Kris Allen's 'The Truth' Music Video Gets Teaser

August 14, 2010 07:36:25 GMT

The sneak peek is very short, featuring a lighting hitting the desert and the crew filming a scene with Kris Allen.

Kris Allen
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Kris Allen's "The Truth" music video is promised to debut very soon. To tide fans over while waiting for the video premiere, behind-the-scene footage is brought forward, featuring an almost empty desert with a lighting on the sky. The crew and the 2009 "American Idol" winner are also briefly seen in this sneak peek.

The music video was filmed on July 19. "I do my own stunt," he tweeted while posting an image of him falling on his back from a black grand piano to a mattress. The filming was originally scheduled to be done a week prior, but got delayed. "The desert decided it needed a whole lot of rain. So, the video shoot is postponed til Monday," he explained.

Written by Train's frontman Pat Monahan and producer Toby Gad, "The Truth" is lifted from Kris Allen's first major-label studio album "Kris Allen". He rides solo in the album version, but later on teams up with Monahan in the single version.


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posted by Pat on Aug 17, 2010
Just saw the video. Kris is beautiful as usual and love the song.
posted by Ladonna on Aug 16, 2010
@Carla--Kris Allen did not cheat. You people amaze me. Your logic is astounding. You are a disgrace to the human species.
posted by Che on Aug 15, 2010
This is ganna be the death of me.:O One more day to go!! Aaah. I wish the preview thing had been longer,though. :( And Carla,please let it go.Why should we be fighting about something Adam and Kris themselves dont fight about?Lets just live and let live :) Cant wait to see how Pat will be involved in the vid :D
posted by rgge on Aug 15, 2010
id monaghan make cameo in there?
posted by D on Aug 15, 2010
If this is gonna be the death of all Allen fans, then so be it! World's gonna be a better place! UGH.
posted by D on Aug 15, 2010
posted by jok32 on Aug 15, 2010
I can't waaait for this!
posted by Doe on Aug 15, 2010
Cannot wait for this video!! Thanks for the teasers! Just saw Kris and Keith Urban at the Iowa State Fair. There was over 10,000 people there with me and The Truth live was so gorgeous!!
posted by Carla is deranged on Aug 15, 2010
So excited to see the at some of Adam's fans posting on a Kris blog...let it go Carla...all that hate is eating you
posted by Shirley on Aug 14, 2010
Oh gosh! Feeling so damn excited for the video debut! It's gonna be epic!!!
posted by Carla on Aug 14, 2010
@D Adam has sold out venues that seat up to 8,500 people. Kris can not fill a 1,000 set venue. Very few people like him especially since he won by cheating.
posted by jenellen on Aug 14, 2010
why has this video been taking so long?
posted by scp on Aug 14, 2010
Pat Monahan (no "g"), he's the lead singer from Train.
posted by D on Aug 14, 2010
Is Kris in Concert this Summer ? Where can we go see him Live ? All we hear about is Adam's tour selling out small venues , but what about our Kris ?
posted by et on Aug 14, 2010
Can hardly wait to see this video! The 2 photos I saw of chandeliers hanging in the desert looked so awesome. BTW, it's Pat Monahan. There's no G in his name.

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