'Pretty Little Liars' 1.08 Preview: Emily and Maya Date

'Pretty Little Liars' 1.08 Preview: Emily and Maya Date

Plus, Lucy Hale talks to Ryan Seacrest and spills the identity of 'A' which she learns from the book the series is based on.

In the next "Pretty Little Liars", Emily and Maya's relationship goes on a new level, and Jenna becomes a threat once again for Spencer. Meanwhile, Hanna is forced to deal with a situation at home that could really cramp her "it girl" status.

After much planning, the day of Alison's memorial is around the corner and the girls are ready to say their goodbyes. But when Alison's brother Jason arrives, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily quickly learn that saying goodbye is at the bottom of his list. As Jason takes over, and Detective Wilden returns, will the girls be able to celebrate Alison's life in the peaceful and positive way they were hoping for?

"Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" airs July 27 on ABC Family. Lucy Hale who plays Aria did a promotional interview with Ryan Seacrest recently where she spilled who 'A' is. [Spoiler Alert]: "I know who 'A' is in the books. Can I say?" she said hesitantly. "...I hope I don't get in trouble ...It's a girl, it's Hanna's best friend. But we're doing it completely different on the show. I don't know who's 'A'."

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    Jul 31, 2010

    Dannng, A is someone different from in the books? Thats disappointing... :(

    C.F girlllll
    Jul 25, 2010

    maya an emily r so sexy i hope wen i get in high skool i met someone just like yall did i mean at first i was not a byi but lookin at this change me i kept lookin at it over an over aaaaaaan over im lookin at it right now an its since 1:00pm now its 5:00am best show ever

    Jul 21, 2010

    It's Maya not Mona.

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