'Suite Life on Deck' Is NOT Ending

August 05, 2010 06:44:43 GMT

Debby Ryan misled her Twitter followers into thinking that the Disney series will end after three seasons.

'Suite Life on Deck' Is NOT Ending
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"The Suite Life on Deck" is not coming to an end, at least not soon. The Disney Channel sitcom's star Debby Ryan misled her fans when tweeting earlier this week that she felt sad about the "last week of 'Suite Life'."

To clear up the air, a representative of the starlet released a statement to Popstar!. The rep said, "She didn't intend to get fans worried. She is working on the last episode of 3rd season. It's sad and dramatic just like Cody and Bailey's dramatic last episode for the end of the 2nd season. This is what Debby is referring to when she tweeted."

In further explanation of her tweets, her rep said, "The end of the season is always tough for the cast, because they had such an amazing time this season. She was just expressing her sadness that the 3rd season is over to her fans it was not intended to say anything about the future of the show."

Ryan tweeted on Sunday, August 1, "It just hit me. Tomorrow morning, we're beginning production on our last week of Suite Life. So much has happened in the last 3 years. To be honest, I've never felt more settled and in tune with the cast as we are right now. This is gonna be a hard week." Ryan also replied to a fan that there will be "some serious closure in the season."

Indeed Disney Channel has not announced whether there would be a fourth season. Ryan is equally clueless, saying "Guys, like I have said, we have no word on if or when there's another season, but I'm sure y'all will know as we do."


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posted by YayMe101 on Jun 02, 2014
The ending was WAY too sad, I cried for a week. I mean even I would miss Mr. Moseby and....well everyone else on the show. I think it is time-now that it is 2014-to continue the show and make a fourth season and IT CANNOT END WITH THE ZACK AND MAYA BREAK UP AND THE BOAT BEING DEMOLISHED! There HAS to be another way!
posted by destini 12346 on Mar 14, 2014
im still waiting for it to continue
posted by FooFoo on Jul 27, 2012
I think that they r getting to the age where maybe they hold start doing older roles, like movies or something. I mean it's possible cuz other ppl like Selena Gomez has left to do bigger things. I'm not hating or anything, I just think that I bet they would want to do more mature roles
posted by blonrider on Jun 10, 2011
I love suite life on deck. But will it be next show at the colledge
posted by K on Feb 15, 2011
um I'm not sure what article everyone else was readin but it NEVER said the show was ending. THer reps said that when Debby tweeted what she did she was talking about filming the end of Season 3 not the WHOLE series ending.
posted by CMG on Jan 22, 2011
thats to bad, i LOVED! that show, id hate to see it go like that, hopefully disney can come up with some other cool shows BUT noyhing can beat the suite life :(
posted by Kc on Jan 09, 2011
I love suite life and it should not bend it's on of the best shows on disney
posted by heyman on Jan 01, 2011
what ever happened to Estaban and Maddie. Idon't wanthe show to end because that is the only show who still has at least two original characters from the suite life and the new shows are just plain stupid.
posted by Dexman on Sep 17, 2010
The problem Disney Channel is running into is that the stars of their most popular shows have grown up. Dylan, Cole, Selena, Jake, Miley, Emily and Moises started out in their respective shows as kids. They have all, pretty much, aged out of their characters/shows. With 3 of its top shows winding down within the next year, Disney may be getting ready to undergo another major overhaul like it did when shows such as "Phil of the Future", "Even Stevens" and "That's So Raven" ended. It's always better to leave people wanting more, not wishing for less.
posted by noo on Sep 13, 2010
crap Hannah the wizardsnow suite life when will the torchere stop???
posted by Viick on Sep 11, 2010
After the series end? The Sprouses not go to college? I do not understand anything. In Brazil and Portugal have already confirmed the news, because of the pictures of the cast suite life on deck crying and the twitter of the actors, as in your post states that you Debby Ryan deceive their fans. So The suite life on deck will be canceled? and the spin-off of the suite life on deck? I DO NOT WANT TO NAKED, Send news
posted by LETTY 11 on Sep 05, 2010
suite life on deck is awesome , somebody reply to me and tell me what you think about my first post , so what do you think ?
posted by LETTY 11 on Sep 05, 2010
posted by LETTY 11 on Sep 05, 2010
the suite life on deck is like the best show on disney channel , it does not have to end , i am a major fan of the suite life on deck , its like my favorite show on disney channel , i do NOT want it to end , please do NOT cancel the show if you do then i will probably cry , from cody starting to secretly crush on bailey to them having a relationship to them breaking up , then zack falls in love with maya a girl who had just started school at seven seas high to then liking zack then zack and maya finally end up kissing , it is my favorite show on disney channel , please dont let this be the last week , woody a student who lives with filthy habits , london a not so smart girl , cody an intelligent brainy guy who has a heart for family and friends , bailey a girl form kettlecorn kansas , zack a guy who pulls pranks around the ship and then falls in love , mr.moseby a short man who has a heart for the ship and its passngers , for what i just said think about it , for what i just said think about the fans , just think .....about the fans , so tell me why this will be the last season , why.....why ?
posted by Dexman on Aug 31, 2010
posted by Dexman on Aug 27, 2010
With Dylan & Cole going off to college (NYU) this September, there really is no way that the Suite Life on Deck can continue. The "Suite Life" franchise has had a great run (almost 6 years). Dylan & Cole have become very well known because of their respective characters Zack & Cody and are financially very well off. But they have outgrown the show and are now college students.

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