Comic Con 2010: 'Smallville' Screens Season 10 Sneak Peek

Comic Con 2010: 'Smallville' Screens Season 10 Sneak Peek

Also, get the answers to whether Lex and Lana will come back, whether Clark will put on the red and blue costume and whether he would eventually fly.

Comic Con favorite "Smallville" returned for its last visit to the convention on Sunday, July 25 in advance of the show's 10th and final season. Tom Welling paid the show a tribute by popping at the event, accompanied by co-stars Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, and Justin Hartley. Beside answering fans questions, they also screened a clip.

Since this would be the final chapter of Clark Kent, they played a lengthy footage which follows the main character's journey from season 1 up to 9, and which ends with a sneak peek to season 10. Louis opens a case filled with the classic red and blue costume. As promised, Laura Vandervoort and John Schneider make their return as Supergirl and Papa Kent respectively.

James Marsters also appears briefly in the footage in addition to two members of Suicide Squad. The actor plays Clark's nemesis Brainiac. Curiously, they also slipped in a glimpse of Lex Luthor, something which they explained later in the Q & A.

Producer Brian Peterson promised that fans will see Clark in the outfit. Welling admitted to have not seen the said costume which actually is the same one used for "Superman Returns". Writer Kelly Souders explained further, "Before Clark Kent can really become Superman, he has to go through some trials and tribulations. The [black-and-silver] suit he's wearing reflected what was inside at the time." Asked if Clark will fly, Peterson said, "We all know how the comics turn out, so that answers that question."

The panel didn't talk much about Supergirl but they brought in Schneider as a surprise guest. Talking about how his dead character would be brought back, the actor said, "I don't know if that means I'm a spirit. I'm not really sure exactly what I am; real, imaginary, memory? But it's the best written scene I've ever done on Smallville." As for Michael Rosenbaum's return as Lex, the producers said they haven't signed him back but are hopeful for it.

There was also a question whether Kristin Kreuk would make a final appearance as Lana Lang, Peterson answered, "We'd love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors, she's very busy. And, so we have some thoughts. We have the door open. Right now, that hasn't happened to work out. We want her back. We love her."

"Smallville" returns September 24 on The CW.



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