Unauthorized Biographer of Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt 'Calls Himself Mr. Mom'

August 03, 2010 04:59:29 GMT

On August 2 episode of 'Fox and Friends', Andrew Morton stated that Pitt 'calls himself Mr. Mom' and Jolie has used Maddox to 'bait' him away from Jennifer Aniston.

Unauthorized Biographer of Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt 'Calls Himself Mr. Mom'
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Andrew Morton, who has written unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie called "Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography", said that Jolie's partner Brad Pitt "calls himself Mr. Mom." During an appearance on "Fox & Friends" on Monday, August 2, Morton claimed Jolie used her adopted kid Maddox to "bait" Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston while filming "Mr and Mrs Smith".

"Well, it's kind of playing happy family. He's a great caregiver, this Brad Pitt... So here's Maddox, this cute little kid, playing around and it draws somebody in," Morton told the show's hosts. "And in all fairness, friends of Angelina, all said it was Brad that made the [pass] in that relationship."

"Psychologically, she makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their girlfriends, or cheat on their wives in order to be with her," Morton further claimed. "The only man that's never rejected her is Maddox."

Morton went on to disclose that Jolie was abandoned by her mother Marcheline Bertrand. The controversial biographer said, "In a way [abandonment] explains so much: the cutting, the drugs, the kind of bi-sexuality, an awful lot in her life is explained in those formative months. Her mother took it out on Angelina because she looked like [Jon] Voight."

According to Morton, the abandonment led Jolie cutting her "neck... thighs... breast with a knife" later in life. He stated, "It's weird but for someone like Angelina, who's in this psychological trauma, it's a release and that's one of the central aspects of the book. She went through a bit of a depression, suicidal thoughts and on one occasion, she said she hired a hit-man and she was going to pay by installments."

"Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography" itself has been released on Saturday, July 31, earlier than the scheduled date, August 3. St. Martin's Press decided to publish the book before August because details of the tome have been leaking so furiously.

Andrew Morton on "Fox & Friends", Talking About "Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography""


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posted by Karolina on Nov 03, 2010
Ok... Thi is bullshit... This dude don't know her.... He got helpp to write about Princess Diana but never spoke to Angie... How the F7^(* ppl suppose to believe he?? he last name should be Moron instead of Morton
posted by bassie on Oct 13, 2010
The PAST MATTERS. The brain mapping of a child is completed by 5 yrs old. Her father was not in her life and her mother subconsciously rejected her so she now turns to innocent children to fulfill her EMPTINESS. She won't mend ..its too late
posted by truth hurts on Sep 02, 2010
Rant and rave all you want. AngelIna doesnt care about you or anyone else. Everybody in show business is watching this trainwreck unfold and everyone is very concerned for brad and kids. I should know. I am a b-list celebrity.
posted by ddd on Aug 30, 2010
crazy woman is gonna ruin young minds of her innocent little babies! she should not have been allowed to adopt so many because anyone knows that quality and quantity rarely go together...but whatever. hate her. SKANK!
posted by kvk on Aug 14, 2010
i agree with brabra..why cant just anybody leave other peoples business..Hey you, crazy Moron or Morton. mind your own business and write about yourself instead..Maybe you have so many things to talk about yourself..Like for example, maybe your bank credits are in trouble now thats why you do anything to destroy some peoples lives to sell books like you write..and mind you,, you include a child on this carzy moron!!!
posted by brabra on Aug 14, 2010
what the f...this guy is very dangerous. people like him should be erased on this planet..very day, he is gonna be stealing somebodys identity just to destroy someone..I think they should sue this guy..Thats why there is no peace on earth because some people will really do anything do destroy someone..just for money i guess. Get a life you sick, author!!!Maybe you should wipe your own dirt first before you do it to somebody..You are sick!!!
posted by joann on Aug 13, 2010
Angelina is a skank. Her movie bombed and brad dumped her.she needs profesional help. Go away skank
posted by Gilda on Aug 12, 2010
Atention sickness - that`s the problem with this idiot writer. Trying to get rich distorting facts and inventing lies about others lives... Keep goin... I hope she sues him and gets even more rich!
posted by Rhea on Aug 03, 2010
The writer is crazy of publicity and glamour! The way he did to Princess Diana
posted by josie on Aug 03, 2010
tonya k you said it all. angelina will survive!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Toizak on Aug 03, 2010
Well put Tonya, if we cannot forgive the past,then there is no hope for people who has done wrong. We should forgive ouself and move forward.
posted by Tonya K on Aug 03, 2010
You know, everybody does things they arenít proud of and then alter the truth about them. That is just the way life is. As far as Angelinaís sexual bondage experimentsÖ. Everybody likes to experiment. It would be a bald faced lie to say they donít. And if you donít, then you are just a boring person and better find an equally boring person to spend your time with. Otherwise, it will never work out. What you do in the bedroom should never be made public. That is private stuff and it is just wrong to exploit people that way, celebrity or not! As far as the drugs.... Most people try them and a lot get hooked on them. They alter a personís mental state and make you do things you are not too proud of in the end. But again, that is that personís business and should stay that way. Nobody should be judging Angelina until they have been in her shoes. I am sure that being a huge celebrity is hard enough without everybody trying to dig up your past and sell it to the world. Most people have done everything she has done and more! So why are we being so cruel? Because we are a cruel race and love to hurt other people, thatís why. In my opinion, Angelina had more then made up for her not so perfect past and it should have never been dug up. The past is the past and everybody does things they are not so proud of. Although, I sincerely hope that she is not ashamed of her past. It is what made her who she is today and that person is somebody we should all try to mimic.

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