Lady GaGa Urged by Gay Fans to Cancel Arizona Concert

Lady GaGa

The LGBTQ communities call the 'Poker Face' singer to discuss 'the hateful laws' with her little monsters instead of going ahead with the gig.

Lady GaGa's fans from LGBTQ communities have written an online petition, calling the dance queen to scrap her upcoming concert in Arizona. She is scheduled to perform at US Airways Center in Phoenix on July 31, but asked to boycott the state due to sb 1070 immigration law.

"Please be a lady FOR our community," it was read. "The state of Arizona is EXTRA right now. A wave of laws like sb 1070 is making it a crime to be brown and putting whole communities at risk. Both migrant and LGBTQ communities know what it is to have to fight for our full human dignity to be affirmed. You have the opportunity to play a special role in that fight in Arizona."

"Communities have called for a boycott of the state to make it happen. As an icon and beloved artist, please join us in boycotting Arizona and turn your trip into an opportunity to meet your little monsters in the Migrant LGBTQ.munity so that you can speak out against the hateful laws and be a champion for this human rights cause."

The controversial Arizona immigration law requires local authorities to determine a person's immigration status if he or she is suspected of being undocumented. So far, the likes of Hall & Oates, Rage Against the Machine and Kanye West have stepped forward to sound off their protests.




    J Seth
    Jul 29, 2010

    Damn right we are! and a federal judge struck down the ugliest parts of that bill yesterday. The people of Arizona did not vote for Brewer, nor this immigration bill. How hypocritical to ask Lady Gaga to punish the people of Arizona for something they had no say in, yet not call on her to boycott California after the PEOPLE of California VOTED to RESCIND rights from their own citizens. As usual, Gaga is doing the RIGHT thing and standing up against hate and bigotry and not stabbing her fans in the back for something they had no control over. I love you Gaga! I'll see you Saturday night in Phoenix!

    Jul 29, 2010

    I think it's more radical left activists than the LGBTQ community that is applying pressure here. As has been noted, the law is not going into effect for the most part. Why not target RI where police ask for immigration papers at traffic stops? Who would an AZ boycott punish? It would punish the thousands of Gaga fans who bought tickets and can't wait to see her. She'll do the show and good for her.

    Jul 29, 2010

    Dont punish fans for what The state gov. is doing. PLus, the most of the law was blacked today in the court hearings. Immigrants dont even have to carry papers around to show legal status. The controversial parts were blocked

    James Q
    Jul 29, 2010

    I don't think it is fair to punish her fans in AZ. Many of which are actively working towards getting this law abolished.

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