Miley Cyrus to Shoot 'Who Owns My Heart' Music Video This Weekend

August 07, 2010 06:35:02 GMT

'Can't Be Tamed' director Robert Hales is tapped to serve behind the lens and will take the video shoot to Detroit, Michigan.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Dominic Chan/WENN

Miley Cyrus is going to Detroit, Michigan this weekend. The "Hannah Montana" star is scheduled film visuals for "Who Owns My Heart", the next single from her third studio album "Can't Be Tamed".

According to Ken Baker of E! Online, the 17-year-old Disney songstress once again teams up with Robert Hales, the same man who directs music video for the title track of the album. Ken further explained that "Who Owns My Heart" is up for European release only. As for the second single Stateside, Miley reportedly chose "Two More Lonely People".

Other details such as what kind of treatment Robert will write for the upcoming video are still kept under wrap. One thing for sure, it will become another platform for Miley to continue showing her more mature side like she always wants to.


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posted by nancy on Dec 22, 2010
miley cyrus s the bitsh miley cyrus is the bitsh
posted by eli on Sep 02, 2010
i'm italian! oh gosh europe *-* i love who owns my heart!! but europe is not open for miley cyrus :/ it's the same thing that's happening in the US .-. i love miley but i hope that will not be like can't be tamed ..
posted by Micah on Aug 31, 2010
Who Owns My Heart > Two More Lonely People :(
posted by i love milecyrus on Aug 23, 2010
sorry if i wrote again. Ireally just love miley. She has always been my rolemodel ever since i was in second grade. Her show was still on. And im really sad that hannahmontana will be over. Ijust watched the new episode yesturday. I almost cried. It was soooo awesome. The way hannah performed for military families. Ilove u mileycyrus.
posted by i love mileycyrus on Aug 23, 2010
i cannot wait untill this brandnew single will be on. Miley if youre reading this, well all ineed to say is i love u. U r so amazingly talented,wonderful and again amazing. Just like u said in ahannah montana episode. Hahaha
posted by Miley Cyrus super fa on Aug 15, 2010
I can´t whait to see both XD!!!! I luv her so much!! Miles u ROCK!! lUV YA <3<3<3 peace V
posted by TT on Aug 14, 2010
Guys, just because two more lonely people is the next single, doesn't mean that their has to be a music video for it! Who owns my heart has a music video, two more lonely people doesnt!
posted by Annielee TOTAL CYRUS on Aug 12, 2010
posted by flowers8344 on Aug 11, 2010
i love both, but i love who owns my heart!!!! Europe is more open to art than US cause they keep on putting Miley down , maybe she ought to do her music abroad, like "N"Sync they was not going anywhere here took their music abroad become famous back to US and then finally was acknowledge....
posted by c on Aug 09, 2010
when is it coming out ?
posted by mileylover on Aug 08, 2010
so miley cyrus - who owns my heart cant be heard in the us!!!! wtf tht is so stupid! but i liek two more lonley people , but still i like the other one!
posted by amanda on Aug 08, 2010
i hvene to go out my frideys home today my fridey my mommy fridey of her hvene a baby today ok miley
posted by amanda on Aug 08, 2010
i am os sorry miley i cant werth on tv today i am sorry ok i am werth 1200am ok i will come home werth on tv ok miley
posted by SpongeBob Squarepant on Aug 07, 2010
OK. When I first saw the title on Google, I was wondering: "Her next single is 'Two More Lonely People', not 'Who Owns My Heart'. Why are they saying it's 'Who Owns My Heart?'" But after I read into the article some, it made sense: "Two More Lonely People" will be Miley's next single here in America, while "Who Owns My Heart" will be her next European single. It's all so clear now
posted by angela on Aug 07, 2010
i dont get it, who owns my heart will be the next european single ? i mean, i dont get the european part. im a little stupid haha.
posted by chris on Aug 07, 2010
when i heard that her next single was "who owns my heart" and "two more lonely people" i thought wow i like who owns my heart since its mostly bein on the dance floor & the video could be similiar to rihanna's "dont stop the music" but then i saw this article & now im a lil disappointed :/ i do like two more lonely people but i think who owns my heart can do more success in the US than two more lonely people but its just my opinion lol i hope the video for both come out good :)

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