David Archuleta Is a Loner in 'Something 'Bout Love' Music Video

August 06, 2010 03:50:46 GMT

The 'Crush' singer is seen a little down and lonely in this music video as he makes his way through the street without any companion.

David Archuleta Is a Loner in 'Something 'Bout Love' Music Video
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David Archuleta is going through a long road, wandering on the streets by himself during a hot summer day. Various scenes where people are seen lending a helping hand for those in need are additionally captured in this clip directed by Declan Whitebloom.

"The video and the song are about people who are feeling a little down and a little alone ... and just feeling a little frustrated with love or their situation in life," he said of the video. "Even though you might feel down with love, there's something about it you shouldn't give up on."

David Archuleta will include "Something 'Bout Love" in his new studio album "The Other Side of Down". The album was originally scheduled to make its way out in United States on September 14 but it was pushed back to October 5 because he "would like to make sure he's delivering the best possible album and he needs just a little more time to do it."

David Archuleta's "Something 'Bout Love" music video


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posted by ElenMelen on Aug 16, 2010
I LOVE David Archuleta and everything about him! However... I think they made a mistake on this new video. People like to see David smile and jump around. This sad look and moping about is the wrong way to go with this song imho. He should be smiling, dancing, and jumping around like he does when he sings "Zero Gravity." I felt the same way about his first CD cover. I want to see that SMILE!
posted by archangel48 on Aug 14, 2010
David starts singing and I forget his age and just absorb the VOICE conveying the meaning of the song perfectly! There certainly <i>is</i> something 'bout love &#9829;
posted by violet4ever on Aug 12, 2010
Fun song with a great message. I agree it's very David. The moving forward, even over obstacles, the little kindnesses.the message from "Joy", and the overall message of the lyrics. :)
posted by Val on Aug 07, 2010
Something About Love is a great video and David Archuleta's talent is featured again. Vocal perfection again. His edgy look is fabulous and the haters that put this talented young man down, COMMON you have Miley and Bieber as your role model's? Archuleta earned his fame that other's GOT LUCKY! Request and purchase this single and video available next week. SO WROTH IT!
posted by Erik on Aug 07, 2010
Love the video, love the song. Perhaps he looks a little sad because he is trying to give the message that even if you are down and out you can still have hope and help one another. :) Amazing talent for sure. A video that the family can watch and learn rather than explicit non-sense and artists with no talent just special effects. VERY REFRESHING! Real music is back! Smile at the end is PERFECT and positive!!!
posted by sam on Aug 06, 2010
Love the song!! You know when you listen to a song for the first time, you can tell if you'd love it or hate it. This song is DA BOMB at first listen!!!
posted by lessha on Aug 06, 2010
I absolutely love the video and the song.
posted by lct on Aug 06, 2010
The video managed to represent David in a more mature light. Gosh is he handsome and mature! He has grown into a young man who is very appealing beyond words! As for his singing, we all know he nails it each time! It was simply done with taste to represent his age and not some video with pyro techicis and stunts - just his talented voice (oh and looks)!
posted by LaLiliana on Aug 06, 2010
There is hope in Something Bout Love. But as we all know Life is not always a bowl of cherries. David captures that in the video and I for one am glad to see that he gets it that our lives are not smiley faces all the time. Without the pits and shadows, you'd never notice coming out into the light. Now let's hear some radio play, see some TV guest spots and some MTV coverage. His voice is perfection; his look is more mature and I like it. He's turning 20 in December for goodness sake.
posted by rose on Aug 06, 2010
I Love this song and, eventhough I always want to see my David smiling from ear to ear, at least that smile appeared at the end of the video. So, with the exception of David's sad look, I loved the video and, WOW, is he ever handsome (and cute).
posted by anonymous on Aug 06, 2010
David is pure love and so inspirational :-)
posted by VJ on Aug 05, 2010
I really like this video! I wouldn't say it's David's best, but it captures what he wants to convey, and I like the idea of David being an outside observer. And dang, he's looking fine these days...Oh! And I absolutely LOVE this song!
posted by Ashley on Aug 05, 2010
Amazing! Best video he's done so far!

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