Rihanna and Chris Brown's Back-in-Contact Reports 'Not True', Rep Insists

July 14, 2010 09:28:14 GMT

Shooting down rumors mentioning the then-couple has been keeping in touch again following Brown's emotional BET performance, the 'Umbrella' singer's rep calls it 'not true.'

Rihanna and Chris Brown's Back-in-Contact Reports 'Not True', Rep Insists
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Recent reports suggest Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have been keeping in touch and that Rihanna was keen for a face-to-face meeting with Brown despite his 2009 assault to her. However, a rep for the "Umbrella" hitmaker blasted the stories, telling Gossip Cop that the stories are absolutely "not true."

Rihanna and Brown's back-in-contact reports were first run by Britain's Heat magazine. According to the mag, the "Mama Black Widow" actress has spoken to Brown over the telephone after seeing his emotional performance at the BET Awards in late June.

"Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She'd never seen him like that before," a source said as quoted by Heat. "Chris told her that he felt like he's grown up in the past year. He's said he's so happy to be back in touch with her. They were each other's first love and he's missed her so much. Rihanna knows that if she wanted him back, he'd be there in a second."

Because of his domestic violence against Rihanna, Chris Brown has been ordered to remain 100 yards away from her and 10 yards at public events. Post their split, Rihanna is currently dating a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Matt Kemp, while Brown has been reportedly dating model Jasmine Sanders after the "With You" hitmaker posted pictures of them together on his Twitter page in early June.


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posted by estelle on Mar 03, 2011
it hurt me to see rihanna and chris apart... rihanna dont let pple decide 4 you. giving chris second chance save you from the hands of many dudes who just wanna useyou and leave after having a taste of you. chris will stay forever as he has learnt from his mistake. i love you both together. pls rihanna pls. im ur biggest fan in uk. i want u to be happy... and dat u can only find with chris
posted by Hannes Schreiber on Jan 08, 2011
3433 Schulg 2/7 aus Austria 12.11.1983 Arbeite Momentan Sodakaiser 5090 Lofer in der Küche . Vielleicht wird es was mit den Film Herr der Ringe ..Freundin keine noch ist nicht gekommen zu mir .
posted by jenny luwis on Sep 19, 2010
u guys are good together
posted by ms keri babe on Aug 23, 2010
chris brown was wronng by hiting rihanna but dey both deserve each other.
posted by dima oumar on Aug 17, 2010
to rihanna chris song(girl are you ready?are you ready for love?forgive him love you have other is not real the real is chris brown (forever)chris brown
posted by dima oumar on Aug 17, 2010
your are all famous and i respect that not everybody can be chris had apology to you with all the alphabet words he doen't know whatelse to do to get you back because he loves you with all his hearth i don really know what is between you guy,but it seem really truth that he is absoluly sorry for what he did that he shouldn, once again don listen to people,(nobody wanna see us together but it don matter to know)akon,all the world are talking to you people are diferents thing to say but nost of them don want to see you together because what he did,back together and start doing great job with eachother,the world loves you guy so muchhh the also know and beleives that you guys loves eachother,pleas don hide it,go and tell the world that you do care for eachother you love oeahcother forever,and i'll pray for you guys that god keep the devil away from you,i wish you long life forever chris brown and rihanna love you all may god bless you
posted by dima oumar on Aug 17, 2010
i really proud of both off you guy rihanna pls forgive him for what he did to you we both human sometime we make mistakes just don listen to people that said don forgive him just do what your hearth is telling you to do a, always wachting chris video his apology to you everytime checking the new everyday about you and him back,even god forgives why don you ya both perfect without you he can't without you can do it but deferent ways not with pure love look at the past he loves you so much open the door for him and say welcome back,start working with eachother happiness i believ he won't hurt anymore believ that he suffering at the moment don let him cuz you love him
posted by yung money on Aug 11, 2010
True or not i would love to c them back together,forget the world and wat everyone thinks cos am a big fans of you guys pls i want both of you back what it was before pls rihanna give chris brown chance to be with you;;;;i luv both of you.u no whenever we sin GOD forgives us so pls dont look the past;;pls forgives him and start from were the luv was before pls forgive him....believe me sincerely that when i had that chris brown and rihanna have fight i was vry sad pls forget then past..u guys are ment to be with each other.i no u luv chris brown very much pls forgive him
posted by Rahma on Aug 07, 2010
Ruru and Chris a wonderful couple
posted by Rahma on Aug 07, 2010
I love u Rihanna and i love Chris brown so much please back together
posted by SOME1 on Aug 02, 2010
both of them are my best and to see them back and happy is wat i wish.
posted by wat-eva on Jul 18, 2010
True or not i would love to c them back together,forget the world and wat everyone thinks.....

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