'Law and Order: CI' in Limbo, Jeff Goldblum Quits

August 04, 2010 06:12:58 GMT

While the future is uncertain whether there will be a tenth season or not, the depicter of Det. Zach Nichols prefers to walk out.

'Law and Order: CI' in Limbo, Jeff Goldblum Quits
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In what seems like a deja vu, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is going through another major casting change. Jeff Goldblum, through his representatives, announced that he is not returning to the USA network show as Detective Zach Nichols. The actors consideration indeed expired on July 31 after a month of extension from June.

Goldblum did not release a statement to Variety but said that his departure is not a negotiating tactic. Although an option is left open for him to come back, the actor is firm on leaving the show which future is still uncertain. Deadline said the leave has also something to do with the actor switching agent from Gersh to CAA.

USA and Dick Wolf's Wolf Films apparently blessed Goldblum's decision for the parting is said to be "amicable". The actor is now keeping himself busy with the acting stint in Neil Simon's "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" at London's Old Vic.

Goldblum is the replacement of Chris Noth in the seventh season. He went on being the lead male star after Vincent D'Onofrio decided to quit last Fall. There is a rumor that D'Onofrio is asked to come back if the tenth season will be the final one.

The ninth season of "Law & Order: CI" ended in July but the network is yet to give confirmation whether there will be a tenth season, mainly because rating has been declining over the years. The options beside a full-episode pickup are two-season pickup and partial season pickup. USA reportedly will make its decision in the next few days.


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posted by grgwild on Jun 14, 2013
Good riddance! Jeff Goldblum's acting was like watching old first sound movies with silent film actors --- over the top eye gestures as if he was being directed by Ed Wood! Painful to watch!
posted by JAX on Aug 15, 2010
Their ratings would not have decreased if they had kept D'Onofrio and Erbe!!
posted by daqu on Aug 09, 2010
Has this website considered the possibility of having articles written by someone who knows English past kindergarten level . . . and someone who checks facts (like the spelling of characters' names)??? Sure doesn't seem that way.
posted by bertbiz on Aug 04, 2010
Maybe if CI goes off the air, US will keep the original Law & Order going.
posted by mufnstuff on Aug 04, 2010
I love all the law and order series but I do believe that Vincent was the best choice. I'd love to see him back and hated when he departed.
posted by JanJ on Aug 04, 2010
I loved Criminal Intent the best of all of the L & O shows. But I agree- Goldblum was awful. Vincent D'Onofrio made that show- he was great and if they could get him back, that would increase the ratings.
posted by sburns on Aug 04, 2010
I agree GOLDBLUM has got to go. The only movie he was good at was The Fly. He`s a terriable actor. Send him back to his Telepods
posted by Toffie on Aug 04, 2010
Quite frankly I thought that Jeff Goldblum was the worst of all the actors that played in that series. He was unbelievable in the role and in his scenes he seemed to be just reading his lines... Glad he is gone!!
posted by hatsmith on Aug 04, 2010
Pls. do not bring D'onofrio and K. Erbe back. He is odd and seems confused so much. Erbe is unfortunate and boring.
posted by hatsmith on Aug 04, 2010
Jeff Goldblum is wonderful in the L & O series. He brings a quirkiness and intellegence and of course, sexiness.
posted by dismr on Aug 04, 2010
Amen! I love the L&O shows, but CI most. If they can't get D'Onofrio it would be sad, but anyone would be better than Goldblum.
posted by DianaS on Aug 04, 2010
Wow, I'm so glad he's gone. He ruined a great show. Please bring back Vincent and Kathryn!
posted by BDavid on Aug 04, 2010
Goldblum was the worst casting choice since Dennis Miller did Monday Night Football.
posted by txfan on Aug 04, 2010
omg please bring back Vincent D'onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.....They make the show. I had to stop watching the new ones and watch repeats. I couldnt bare to watch the show without them.
posted by sallymae on Aug 04, 2010
Vincent D'onofrio he was the very best at the show i truly wish they would bring him back

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