AMC Reportedly Considering 'Law and Order'

July 08, 2010 02:45:18 GMT

The cable is allegedly asking NBC Universal questions about how much a 21st season of the show will roughly cost.

AMC Reportedly Considering 'Law and Order'
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"Law & Order" may get to be the longest running American drama series of all time after all. There is reportedly a talk between NBC Universal who owns the franchise and AMC to revive the show which had been running for 20 seasons before NBC decided to cancel it in May.

The negotiation is not yet officially announced and the source came from NY Mag's Vulture which said the network "quietly" approached NBC Universal for the possibility to produce new episodes. There are three things, in fact, why AMC would want to pick up the series.

First, the network is desperate to get some decent rating because although "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" are acclaimed series, they still get relatively low ratings compared to other cables' shows. Second, the "Law & Order" franchise has quite successful re-reruns in cables like USA Network that AMC is hoping it would do the same for them. Third, "it could also help AMC in its efforts to get cable operators to pay more per subscriber".

However, AMC is also to consider the reasons why NBC decided to put it down. The cost per episode reportedly reaches $3 million but the rating did not match the number. NBC asked showrunner Dick Wolf to reduce his producer fee but he refused.

Both AMC and NBC Universal have not commented on this.


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posted by jamie on Jul 14, 2010
I have been watching Law & Order since day one and have to say this is actually a little upsetting. If the showrunner can not cut the cost for NBC, whatís to say he will for AMC? So if the deal happens, they will either film the new episodes for less money with him or without him. Either way it will not be as amazing as it was. Donít get me wrong, I would love for Law & Order to go on for another 10 years, because im sure it could. However, if the formula changes with a network change, the fan base will die and then the show. Look at Scrubs, it was a very successful, huge fan-base comedy on NBC for 7 years and then they dumped it to ABC which drove it into the ground screaming. And back in 2001 when former network WB dumped Buffy the Vampire Slayer to former network UPN. That was not as bad, but the formula for the show changed in its final 2 seasons and was nothing like the first 4. So I just want to say that while continuing a series in danger of cancellation is fine, but a network change is not always the best. Letís just hope something good comes of this.
posted by mikeks on Jul 08, 2010
Are you kidding me reccer? This is a great fit. Law & Order is a classic, and the whole theme at AMC is that stories matter. This would be groundbreaking for their network and help elevate their other shows. Plus, perhaps Wolf is willing to bring it down a bit on the cost. This is a nobrainer.
posted by bob on Jul 08, 2010
I love Law and Order, it was the only good show on network TV, Unreality TV blows! Bring Back LAW AND ORDER!!!!
posted by reccer on Jul 07, 2010
ALSO: If AMC is considering getting a court-room drama, they should go for Damages. It definitely fits AMCís style and is way better than L&O.
posted by reccer on Jul 07, 2010
I honestly think it is a bad move for AMC, they are only 4 years into having actual shows and by this fall will have a total of 4 shows (Rubicon & The Walking Dead). Law & Order is too much to produce and if the show-runner will not cut the costs then there you go. Itís a 20 year-old show and it should just stay dead now. It also does not fit the AMC style. AMC has original series that play out like amazing movies, Law & Order is just not. It plays out like generic television. All I know is that if AMC takes L&O, it probably will not work out.

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