Chris Brown and T.I. Arrive at 'Takers' LA Premiere, New Clips Come Out

August 05, 2010 07:27:02 GMT

The two singers/actors as well as cast-member Hayden Christensen and guest Keri Hilson are among those who come early to the August 4 event.

Chris Brown and T.I. Arrive at 'Takers' LA Premiere, New Clips Come Out
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The cast of "Takers" have taken over the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on Wednesday, August 4. They specially came to the venue to attend the Los Angeles premiere of the movie which will be released in the U.S. on August 27.

Chris Brown who lands a role in the movie was among those who came early that night. He appeared in his black ensemble paired with sneakers and sunglasses. His cast mates T.I. and Hayden Christensen showed up in more formal style with complete suit.

Additionally, singer Keri Hilson was spotted among the guests of the black carpet event. She donned a black blouse matched with hot pants. After the screening, the "Energy" hitmaker as well as Brown and T.I. were scheduled to perform live.

Supported by the likes of Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Matt Dillon and Zoe Saldana on the cast ensemble, "Takers" follows a notorious group of criminals who continues to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. In their one last job where more money is at stake than ever before, they find out a hard-boiled detective who is hell-bent on solving the case interrupts their plan.

Along with the Los Angeles premiere, three new clips have been debuted to promote the movie. One clip features Chris Brown as he is being chased by Matt Dillon, while another snippet shows the group on their mission. The other video, meanwhile, gives preview to the criminals planning their action.

'Takers' clip 'Outside':

'Takers' clip 'Take Him Out':

'Takers' clip 'They Love Their Sheepdogs':


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posted by ui7ui on Sep 27, 2010
fuck you dickheads
posted by wifey breezy on Aug 05, 2010
duz ny1 know if takers is going to be released in the uk??!!??
posted by Tracie on Aug 05, 2010
I am so excited for this movie! What an ensemble of talent!
posted by donloc on Aug 05, 2010
Chris I'm so excited to see this flim..Love u and love the fact that you're on the road to a bright future..Love u Chris
posted by lisa on Aug 05, 2010
I am so glad to see Chris in action. I hope the best for this young man. I hope he don't die in this film like he did in Stomp the Yard but more so I don't want to see his career die. I loved the action in the trailer. Chris reminds me of my late son of which they are the same age. My son made a mistake that he can't bounce back from but I pray for Chris and I hope that he not only bounces back but becomes even greater than what is expected. Love you Baby boy. No more crawling, Run, Run,Run. Run from your past and into your future and fulfil your destiny, SUPERSTAR. From a mother figure.

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