Tila Tequila Is Said Shooting 'Lesbian Three-Way' Porn Video

Tila Tequila

Although the star has previously insisted that she didn't land a deal to make a sex tape, a source claims, 'The movie was filmed about a month ago in the Valley. It's a lesbian three-way.'

While Tila Tequila has angrily blasted rumors that she has signed a deal with a popular porn distributor to star in an XXX-rated film, a source close to the situation insisted that the sex tape is indeed existing. The source recently told Radar Online that Tila shot the porn film a month ago.

"The movie was filmed about a month ago in the Valley," the source claimed. The insider later added further details of the porno flick, revealing that Tila shot a lesbian adult movie, which was filmed by Vivid Entertainment, with two other women, Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid star Charlie Laine.

"It's a lesbian three-way and was professionally shot and directed by Michael Bisko," the insider revealed. "Tila has false hopes for the success of the film. She wasn't paid anywhere near what Vivid paid Kendra Wilkinson for her tape."

When Steven Hirsch, the owner of Vivid Entertainment, was asked by the site to give response to the reports, he simply said, "No comment." Meanwhile, back on August 4, Tila angrily dismissed the stories, writing on her website "For once and for all, I DID NOT, and I repeat, I DID NOT MAKE A DEAL TO MAKE A SEXTAPE!!!!!"

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    thomas cruz
    Aug 19, 2010

    Hey bisco! I wish you would get a real profession instead of videotaping little girls having sex and selling! Do you idiots ever learn? Anything for a buck. How sad. Tila tequila you are a pathetic fame whore. You are not that special. Go do some charity work. You have too much time on your hands.

    Aug 19, 2010

    Her beatdown was a victory for america. Its stories like this which justifies physical butt kicking. Another kendra wilkinson attention whore trying to become famous for a sex tape. Enough is enough. This is karma and exactly why you got your head kicked in. This is another worthless famous for nothing reality whore. You sick whores need to be taught a lesson along with the idiots who give them interviews and pay attention to them. Who the hell is tila tequila? What a joke.

    john doe
    Aug 11, 2010

    this could be someone that looks like tila and the entrainment company could be promoting if for publicity. lets just wait and see

    Aug 11, 2010

    Waaaait... so all this time she wasn't doing porn?!? I did not know that.

    3(0k) is the magic n
    Aug 11, 2010

    No way in helllz an autograph of Tila goes for 30k. Did you post that comment Tila? Because that's the magic number you quote for everything, to how much you charge for an "appearance", to how you couldn't afford 30k for rehab. I would believe her autographs go for THREE dollars, thus the reason she had to revert back to porno, even though she's trying sooooooo hard to be mainstream and legit.

    For reals?
    Aug 11, 2010

    It could also be a Pomeranian in slutty dog clothes. It's most likely that Miss Tila needs the money after being kicked off Celebrity Rehab. There's no shame in porn. Besides, Tila's pranced around naked on UStream. She shouldn't have such an issue with it.

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