Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Join Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Riddler Competition

August 03, 2010 06:23:06 GMT

The three 'Inception' stars are reportedly facing off each other to take the role of villainous character in Christopher Nolan's third 'Batman' movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy Join Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Riddler Competition
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With Christopher Nolan behind the next "Batman" movie, taking part in the film could be a dream for every performer. Words on the street are, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who have worked with him in "Inception" are longing to star in untitled Batman 3 project.

The three actors are allegedly battling to play The Ridder in "The Dark Knight" sequel. Comic Book Movie, which obtains the information from an inside source, reports that Warner Bros. allows Nolan to hire one of the actors because of the extra publicity and attention it would bring to the movie as they were praised for their performances in "Inception".

While DiCaprio and Hardy are just added to the list of potential depicter of the movie's villain, Levitt has been linked to the role for quite some time. His status was just listed as "interested" on the list which reportedly mentioned The Riddler as a character which will appear in the upcoming film.

Christopher Nolan is expected to return to the directing seat of "Batman 3" which script is being written by Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer. Warner Bros. has secured July 20, 2012 slot for the U.S. release.

As of late, Leonardo DiCaprio was said deciding not to star in untitled Viking project which will be produced by Mel Gibson. The "Titanic" star, however, is on board for producing Catherine Hardwicke-directed thriller "Red Riding Hood".

Tom Hardy, who is possibly best known for playing the title role in British film "Bronson", is set to take a lead role in "Mad Max: Fury Road". He additionally will co-star Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine in "This Means War".

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the meantime, has landed roles in such films as "500 Days of Summer" and "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra". He is currently in production for "Premium Rush" and will be soon seen in "Hesher" in which he stars as the title character.


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posted by post_script on Nov 16, 2010
Absolutely no to Leonardo DiCaprio for the Riddler. Not a physical match. Tom Hardy I can see because he's a pretty versatile actor. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the perfect match for the Riddler. Absolute great fit.
posted by ThatGuy on Aug 22, 2010
Gordon-levitt seems to fit the role really well, acting and appearance wise, but i'm curious as to how tom hardy would portray riddler. he was great in inception and fantastic in Bronson, im sure he would be able to depict a suave, cunning, but also menacing riddler
posted by PlzGodNoCatwmn on Aug 04, 2010
Palos your whole comment is fail, dicaprio or jgl as riddler is genius, combine one of those with hardy as hush, 800 mill domestic. Hush is doubtful, look for riddler and hangman(sofia falcone) being as nolan likes to loosely base his batman movs off a series of graphic novels the next in line having the riddler and hangman, obvious really. Catwoman is a shitty character anyways
posted by palosverdes on Aug 03, 2010
No to Dicaprio, JGL, and Tom Hardy, but more important a BIG NO to the Riddler. Riddler is nothing but a wimp version of the Joker. Batman 3 needs a new charismatic villain. A really mean and lethal Catwoman is what is needed to have the sequel more exciting and fresh. No other woman is equally loved and hated. Angelina Jolie fits the bill.
posted by Kronn on Aug 03, 2010
Michael C. Hall .
posted by joe sox on Aug 03, 2010
and for the catwomen people know this one angelina jolie or chirlese theoron and if they had cast robin my choice shia liabuaf
posted by joe sox on Aug 03, 2010
are u kidding me johnny depp anyone, is the perfect choice he is born to play the ridler
posted by assurance on Aug 03, 2010
Palos, you're ridiculous. Catwoman isn't even a clean-cut villain, and is hardly a physical or criminal threat to Batman. Riddler will be in the film but not as a "main vilain," just a supporting character. Watch for twisted versions of Black Mask, Firefly (the arsonist), Hush, Mad Hatter, Oswald Cobblepot, and the Ventriloquist to make cameo-like appearances and/or take vital roles in the film.
posted by jkuss80 on Aug 03, 2010
Joseph Gordon Levitt for the Riddler and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for The Penguin.
posted by The Honest One on Aug 03, 2010
I hope (of the three) Levitt gets the part. He's got the build and he's been steadily climbing the ladder to stardom, so I can see him putting 110% into giving it his ace performance.

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