Mark Wahlberg Says 'The Brazilian Job' Is Active Again

July 19, 2010 07:06:50 GMT

Despite his co-star Seth Green's previous statement that the 'Italian Job' sequel is dead, the depicter of Charlie Croker says the project will possibly head into theaters.

Mark Wahlberg Says 'The Brazilian Job' Is Active Again
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In 2008, "The Brazilian Job" was rumored to be shelved which has been affirmed by Seth Green's statement that the project is dead. In a recent interview with Collider, Mark Wahlberg has sounded different opinion about the status of the film, hinting that "The Italian Job" sequel is going to happen.

" 'The Brazilian Job' is now kind of getting active again," he says. Asked further by Collider if he thinks "Brazilian Job" will make it to theaters, Wahlberg explains, "Yeah, I think if it's ever going to happen it would be now. But, you know, with any other movie that I've made there's been talks of sequels but if we can't make it any better or as good as the first, we just don't want to do it. It's just not worth it."

He then elaborates the quality of the first film, stating "Because that movie, with a good piece of material starting out and putting together a great cast, it ended up being a good movie and people really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, it was smart, and so if we can capture that magic again then it's worth doing. But, other than that..."

During the interview with Collider, Wahlberg also gives updates on other upcoming movies. "We're working on the 'Cocaine Cowboys' script," he shares, before adding "They finally sent some pages of the script for 'Five Brothers'."

On "The Fighter", the 39-year-old actor reveals, "Well, it's the best story that I've been apart of and we made the best possible version of the movie by bringing David O Russell on board to rewrite it and to direct it." He adds that the film is still in pre-production phase but believes that a trailer will be brought soon.

"The Brazilian" job was previously scheduled to be released in 2007 with original cast such as Jason Statham and Charlize Theron expected to reprise their roles. F. Gary Gray was also said on board to return as a helmer, but Seth Green told IGN in late June this year, " 'The Brazilian Job' doesn't exist actually. That's this wonderful myth of IMDB." Paramount Pictures has not commented on the matter.


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posted by evmaster on Jan 28, 2012
I am a MASSIVE fan of the italian job and its the best movie evaaa! pleassse make a sequal. it will be as good or 10 times better than the 1st. MAKE THIS FILM! :)
posted by william on Jan 28, 2012
I would apreciate that, take a look around Brazil, there are some interesting places in this there you could find action scenes on
posted by megantang98 on Jan 22, 2012
Please do this!! You get all these fans excited but then you go and tell us that its just some stupid "myth"!! The Italian Job was AWESOME!! I'm sure that the Brazilian Job would be even more Awesome-er! ;) DO IT!!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!
posted by Sojo_Zer0 on Nov 28, 2011
pleas make this movie i just watched italion jod :)
posted by u91 on Jan 25, 2011
PLEASE make this film!
posted by designlucas on Dec 08, 2010
PLEASE make this film!
posted by knickknock on Nov 12, 2010

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