New Pictures of Adam Lambert From Glam Nation Photoshoot

July 20, 2010 04:42:48 GMT

The 'For Your Entertainment' singer gives a 'witchy' look to the camera in a photoshoot done by photographer Lee Cherry.

New Pictures of Adam Lambert From Glam Nation Photoshoot
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Adam Lambert recently did a photoshoot with photographer Lee Cherry. The new pictures will appear in T-shirts and key chains for merchandise on his Glam Nation tour. At least four photos of Adam are now out for viewing pleasure, boasting his signature look in a leather jacket and fingerless gloves.

To Entertainment Tonight, the "American Idol" singer revealed what inspired his look. He explained, "[It] is all inspired by kind of voodoo, mystery, mystique, fortune tellers and black magic and feathers. And it's all kind of done with a smile and a wink to the audience, and it's witchy."

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation tour is still on going to continue promoting his debut album "For Your Entertainment". Fans can check the remaining dates from the traveling show which is supported by Allison Iraheta and Orianthi on his official website.

Behind the scenes:


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posted by Amy on Dec 23, 2010
ICH LIEBE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er hat so ein crazy style und ich wünschte er hätte bei uns auch ein Konzert gehabt!!!!!!
posted by kawther on Nov 16, 2010
you are my favorite star and you are very sexy
posted by kawther on Nov 16, 2010
im 14 yers old ilove you very much my wishis see you
posted by Elisha on Nov 09, 2010
DUDE YOUR SO SEXY !!!! i love you <3 i wish i could meet you :) x
posted by lighthouselover on Oct 26, 2010
He is the most sexiest man i've seen in years, i hope he comes to ohio, i'd be the first to buy a ticket.....
posted by Miracle on Sep 14, 2010
I'm an 11 year Old girl and I just wanted to tell Adam you are soooooooooooo fine! I love you keep on doen want you do best roing on.
posted by GlambertLove1 on Sep 01, 2010
I saw his show twice in San Francisco, please see him in concert - he will make your blood SIZZLE, with his global talent, style and LOVE!!! We Love You ADAM!
posted by ALICIA on Aug 21, 2010
adam is so niec talented and sexy he is amazing
posted by Em 16 on Aug 13, 2010
OMG OMG! adam i love you!!!! you have such an amazing voice! you go dude! your my idol! please come to Chicago! my friends and i love you to bits! keep on rockin Adam! love, Em
posted by Professor Cookie on Aug 03, 2010
Adam is such an inspiration and it is a pleasure to experience his music and performance....Please PLEase PLEASE come to AUSTRALIA (soon)!!!!
posted by soleisphere on Aug 01, 2010
OMG, saw him at Mandalay Bay last nite, he was awesome, we were in the water 10 feet from him, he is supernatural
posted by jessica on Jul 31, 2010
He is the most sexyiest man on earth and his voice is amazing
posted by *Adams Angel* on Jul 26, 2010
I NEED Adam to come to State College, PA! I will do ANYTHING to see him in concert!!!! :-D :-D
posted by Rose on Jul 22, 2010
You are beyond beautiful in all you do. You are a very special person. LY
posted by iloveadam on Jul 22, 2010
i love everything that he does..nothing but love ;)
posted by lava on Jul 21, 2010
ilove you adam lambert ilike your song so much ilove you
posted by yvonne on Jul 21, 2010
universal love and peace. when is the Glam Nation coming to Australia? Soon I hope.
posted by karen on Jul 20, 2010
The man is incredibly gorgeous and sexy!! buy his FYE everyone, and download If I had you on itunes. He is just beautiful inside and out!!! And he sings as beautifully as he looks!
posted by Susan on Jul 20, 2010
OMG, Adam is gorgeous!!
posted by SAFanMichele on Jul 20, 2010
I wish he would come to Durban, South Africa - he is amazing
posted by indigo on Jul 20, 2010
Adam Lambert is adorable and badass hunk at the same time. How does he do that? I love him more and more everyday,he has that magical voodo thing going on. When God was making him,he decided to break the mold because this earth can only handle one Adam Lambert. One and only Adam Lambert.
posted by Dana Martin on Jul 20, 2010
posted by danui on Jul 20, 2010
he is my favourite singer I love him
posted by loulou on Jul 20, 2010
i think that he is a wonderful man and i wana sea him in concert but i am in lebanon so i cant do that ,i am so sad ,and i wana say that i wish him the good luck
posted by valerie on Jul 20, 2010
gorgeous, gorgeous man
posted by ellis on Jul 20, 2010
please come back to minnesota. we *love* you
posted by Anna on Jul 20, 2010
He is stunning, such a beautiful man.
posted by Lucy on Jul 20, 2010
Adam is so beautiful!
posted by beebee on Jul 20, 2010
just heard he's coming to Honolulu. I saw him in Wi. and had to pay scalpers prices. Any ideas to get tickets , front row asap ? I live in Hawaii. ?
posted by Dammit!! on Jul 20, 2010
I wish I could see him in concert soon but he's not coming to South America yet!!!!

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