Video Premiere: Iyaz's 'So Big'

August 10, 2010 04:59:19 GMT

The music video shows the dude showering his lady as only a Top 40 recording artist knows how.

Video Premiere: Iyaz's 'So Big'
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Iyaz meets his love in a newly-premiered music video for his latest single "So Big". The Beluga Heights artist bumps into the lady in an eaterie and comes to her rescue when she is bothered by a rude guy. She has been dreaming of having Iyaz showering her with gifts and surprises and their meeting seems to be the beginning of her dream coming true.

"So Big" is taken from from Iyaz's debut album "Replay" which is due in United States this September. It is the third single from the J.R. Rotem-produced effort, which previously got "My Life" as tentative title, after the release of chart-busting tracks "Replay" and "Solo".

Although he has shot to stardom, Iyaz has no pressure when it comes to music. "I don't want the fame. Just put me in the studio and let me do me. Let me do what everybody fell in love with, which is make good quality music for people to listen to - feel good music," he said.

Iyaz's "So Big" music video


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posted by Nelson My Love on Sep 16, 2011
Hi I Realy want to know the name of the girl who is with Iyaz so Big. Because she had touched my HEART. Please... Nelson
posted by help on Jul 01, 2011
Hi rain Douglas, can you tell me more about birol bayrak?
posted by PoisonIvey on Mar 13, 2011
The video hotties name is Francia Raisa...she is on the cast of secret life of an american teenager
posted by Dobrni on Feb 22, 2011
I like this song
posted by king on Dec 20, 2010
whats the name of the girl in the video?
posted by superstar on Nov 29, 2010
wats the name of the girl..shez amazingly beautiful
posted by rengi on Nov 22, 2010
what's the name of the girl in the video?
posted by giggles on Oct 17, 2010
does someone know the name of the girl, in his video, so big??
posted by rain douglas on Aug 14, 2010
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posted by rain douglas on Aug 14, 2010
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posted by rain douglas on Aug 14, 2010
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posted by rain Douglas on Aug 14, 2010
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