Preview: Joe Jonas and Betty White Make Fun of Justin Bieber on 'Cleveland'

August 05, 2010 09:26:57 GMT

Their characters would share a scene in the August 11 episode of 'Hot in Cleveland', talking about his music playlist which includes a song by the teen heartthrob.

Preview: Joe Jonas and Betty White Make Fun of Justin Bieber on 'Cleveland'
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The official stills of Joe Jonas' appearance on TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" have been released along with a sneak peek of the episode. In the photos, the middle of Jonas Brothers shares screen with lead actress Valerie Bertinelli who plays his mother Melanie.

Joe's episode which is titled "Good Luck Faking the Goiter" airs on Wednesday, August 11. When Melanie's son comes to visit, she invades his privacy and gets a dose of TMI. Victoria is nominated for an Emmy, and Elka helps her fake a deadly disease to gain sympathy and votes. The episode also features guest star Dave Foley.

In the preview released for the episode, Joe's Will is having a chit chat with Betty White's Elka about his playlist. Will tells her that he likes the old stuff but she can also find Justin Bieber in it too. Elka then drops the bomb, "Really? I love her!"


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posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Aug 17, 2010
It makes me HAPPY that lots of ppl defend justin....i kno i would do any thing 4 him...:) txt me @ 520 335 4158
posted by yea on Aug 12, 2010
and i love the jonas brothers and even i laugh when they get made fun off its all just joking around
posted by yea on Aug 12, 2010
haha ur all so tough using swears...... it was a joke the jonas brothers get made fun of all the time so its completely fair justin gets made fun of.
posted by jayjay on Aug 10, 2010
wow i love the Jonas Brothers and I love justin bieber. Of course I'm a Jonas fan first But I don't see how it's making fun of justin bieber.
posted by ok on Aug 08, 2010
Bieber is gay,talentless and his fans have no taste
posted by Teresa Bieber on Aug 08, 2010
Like No Joke But iAqree With Mandy!!!! People Are Just Fuqkinqq HATERS These Days!!! Fuqk Off Jonas Sisters!!! Justin Is Way Hotter Then You's Will Ever Be!! Dumb Bitchesz!!
posted by Mandy on Aug 07, 2010
Stupid Jonas Sisters...i think they are just jelous of THE ONE AND ONLY JUSTIN seriously ppl look at justin Bieber and look at the jonas sisters..then ask yourself who is Hotter!!
posted by Hailers on Aug 07, 2010
Mandy just calm down its just a harmless joke! God, it's not like they're trying to ruin his life!
posted by ginz449 on Aug 06, 2010
haha! gosh! i like betty white! i love her! haha. and joe so handsome and hottest man on earth..i love you joe..and your brothers too.
posted by jessca jonas on Aug 05, 2010
hahaha i dont watch the show but i will record the episode just to see joe
posted by Samantha on Aug 05, 2010
YES! and ohkay children we dont need to put it in all caps. ohkay i want every bieber fan to rewatch the video above, haaha you see that? thats a man and an old woman making fun of a little pansy like Justin Bieber, Jonas brothers are better than Justin Bieber any day, it was purely a joke, but still i efffin love that they made fun of him, i hate him. and bieberlover, 10 year olds cant be sexy, now joe jonas can be sexy, um cuz he is. i cant wait to see this episode, i love joe, and betty white.
posted by Mrs.jonas on Aug 05, 2010
I lyk jb.but i luv u more..ur d most handsome man here on earth..don't care if jb is more famous dan u..jb's popularity will fade someday nd girls will get tired chasing his ass..luv u so much,joe..
posted by lkn4prncchrmng on Aug 05, 2010
I can't wait to see this episode! I love Joe he is so SEXY!!!!
posted by Kate on Aug 05, 2010
Totally inappropriate comment posted by captain america. Show some class.
posted by Joe Jonas\'s girl on Aug 05, 2010
And I love how you made fum of Justin Beaver. I can't stand him either. He seems to be more popular than you Joe.
posted by Joe Jonas\'s girl on Aug 05, 2010
I don't watch the show but I'll watch the episode jut to see Joe. I can't wait to see it because this is the first show that Joe is in other than Jonas L.A. He looks so sexy in the video.
posted by iharely on Aug 05, 2010
haha joes funny.. XD and cute i love his new hair
posted by Krazi4_bieber on Aug 05, 2010
posted by bieberlover on Aug 05, 2010
omg thats so fuckin stupid makin fun of the sexiest guy alive JUSTIN BIEBER joe looks fuckin ugly

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