New Trailer of 'Weeds' Reveals Botwins Turning Ordinary

July 20, 2010 04:24:03 GMT

Nancy and her family run away to Seattle and find a job as hotel staff while keeping an eye on weeds business in town.

New Trailer of 'Weeds' Reveals Botwins Turning Ordinary
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More to expect from the new season of "Weeds" are compiled in a new trailer clocking at 3 minutes. It begins with the reason why the Botwins are turning into the Newmans and running for their life. In the end of season 5, Shane hit Pilar with a croquet mallet, killing her instantly.

It turns out Doug, who has no knowledge that Nancy and the family have run away, takes the fall by being tortured by Esteban's men. Andy, Silas and Nancy take regular jobs as a dishwasher, doorman and cleaning service respectively in a hotel but Nancy finds a network that would get her back to the weeds business.

Then enters Linda Hamilton aka Linda, an eco-conscious marijuana grower who, along with her life partner Fiona, helps Nancy's endeavors in Seattle take bloom. Meanwhile, Shane is in charge of his infant sibling because they could not afford childcare and Nancy finds a new way to market the weeds.

The first episode of season 6 premieres August 16 on Showtime. New faces in the season are Eric Lange, Richard Dreyfuss and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Reprising their roles from season 5 are Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


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posted by botwin fan on Nov 15, 2010
I think that they should contiune on to a 7th season. I love this show! first the l word now they are not gonnna make weeds anymore! I will go crazy on monday nights if i cant watch weeds!
posted by alexisdagoc on Aug 28, 2010
the 1st two episodes kinda slow actuallythey need to stop going out of hand and stick to the theme "WEEDS" and all its associated dangerous aspects. Im liking the Botwins way better then the Newmans.She kinda hot with the wig,and i need some more "danger" and "psycho", it kinda stops..i hope it pick upsweeds episodes---

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