Justin Bieber 'Can't Lie', He Doesn't Hate Girls Flashing Him

July 24, 2010 07:50:51 GMT

In a recent interview, the 16-year-old pop sensation admits that he doesn't hate when his fans show up at his concert and flash him.

Justin Bieber
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Though Justin Bieber has appeared as a nice gentleman and singer, he finally exposed his boy nature. During a recent interview, the "Baby" hitmaker", who often says he loves his fans, has revealed one other thing he likes about them - when they show up naked.

"My mom has me on a tight leash and she's being real protective so I gotta watch what I do. The girls show up wearing nothing sometimes or flash," Bieber said, according to Zack Taylor. "I can't lie, I'm 16, I don't hate it."

Despite those seductive fans, Bieber will keep focus on his career. Getting all the attention he wanted in singing career, the YouTube sensation is also about to make an acting debut. Bieber will follow Taylor Swift's footstep in making a guest stint on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". In the TV series, the Canadian singer will be seen portraying a "troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother."


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posted by tiara on Aug 23, 2010
u r my love.i miz u so much justin bieber..muah99x
posted by norz on Aug 23, 2010
i luv u so much justin bieber
posted by tiara on Aug 23, 2010
i luv u justin
posted by TshirtwearinDORK on Aug 03, 2010
LOVEu JUSTIN bieber!!
posted by 6 year old on Aug 02, 2010
okie he does mouth move sing it dosent make moomoo sence with craker lackers i blame fame for making him sing every sec...;]waste waste waste waste waste wastex] hey me and him were just kids
posted by GorDAinRaindow;[[[ on Jul 31, 2010
JB if u here rock my world>;[
posted by GorDainRaindow on Jul 31, 2010
geezs okie im the oppsite of justin b every thing is oppsite from himm and i would nver date justin b ever in my life nver ever never in 200,000 years in thunder years >:[
posted by Bri on Jul 31, 2010
OK um gordainrainbow you are very um rude. And I am NOT here to say " I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!" and stuff like that because I dont know him and he's probably dated a lot of girls, it would be like walking a trap thats caught many girls. Um and.... I dont really like Justin, I mean I have nothing against him and he is slightly cute ( does not mean ANYTHING!!!!) but I dont know him. I like his songs but I'm not a close friend maybe if I was I would date him but I'm not sooo..... yeah thats it.
posted by gemma on Jul 30, 2010
heyah justin i love ur music and u alot i wud never ever flash my body of at any body but ill repects myself and be nicee im not that type of gilr xx
posted by lover on Jul 29, 2010
hi justen i love u i want to fuck u so bad
posted by bieberfever on Jul 28, 2010
justin is so hot so sweet and funny but do not judge him all boys like girls flashing them
posted by hannah on Jul 28, 2010
hey justin i was just going to say that i can make u laugh and i have a great smile im single and i like u for who u r ur cute funny and the perfect guy 4 me and im the perfect girl 4 u trust me i wont show u off and brag i will act like ur a normal boy i luv ur music and i would do anything to see one of ur concerts and o yea i also like snickers reeses and sour pouch kids
posted by Taylor Lautner loves on Jul 28, 2010
Ok Hes 16 just to theage where he can drive and this??????? :( Im not a Bieber hater but thats kinda wrong for me...... Sorry ans thanx
posted by bieberfever on Jul 27, 2010
girls look at shirtless so leave justin alone btw i luv u justin
posted by gORDAIN Rindow ;] ;[ on Jul 27, 2010
JB i heart u peace x]
posted by gORDAIN Raindow x] x on Jul 27, 2010
i havent draw i use to draw these cartoons really fast awsome but not in color dont luv coloring gets me mad >:] 2 years ago i suck thinking it was okie haha my mom throw them away saying that there giving me night mars thats how scary and ugly they look x[ i still draw x] luv drawing when im bored in school i dont really do my work all i think of is music and and drawing haha x] and pratices playing theeee gutiar x]
posted by gORDAIN Raindow x] x on Jul 27, 2010
HahA I SHIT BRICKS LAST NIGHT because i herd somethng when i falling a sleep thinking about my ted x] still listin to journey x]happy every min i hear them screamo songs gets me mad and sad but still luv them.x]
posted by Gordain Raindow x] x on Jul 27, 2010
HAHA sea monster funny gay guys are kool they under stand haha ur bad toxD
posted by Gordain Raindow?.?.? on Jul 27, 2010
Im just bored chilling like always pratice playing and waiting for JB to talk to me and stuck with my mom she doesent let me go out intill school starts hope not....JUSTIN hi x] wus up my dads a basterd ...luv u? every time u hear that your probly like u dont know me thats how probly say to haha journey always makes me happy x] JB u rock my heart out to space haha im gonna keep tipeing..x]
posted by sea monster x] on Jul 27, 2010
i come in peace? JB im here to say from the ocean of sea of the under mermiad im a dude haha i think Gordain Raindow bad and i come to say keep ur boner dowwn haha funny pic haha im gay haha i dig u to and i hope u call me a laddy in the morings ;]
posted by Gordain Raindow?? on Jul 27, 2010
JB is my daydream guy and he told me last night were...xo its not true just hate people asking what i like in a girl our if i hate girls that blind me which dont its the truth but i just told them that and its the truth so they can leave me alone .. HA ha thatz what i think its funny tho he says the truth ill be piss getting up every 4 in the moring to ill say crap to like if they ask are u a lez our just say yes? hahaaha luv u JB not luv haha sounds gay peace >x]
posted by bieberfever on Jul 27, 2010
STOP STOP STOP STOP judging justin OMB!!!!!!!!!!!! leave the boy alone he is just like a normal boy gosh leave him alone
posted by bieberfever on Jul 27, 2010
i do not mind him like that but i did not think he would but boys love girls wat boy will say they do not like naked girls wat boy just gay oness but anyways all boys luv that kinda stuff so do not judge justin because there r millions of boys like that
posted by bieberfever on Jul 27, 2010
i wonder if wat justin said bout him luvin naked girls is ture??? curious
posted by diamond_girl on Jul 27, 2010
i think justin's really hot and cute i probably think that is kinda not what i though justin would like... but i guess all boys DO!!!
posted by bieberfever on Jul 27, 2010
justin is like any other boy he luvs girls wat boy will not like girls all over him so stop it he is a normal boy i luv u justin
posted by Gordain Raindow??? on Jul 26, 2010
Umm i guess i dident know he like girls running up to him naked hahaha XD that gives me the jigs lol funny i think its okie at least he's telling the truth its just dam! funny he's telling the truth haha but not for long >xO jk haha luv justin he's dam funnyx]
posted by Jenna on Jul 26, 2010
Thats right Justin you shoud just focus on your career xxx<3 LOVE you Justin x
posted by leah on Jul 26, 2010
well i completly support and love justin but those girls r just wrong for doin that that is not away to get some ones attention but i cant blame him for what he said even though im a girl
posted by Rae on Jul 26, 2010
i think melanie should shut up.. If u dnt like him anymore stop writing about him
posted by giftedxx on Jul 25, 2010
haha. u said eactly what you needed to justin... enough so no one thinks your a perve, but also enough that they keep doing it :p
posted by taylor grubaugh, sgt on Jul 25, 2010
i wrote the msg about i think that is grose and i hope thats not true so justin is that true?
posted by sgt6 on Jul 25, 2010
Why would you say that about airls because now everybody is going to do it. I think that is grose but any girl that does for someone they dont no and for some one that is only 16 we dont want justin to have a kid when he is really young so stop toying with him please because i love his music and the him likeing girl naked is promble not true well i hope its not anyway. justin can you coment back and say if that is true because that is not like you in your songs i thought you liked girls for there personalty.
posted by Kelsi on Jul 25, 2010
Just wanna put this out there. Girls enjoy the same thing. Guys don't hate when girls flash them. Girls don't hate when guys are shirtless, do we? So if you're judging him for this then your judging yourself.
posted by karissalovesyou on Jul 25, 2010
He is a 16 year old boy ... wow what guy wouldn't admit to liking it when girls flash them. Calm down ... it's not like he is asking girls to flash them. Wow people seriously take things out of proportion. Calm down! People these days are freaking idiots.
posted by Dominique on Jul 25, 2010
dude why dont we all just say J.B is fine as hell and lots of people like him. someone will acually go to his face and kiss him untill the secertty gaurds grab that person off. he is realy sexy and i've got to have him and usher raymond 4 my self even tho that wont happen bc you dont kno wat ppl r going to do 2 u and wat tha securtty will do 2 u. so all u girls that like him go on the radio on 963 and make a shout out to him. and if u really love him u should like everything that he llikes. prop go to 1 of his concerts and flash him thats what i would do.i am a girl and i dont like my name but got to get use to it. remember u love him tell everyone and if they say they dont than say fu bitch
posted by jhenifer on Jul 25, 2010
te amo justin bieber nao posso nem sique ficar um dia sem ouvi uma musica sua &#9829;
posted by BABY GIRL on Jul 24, 2010
posted by BABY GIRL on Jul 24, 2010
posted by KatelinTerry on Jul 24, 2010
also i just want 2 say i look 4 guys who r nice,have a great smile,and r outgoing.
posted by KatelinTerry on Jul 24, 2010
i'd never show up wearing nothing i am just saying! lol!
posted by Kristina on Jul 24, 2010
His mom is just trying to be protective so if she wasnt doing anything about it then who knows what Justin would be doing right know hes nice and caring and funny and has a good smile thats all i look for in man
posted by ~justins~baby~Gurl~ on Jul 24, 2010
hey i think that his mom shouldnt be a hater im jus sayin by the way I LOVE U justin
posted by Melanie on Jul 24, 2010
Justin you have become a sleezy guy! Always remember Modest is Hottest!!!
posted by Melanie on Jul 24, 2010
WITH THESE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS HE IS JUST ANOTHER GUTTER AWAY FROM ANOTHER TEEN GONE BAD! I saw him in concert and was very disappointed on how he thought he was Gods gift to girls! Besides he seemed to be totally lip singing! Keep it up Justin your mom will not be able to protect you for long! I will not support him anymore!
posted by Natasha on Jul 24, 2010
Even if ur a guy i think that disgusting but it's ur life do what u want :S
posted by jkbjh on Jul 24, 2010
Eww Lol

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