, 2010
some of you are bat shit crazy. gratz to aarti. wouldve been happy with aarti or herb.
posted by ParadiseInHeaven on Aug 16, 2010
Aarti, I'm extremely happy for you and your family. You truly shine like a bright star. Your personality and your Indian Cuisine is super. May God continue his blessings upon you. Congratulations to your success.
posted by klaris on Aug 16, 2010
I loved both aarti and herb both was good.
posted by happyface11 on Aug 15, 2010
posted by fyi on Aug 15, 2010
actually "big daddy" won 2 seasons ago amy won season 3
posted by Bettie on Aug 15, 2010
The article said Amy Finley was from Season 3, not last season. Guess you all read it too fast.
posted by Aarti parti ^^ on Aug 15, 2010
i luv sayn Aarti parti
posted by Khat7 on Aug 15, 2010
FYI last season's winner was not Amy Finley. It was Melissa D'Arabian. Her show is still running. You make want to check your facts before publishing.
posted by Renée on Aug 15, 2010
Amy Finley won 2 seasons ago not last season. Melissa D'Arabian was last season's winner. I am very happy that Aarti won but I don't see her show listed in my program guide next week just yet anyway!
posted by ant on Aug 15, 2010
Aarti parti OMG I LUV HER
posted by Lisa on Aug 15, 2010
I am so excited that she won! I have been rooting for her since the beginning. Can't wait to watch her new show.
posted by Kellie on Aug 15, 2010
I have been a huge fan of Aarti from the beginning! i am so glad she won!!!! I cant wait to watch her show! She was definitely the right choice!!!!!!
posted by Kelly on Aug 15, 2010
No! Darn it. I was really hoping that Herb or Tom would win. Early on I had Brad picked, and I was amazed when he was kicked off before Aria! I doubt I'll watch Aarti's show. Just not my cup of tea, really. Maybe Tom and Herb can have a show over on the Cooking Channel. They'd make a very interesting team! : )
posted by arles on Aug 15, 2010
GOOD CHOICE!!!! I am so... happy she won! I enjoyed watching her from the start and look forward to watching her new show .
posted by Minx on Aug 15, 2010
Last seasson's winner was Melissa D'Arabian; her show is still running.
posted by Phyllis on Aug 15, 2010
I am so excited I have been hoping that she wins from the very start. I can't wait to tone in... GREAT JOB

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