GLAAD Unhappy With ABC's Statement Over 'The View' HIV/AIDS Discussion

GLAAD Unhappy With ABC's Statement Over 'The View' HIV/AIDS Discussion

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation calls the statement by ABC 'evasive' and accuses the network of refusing to apologize for the show's controversial episode.

The June 22 episode of "The View" is still an issue for GLAAD. The gay supporter group responded to ABC's statement to CNN which clarified the discussion of HIV and AIDS whereby gay African American male are said held responsible for the transmission of the deadly disease.

Comedian D.L. Hughley co-hosted the show in the particular episode, bringing up the issue of "down low" men aka closeted men who have sex with another male and do not tell their girlfriends. "It's primarily young women who are getting it from men who are on the down low," Hughley said speaking about the prevalence of HIV in the African-American community.

Soon after it aired, GLAAD, the Black AIDS Institute and the National Black Justice Coalition sent their protest by publishing an ad in Variety, asking ABC to make an off-air correction. They claimed, Hughley and host Sherri Shepherd were "blaming African American gay and bisexual men for increased HIV rates among straight African American women."

ABC did not answer the demand and released the following statement instead, "During a discussion about blood donation and the transmission of HIV/AIDS, a guest moderator on the show expressed his interpretation of data about one way the virus can be transmitted. The topic of HIV/AIDS has been raised many times over the show's 13 years, with many voices and opinions contributing to a conversation that we expect to continue as long as 'The View' is on the air."

GLAAD thinks it's an "evasive" statement. "...unfortunately, the network still has not corrected the inaccurate information broadcast into millions of homes," Cindi Craeger, GLAAD's director of national news wrote on the organization's official site. Craeger won't give up at this point saying, "GLAAD continues to call on ABC and 'The View' to publicly correct the misinformation aired on the June 22 show."

The talked about episode:



    Jul 17, 2010

    (”get a room”)….. you know Americans seem to like making sex a private matter, so why would someone have or want to advertise their sexuality or discuss it in public? and is that any of your business? And their (The View’s) discussion didn’t get into the psychology of damaged homosexuals growing up with no government protection, a church and God that hates them, family who would otherwise discard them…and celebrities who want their money for showing that “they care”(cough cough)or how about politicians that pander for votes and empathy. And these moronic at times televised women know what they are talking about? Shut up girls, speak for yourselves and go shopping with Lady Gaga, your not male, black or “gay”, incidentally has anybody seen the Roisin Murphy/Lady Gaga fashion-ography timeline- where’s one can actually see how many designs, styles and garment assemblages Lady Gaga stole from Roisin Murphy before schmoozing with Barbra Walters and collecting a check? Same thing for Grace Jones (there are video examples of just how unoriginal Miss Gaga is- showing Grace Jones in style)….that lady is a (”Single White Female”). America loves to get half the facts, pass judgment and respect/pay the wrong people. “Its Showtime”

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