Shaquille O'Neal to Face Off Justin Bieber on 'Shaq vs'

July 15, 2010 03:20:10 GMT

His ABC reality show has provided him with a new set of challenges which will include also chef Rachael Ray, illusionists Penn and Teller as well as racer Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Shaquille O'Neal to Face Off Justin Bieber on 'Shaq vs'
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In the second season of "Shaq vs", Shaquille O'Neal will take the focus off athletic challenges, that is by joining Justin Bieber in a dance showdown and competing with Rachael Ray in the kitchen. The reality series follows the basketball star trying new things which would challenge him personally.

A spokeswoman for the show said O'Neal will spend time with Bieber in Orlando and catch "Bieber Fever". They will hang out for a day and join a dance crew competition. "I'm out to prove that I can compete beyond athletics," he said in the press release.

True to his words, he would have a cook-off with celebrity chef Rachael Ray, try to defy illusionists Penn and Teller, outdo hot-dog-eating champion Joey Chestnut, beat Scripps National spelling bee winner Kavya Shivashankar, race Dale Earnhardt Jr., outrun track and field star Tyson Gay in a relay race with the help of his NBA buddies, and box Sugar Shane Mosley.

Scheduled to help him in the 200-meter relay race are Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans and DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles. "I've spent all year sharpening my skills and I want to win. There's no challenge bigger than me," he continued.

"Shaq vs" premieres the new season August 3 on ABC.


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posted by justin bieber on Aug 04, 2010
it's great to se you with jaden smith!!!...
posted by Justin\'sGF on Aug 04, 2010
I lovvvee u so freakin' much babe!!! (; UR ADMIER! -oSiRiS B.
posted by Te amo (i love u) on Jul 23, 2010
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posted by Only you shawty jb on Jul 23, 2010
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posted by Numba1_justin_bieber on Jul 23, 2010
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posted by Mrs.bieber4show on Jul 23, 2010
ur sexy jbeebz
posted by Princxm on Jul 22, 2010
Justin jackie likes u cus ur famous en not 4 u who u r inside i think ur cute not just kidding ur cute but nt really cute i wil give u 5 till i get 2 know u before i wil give u 10
posted by Jackie on Jul 15, 2010
Omg justin i love u and im your age

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