Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 'Like Each Other More Than Just Friends'

August 13, 2010 09:46:16 GMT

Justin and Selena reportedly 'message each other almost everyday' and the friendship is said leading the two into liking 'each other more than 'just friends'.'

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 'Like Each Other More Than Just Friends'
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Justin Bieber might have found his "nice-smile" girl. A source told Zack Taylor that the YouTube sensation has been texting with Selena Gomez a lot recently, sparking rumors that the two young stars started to "like" each other.

"They have formed a very close friendship over the past year, and it's obvious to all of us who know them personally that they like each other more than 'just friends'," the source shared. "It wouldn't surprise me if they dated in the future."

The source, however, said that the expected relationship may not happen in a near future. The source claimed, "Right now they don't have any time for that. However, they do message each other almost everyday and try to hang whenever they are in the same area."

Beside texting each other, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have shared stages together. During an appearance on "Lopez Tonight", back in late July, Selena described Justin as her "little brother". Meanwhile, Justin has previously admitted that Selena is his type. The "Baby" hitmaker said, "I think she is cute. I think she is a cutie."


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posted by Sarah Simpson on Mar 09, 2011
i luv ya justin bieber
posted by Dayana on Jan 28, 2011
Luv ya
posted by M!ZZ B3!B3R on Nov 05, 2010
all yall need to mind your own business if justin and selena are together then okay that aint are buisiness you think they get on here and read this shit i dont think soo... sorry to tell yall truth:,( NOT
posted by Anneme on Oct 15, 2010
If i wher justin i woudin date selena i dont like her,and she's not the ride girl for him no girl fits with him
posted by amelia arenas on Oct 12, 2010
ppl really need to mined their bisness if their dateing ok if their not ok it dosent mater it between them two not us thier life not ours lern ppl
posted by SharoninaSutai on Sep 25, 2010
I thnk they're looking ^qiuwte^ 2gther..
posted by alex russo on Sep 24, 2010
they might like each other but justin dosn't like selena gomez maybe i guess
posted by Max on Sep 19, 2010
everyone suppose to be happy but jb and selena not right i mean she considered him as a brother
posted by just keepin it real on Sep 19, 2010
umm i think jb and selene are a pretty couple and they will be a pretty together most ppl on here are just mad that selene got him so wat if she treat him like a brother we not wid them 24/7 so we really dnt no if they real like each other nd for the girls that put they number on here are just stupid because ppl can come and find them or stuff *dummies*
posted by moose on Sep 03, 2010
if she thinks of him as a little bro i think that it would be awkward but i can see if they would date for a little bit but that would not last in my oppinion i dnt think that theyll make a good couple pluse shes almost 2 yrs older than him so i think that he should date some one his age like 16 or 15 hey i jst relized somthing my 16th bday is in like a week whooaa i jst relized i need to plan omfg
posted by christina deareylene on Sep 02, 2010 too.....i like justin bieber,...just a friend...and selena too.....i hope i can meet no 0198992738.....^_^ bye.....
posted by Taylor Gomez on Aug 26, 2010
posted by gIRl FROM HEAVEN on Aug 20, 2010
bOYS don't get jealous you're never gonna have a chance to be with selena so look out for others... Maybe their all others out side who loves you for who you are... So many girls out there... WAKE UP BOYS !!!! I am a girl i can tell
posted by nathan on Aug 19, 2010
they wont make good couple,im not talkin about selena im talkin about that gay wad justin bever all he wants to do is, do her and use her fame to make him gratter and takin her fame away and when he done with her half of her fans will forget about her but not me i known her for 11 years but she dont remember me anyways half of her fans will fallow justin im sayn this so selena dont make the wrong move and lose everything she had just cuz that fag pushed herand her fame down.
posted by Jenny on Aug 16, 2010
They make a cute couple
posted by girl from heaven on Aug 16, 2010
i think that they gonna make a cute couple because i like them both !!! and i like it MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS.. By the way the girls that keeps saying it's not good there all jealous at Selena because they want Justin but if you're really likes him you would him be happy ! Right ? so look out for another...
posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Aug 16, 2010
N000 justin dont go out with selena! Go out with me 0k my number is 520 335 4158 txt me ;)
posted by Karen on Aug 15, 2010
I think they are perfect for each other they deserve to be happy
posted by biebergomezfan on Aug 15, 2010
im a BIG fan of both Jb and Selena but the way they hang out together are really like brother-sister thing and selena treats him like a 'little' brother so i think it gonna get awkward if their gonna be an item
posted by rachell on Aug 14, 2010
they would make a cuuuute couple
posted by Molly on Aug 14, 2010
WOW!things happen fast i wish i can become a singer 2.
posted by Bella on Aug 14, 2010
I can't believe it,that justin n selena r datin i don't really blame them afterall justin does not even know me,but when i do become a singer one day(wat i desire most)people 'will be suprised.amen
posted by imHazel on Aug 13, 2010
I thInk there's soMethIng obvious aBouT justin and selena
posted by Rachell on Aug 13, 2010
justin and selena more than friends!
posted by agnes on Aug 13, 2010
selene and justin never

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