M. Night Shyamalan Promises 'Last Airbender' Sequel Will Be Darker

July 07, 2010 04:00:54 GMT

The helmer also hints that some characters such as Azula and Kyoshi Warriors will have bigger parts in the second film.

Noah Ringer
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"The Last Airbender" has received negative review, but a $40.3 million cume on its debut weekend is enough to keep M. Night Shyamalan optimistic about making the follow-up. Speaking to MTV News, the helmer says he has mapped out the second film. "I do. The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I've written a draft that I'm really happy with and is darker and richer," he claims.

Revealing more details about the sequel, Shyamalan hints that he will pick up a less important character in the first film to be more prominent in the second movie. The filmmaker states, "And it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who's kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I'm excited about that."

He also reveals that he will give a spotlight to Kyoshi Warriors whose scenes did not make it to the final cut of "The Last Airbender" due to editing decisions. "I probably won't show the Kyoshi Warriors because I want to save them for the second movie, because I'm going to have to introduce them all over again," he says while explaining what would and would not be included in the "Last Airbender" DVD and Blu-ray's deleted scenes.

"We shot [the scene] and [the Kyoshi Warriors] were amazing, and we spent an unbelievable amount of time choreographing them," he additionally says about the young female warriors. "And they just distracted from the movie, because the movie wasn't about them."

Despite M. Night Shyamalan's plan for "The Last Airbender" sequel, Paramount Pictures has not announced whether or not they will move forward with the film franchise. The first film meanwhile, has raked in $57.8 million as of July 6. Still in an effort to promote the sci-fi flick, the helmer and cast have attended Tokyo premiere for the movie on Tuesday.


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posted by J-Bone Capone on Aug 16, 2013
posted by Awesome on Aug 15, 2013
I know this post is I just got done watching the movie again with my kids, they love it! Hate to see all the haters on here that want to spoil something for others because it doesn't do something for them. If you didn't like the movie, then do what others do, get over it and just don't watch it. NO NEED TO BOYCOTT!!! Lol. Dumb ***. We personally liked it and hopefully we will see the second movie released soon! To reiterate.... There are people that genuinely enjoyed this movie, for all other's, find something else to watch! Look forward to the second release!
posted by ppl who havnt watcht on Dec 16, 2011
first of all im a die hard avatar tv fan and i havent watched this piece of shit movie. And for all those who say the fans should stfu you guys should die from cancer! The fans deserve more bc were the ones who made avatar the tv series what it is so m night should chop off his dick and feed it to his family before he makes another goddamn sequel because of him i hate him i hate all you ppl who support him in making a sequel and liking this piece of shit and i hate brown ppl!!
posted by whole brain on Jun 16, 2011
If they make a sequel and have M. Night direct it, I will have no choice but to kill myself. That’s how bad he butchered this film and I really like M. Night’s films in general..although I hated “The Happening.” All his other films I’ve loved. He is, on balance, a brilliant story teller and director. But I am a diehard Avatar fan. So are my children and we all absolutely hated every painful minute of this film. It actually made me wince. M. Night deracinated the heart and soul from the series in one fell swoop. He put too much of himself into it and wasn’t true to the spirit of the series. I still can’t believe that Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko let him do the things he did to this film. If they’re going to do a sequel, the only people to direct it would be the Wachowskis. Don’t believe me. Take a look at their screen adaptation of Speed Racer. I am a huge fan of the cartoon series and they did a brilliant job with their interpretation of it. I think they would be perfect to do the Last Air Bender movies as well. Disney better think twice before having Night do another. My prediction: If he directs the next one, it will tank…hard. The fans will make both Night and Disney pay at the box office. If they thought the hate mail was bad before, they ain’t seen nuthin yet. I can't believe anyone who is a real fan of this series would love the movie. Hell, even if you aren't a fan, it strains credulity how you could "love" this film. Hard to believe.
posted by fjsad; on Mar 09, 2011
I reckon shymalan should make the sequel already. It was an awesome movie. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the earthbending, and giving the characters more emotion.
posted by nom;D on Jan 12, 2011
To be honest, M.Night messed up on this. One of the main problems with TLA movie was that it was too dark. The animated series was very lighthearted and fun, but had darker parts as-well and that made it good. Yet M.Night wants to make this sequel even darker than the first!? This wont work. Im 13, and a huge fan of the animated series! I want them to make a much improved sequel. For example, fix the bending, it took people 5 minutes of dance moves to bend anything! Also M.Night needs to give the characters back their personality, Aang is ment to be a carefree and goofy kid, but in the film he was so serious. Katara is ment to be loving and motherly but she didn't have much personality at all! Sokka is supposed to be funny but he was just blank in the movie. There was also barley any dialog which made it hard to bond with the characters. I think they either recast the actors or improve their acting, because it was horrible in this film. If he does make a sequal, he HAS to give Tophs character the right personality, if he messes up on my favorite character i will not be happy! This has SO much potential to be an amazing film, but only if M.Night fixes the mistakes he made.
posted by nom;D on Jan 12, 2011
To be honest, M.Night messed up on this. One of the main problems with TLA movie was that it was too dark. The animated series was very lighthearted and fun, but had darker parts as-well and that made it good. Yet M.Night wants to make this sequel even darker than the first!? This wont work. Im 13, and a huge fan of the animated series! I want them to make a much improved sequel. For example, fix the bending, it took people 5 minutes of dance moves to bend anything! Also M.Night needs to give the characters back their personality, Aang is ment to be a carefree and goofy kid, but in the film he was so serious. Katara is ment to be loving motherly but she didn't have much personality at all! Sokka is supposed to be funny but he was just blank in the movie. There was also barley any dialog which made it hard to bond with the characters. I think they either recast the actors or improve their acting, because it was horrible in this film. If he does make a sequal, he HAS to give Tophs character the right personality, if he messes up on my favorite character i will not be happy! This has SO much potential to be an amazing film, but only if M.Night fixes the mistakes he made.
posted by nom;D on Jan 12, 2011
to be honest, M.Night messed up on this. one of the main problems with TLA movie was that it was too dark. the animated series was very lighthearted and fun, but had darker parts aswell and that made it good. yet M.Night wants to make this sequel even darker than the first!? this wont work. im 13 and a huge fan of the animated series! i want them to make a much improved sequel. for example, fix the bending, it took people 5mins of dance moves to bend anything! also M.Night needs to give the characters back their personality, aang is ment to be a carefree goofy kid, but in the film he was so serious, katara is ment to be lovign and alittle motherly but she didnt have much personality at all, and sokka is suposed to be funny but he was just blank in the movie. there was also barley any dialog which made it hard to bond with the characters. also either recast the actors or improve their acting, because it was horrible in this film. if he does make a sequal, he HAS to give Tophs character the right personality, if he kills my favourite person i will not be happy:P! this has SO much potential to be amazing, but only if M.Night fixes the mistakes he made.
posted by cdog on Jan 07, 2011
TLA was not awefull at all i thought it wasn,t the worlds greatist movie but not horrible there wear only afew things i didn,t like about it first off the script could have used some work. shymalan probobaly should hove gotten proffessinol writers to wrie the script but he didnt do to bad with it, secondnight rushed through it alittle to much. like it would go from one scene then to another one in a instant and not even talk about what happend, third the scene wear they were in the north pole and they were being taught how to waterbend i remember in the cartoon seiries at first the teacher wouldent let katara or any other girl being taught how to waterbend. im not mad that they didnt do that i just wish night should have done that. there were some likes, the C.G.I. was very good including when aang got pissed and made that huge tital wave that was realy cool, i also liked some of the comody including in the deleted scenes when aang went to se that phsycick that was funny, also the acting and the action scenes were good, my last comment is about aupa and momo they looked just like the aupa and momo in the seiries so far i would give this movie a 8/10
posted by lofty dog on Dec 07, 2010
are all you people serious that you liked the movie. i feel sorry for you. this movie had the potential to be great but this director ruined it! i will boycott this movie and the sequels that come from it. and i will make sure to tell people not to watch it. it is a waste of money and time!
posted by Relaxed on Nov 27, 2010
Ok yeah they did skip alot of scenes but understand how would you fit all those scenes in a two hour movie now really and you have to remember its a movie not a kid show real people needs acting so RELAX
posted by julie on Nov 27, 2010
This movie was great! My whole family loved it... I didn't see it @ the movies because of all the negative reviews it received but I rented it yesterday @ the red box and damn I wish i seen it earlier I loved it! Don't let someones else convince u into not seeing something or doing something...everyone is different and you be amazed sometimes what you see for yourself! I can't wait for M.Night to make another! Hurry M.Night .... there were people out there who loved the movie!!
posted by isaac... on Nov 27, 2010
This movie was tight! I can't wait for the next one!
posted by msdamichelle on Nov 27, 2010
The movie was amazing! I loved it! Watched it w/my husband and my 8 yr old son...we all loved it! My son liked it better than the cartoons...he said the cartoons are stupid and act stupid! I can't wait for the next one! Pls m.night hurry and come out with #2 =)
posted by new fan on Nov 17, 2010
I've never seen nor would I have ever watched the cartoon version considering I'm not a child, I did however watch the movie & I loved it! I am anxiously awaiting a sequel. So it doesn't match the cartoon get the hell over it a lot of movies made from tv or books for that matter don't match & in this day and age most people are just looking for a few hours of entertainment & aren't diehard fans looking to critique every little aspect of a film.
posted by Anonymous on Nov 11, 2010
I really don’t understand what’s wrong with the Last Airbender movie. It was just a great, wait… the best movie ever made!!! I made posters from the movie, just printing them online and gluing them together. I watched the animated series ever since the movie came into a trailer. I stopped at the last two episodes in the last season because I won’t even watch them until they make the third movie! So the people who were leaving these awful and unreasonable messages, guess what? I will never learn what happened to Aang if they don’t make the movie. Plus, Noah Ringer said that “if we followed the animated series, what would be exciting about that? It makes it more fun if we changed some things to make it exciting.” And guess what Noah Ringer I agree. You may be saying these things online which I searched and answered. Why did they say the names wrong?—– Because the director thought it would be best to say the names the way the Asians say it, it would be like saying it was honor or making the names more realistic. Saying that the animated series was related to Chinese people. What about the kyoshi warriors?——— the director thought the kyoshi warriors took most of the film when he was making it. He is planning to put them in the second movie. If you would give him a chance. “Why is the film messed up? ————-for me it would be pretty much stupid if they made fun of farts or anything else animated series made up. I mean if they made Noah scream PENGUIN! That would be just funny but also a little weird. The director changed some parts because he wants to make it more realistic instead of animated. Why isn’t Katara or Sokka black?———-seriously? Did they have to be black? The director chose the best actors for Katara and Sokka. I’m sure he was looking for someone resembling them but there was just no one that looked like them. (For the people who think I’m racist I’m not. If you don’t believe me, then I really don’t care) Is the director making another movie?—– the question is still not answered but there is a slight chance they might make it. M. Night Shyamalan is already working on it and is planning to make it darker. I seriously can’t wait to see it, if they make it. He hopes Paramount Pictures will let him make the other movie and so do I. Did M. Night Shyamalan talk to the original directors of the last airbender? ---- Duh! If you hated the movie you hated the original directors of the airbender TV series. M. Night Shyamalan talked to them and they were discussing about what was important and what was not important, what to put in and what to take out, what to change and what to leave. The original directors help do all of those stuff including helping Shyamalan talk about the story plot of which part is going to go in the movie to make it sound understandable. Any other questions?
posted by EGN on Oct 19, 2010
This movie adaption of the TV series was the worst thing I have ever seen. This movie leaves out key information from the series and reveals too much that ruins any suspense from the show, such as the fire lord or even Aang not destroying the fleet. The only plus side was maybe the effects. Horrible film that should not even have a sequel. M Night should just stop ruining a good series with his "visions".
posted by Disappointed on Oct 09, 2010
A lot of people have mentioned pronounciation. The funniest thing is that twit Shyamalan didn't even get the pronounciation of the word 'avatar' right. Oh no, in his world, there was 'Ung, the uh-va-tar' *rolls eyes*. Why was this talentless excuse for a director allowed to have any part in this movie? To all those who agree with the 'darker' theme, a big part of what appealed about the series was the lighthearted fun nature. It was a good story, dark in parts, but a fun series, and that's what gave it the heart. M Might Shyamalan has never, ever made a movie that can be watched more than once and even that once, dubiously so. His movies are all the same, one invariably leaves disappointed, having seen a movie that ultimately fails to deliver, then shame at having watched it in the first place. Why he was chosen to direct this I will never know but to anyone with any say in the creation of these movies who may be reading this and other complaints, I implore you, you have the power to end this! End it now, redo the first movie with a different director, for the love of life itself don't allow pointless sham Shyamalan anywhere near the sequels!
posted by Olga on Oct 02, 2010
Please!!! Make sequel!!! I love this movie!!! Shymalan and Noah genius!!!!
posted by Too good on Sep 25, 2010
It was amazing. The last airbender 2 Come soon
posted by best movie on Sep 25, 2010
It was my favourite movie make the next one soon please
posted by aaaa on Sep 25, 2010
make another movie!!
posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on Sep 25, 2010
I thought the last airbender was a great film. I thought it was easy to understand and had great bending effects. I thought the acting was great despite the fact people are saying it was bad. I think this because anng was emotional and started crying because he didn't want to be the avatar with people worshiping him. It was also a good story (very imaginative and exiting) and I was always wanting to see what happened next. This movie is my favourite movie and I really want there to be a sequel as I want to be able to see another movie about the last airbender. Since I watched it I can't get it out of my head. PLEASE make another movie.
posted by Avarice on Sep 17, 2010
I liked the sixth sense.. but at some point his work began to fail.. Lady in the water, The happening.. what the hell happened? When I saw the Avatar movie, i wanted to leave the theater and get my money back. It was a horrible movie. Beside the fact that it wasn't "an all asian cast" and "not like the tv show", the acting was HORRIBLE. No emotion at all, the bending looked.. so lame. It was more of a dance than that of martial arts. I hope they do NOT let them ruin such an amazing series. I really hope someone makes sure he cannot kill the rest of the series.
posted by Tonev on Sep 15, 2010
I did love his sixth sense movie and unbreakable was the shizzle but man, his interpretation of the "Airbender: was all wrong (viking water tribe, Indian fire nation and who the fuck is Unng "Aang"?). I hope the next book does not see the light of day, in his hands. I'm a fan of him, but I have to agree, honestly with the critics, this movie was bad.
posted by meniontayin on Aug 26, 2010
@ Kxlebxrawr Those were just the two most voiced complaints about it. Those weren't what bugged me. What bugged me was that the characters didn't even act vaguely like they did in the series, the choreography looked like piss, and the acting was bad for basically everyone outside of the fire nation. The saving grace on the choreography section, I would say is the fight with the Blue Spirit. That was actually pretty epic. The pacing also felt horrible.
posted by I Hate M Night Shama on Aug 23, 2010
posted by Kxlebxrawr on Aug 05, 2010
Out of all these complaints i am mainly getting the sense that people are pissed because (1) the cast wasnt completely asian and (2) the movies wasnt exactly like the show. All i can say is...really?!? I agree it wasnt as good as the series..but that is what we get when someone turns a cartoon into a freakin live action movie. I thought the movie was great but you cannot go into the movie and compare every little thing to the series! I think n might did wonderful considering! i am waiting for the sequal!!
posted by Yeah on Aug 04, 2010
I could play any of those characters on the screen better than the professional actors... AND I'M FREAKING 14!!!!!!!!!
posted by carebear on Jul 23, 2010
This was a terrible movie. People can say he made it his own. Yeah into garbage, the facts are the pronunciation was bad and different from the show. Why mess with gold. He shouldn't be allowed to write and direct sequels. And he wants to make it darker? The cartoon is pretty dark pay attention. He didn't do it justice. He sucked sucked sucked. And the way he casted racially was a bigger flp than his other movies
posted by GHANDI on Jul 19, 2010
WHAT HAPPEN 2 avater ROKHYU WHAT ABOUT the SPIRIT KOH (Face stealer) Find the PETER JACKSON QUICK for the love of ALLAH JESUS ETC m night YOU KNOW you butchered the movie THATS WHY HE KEEP giving excuses
posted by critic on Jul 18, 2010
Honestly...for those who have seen watched the cartoon and have fallen in love with it..expect the characters to atleast remain the same...I was very disappointed to see that the fire benders were darker than the water benders when in the cartoon you can clearly see who's dark or not..I understand he wanted to put his interpretation but you should never change the characters from a T.V. because the characters are what make the viewers fall in love with the show..I feel like that was his biggest mistake and that's when people got the idea that the movie was going to be bad..because we were all disappointed about the characters and especially from the way their names were pronounced.. the movie itself wasn't as bad as everyone thinks..but the cast was just really bad..which made the whole attempt of the movie even worse.
posted by Juria on Jul 14, 2010
So far, from what I've read, it sounds like fans are blowing this out of proportion. It's not bad, not great, but certainly not the worse I've ever seen. It's an AU, and right now, this AU needs three thigns to save it, Kyoshi Warriors, Azula, and Toph. I think it's only going to get better.
posted by TB on Jul 13, 2010
Do some people not understand what an adaptation is? Like someone else already stated, having started as a cartoon it was geared toward children. This movie is a more mature interpretation of the series. I can't understand what all the negative reviews are all about - I loved the movie. As to the terrible acting, I completely disagree with those statements (with the exception of Sokka). I liked how all the child actors still acted like children, unlike like other movies such as the Narnia movie where thye're all "brave soldiers" all of a sudden. Sokka however was too serious and completely forgettable for me. It's encouraging to hear that M. Night will be adding the Kyoshi Warriors into the next film and hopefully it will be as good as the first movie.
posted by ForTheDumbassBots on Jul 13, 2010
seriously?!? you have the balls to say that this movie was worth watching?! did all of you watch the same cartoons that the rest of us loved and enjoyed? if you have the nerve to say you have watched the series COMPLETELY and say that its in par with this sad pathetic excuse of an adaptation, then you must've been watching something else and can definitely fall under the definition "dumbass". M. Night argues that he wanted to tell the story "HIS" way and that his interpretation of the movie should be broadcasted. in short, its the biggest way to flip the bird to all the fans and let a completely successful series fall flat, destroyed and it would have been better to reach into my mouth and yank my balls from the inside if i wanted to feel pain. but no, Shyamalan topped that. since he fancies keeping the audience in their seats to await for his big twist in movies, The Last Airbender makes you want to commit seppuku after watching.. thats the twist. thank you M. Night Shyamalan for your effort to bring an entire series crumble with your creativity. it would have been easier to hand us a pistol instead of 3D glasses as we entered the cinemas since you basically want us to blow our heads off anyway. instead of threatening us with a sequel thats promises to be "darker", how about you do something less threatening by taking a step back and go FUCK YOURSELF!
posted by sarcastic a$$hole 2 on Jul 12, 2010
Hey, i can post multiple times to make the last airbender look like it doesn't suck balls. Cool.
posted by sarcastic a$$hole on Jul 12, 2010
WoW! Last Airbender was awesome!! It was the best. The child actors were all very good and easy on the eyes! Plus they were directed very well. What's that you say? Oscar? No, no...well, okay! Oscar! That's right. Last Airbender delivers on all counts: it satisfies fans and complete idiots alike! Just read these posts! All the critics (and I mean all) must have been high when they saw it, cuz it was good. I hope they make a series, then a prequel trilogy, then a TV spinoff, then an animated cartoon based on the movies. YESS!
posted by loveable kayla on Jul 11, 2010
To tell u the truth I didn't go see the last airbender on the big screen because of m. Night. I didn't want to waist my money! I mean he has good intentions but ok look at the movie the village it sucked! He doesn't follow through with what we expect the movie should be. And why does he play in every movie he directs? I couldn't wait for the airbender to finally come out and when I watched it online nevertheless I was disapointed cause the trailer looked better than the movie. I wish he would have put more effort in the spirit world and made the effect more breathtaking. It looked bootleg. Oh move ya arms around and water comes or fire come out of a pot at u. Wow. The avatar great kid but he needed more umph in his powers. Make me believe he is the avatar rather than making water in a circle and the flicker of the candle and making a rock st8 up lol come on m. Night u got to have something up ur sleave!
posted by scmcadams on Jul 11, 2010
I thought the movie was GREAT I can't wait to see more
posted by Are you serious on Jul 09, 2010
I've seen all the cartoon episodes from beginning to end. I was glad the movie left out the campy jokes and humor. Yes, it had a much more serious tone. I felt it pretty much kept to the storyline and I don't understand where all the hate is coming from. The fight scenes were good, especially the earth benders and most of the movie looked crisp. People are upset over the pronunciation of names??? The way someone's hair looked??? The princess had white hair in movie just like in the cartoon. M. Knight didn't destroy the franchise and I'm ready for the sequels with the same director! My ten year old daughter thought it was pretty awesome too.
posted by rainingcrow on Jul 09, 2010
I keep getting asked why I liked it so much... well basically All the things that appealed to me in the show. For one I liked the acting, (with one exception, the grandmother, she was awful). Sokka wasnt a dumbass like on the show, which was cool with me. He still had upstanding honor and character but without wanting to smack him for being a tang tang. He played a good emotional strong character, and I really like how he held himself with such subtlety in his performance. It reminded me of heath ledger in brokeback moutain because it was so emotional and so earnest that it transcended words. his eyes and the clenching of his jaw said every bit as much as any line he spoke. Katara played her part perfectly, and her emotional range was so in tune with the way I always pictured her character. a highly sensitive idealist. She's the heart of the team. I will definately enjoy seeing her and aang grow closer. and omg aang was just incredible. I mean flat out omfg incredible. His suppression of such strong emotions showed on his face. It rare to see that level of talent in a young star. I could have taken or left dev pattels performance... he seemed alot whinier than zuko was in the series, but it worked. Iroh was a good guide for him, and I liked that. I really enjoyed the emotional strength of the movie and the depth of spiritual connection it achieved without floundering into kiddy jokes and gimmicks to cater to the less cultured in the audience. the sets and effects were top notch. I liked the casting in its diversity. Aang looked more ethnically ambiguous in the movie than on the show (where he looked super peachy white) sokka and katara looked like angle mixed with native american heritage, which was nice (as a native american I dont think we get enough play in films... and even if they arent, the fact that they look it made a big difference in my eyes) the whole earth nation was asian, the whole fire nation as east indian, and the air nation being all inclusive really appealed to me from a standpoint of diversity. and above all the fact that they squeezed in episodes 1-3 + 6, 12, 13, 19, and 20 into a two hour movie without making it a balls to the wall action eye candy mess. I would have liked a 3 hr movie, and I would have liked a better jah... but whatev... he still played a dick. As far as the kyoshi warriors not being included (heard plenty of complaints bout that) I think they really fit better in book 2 as they play a larger role there.... Plus I like the idea of sokka having some mourning time before slowly entering into a new relationship. If he had met her before meeting yue, it would have seemed awkward in such a short time as the movies extend. Which is also why I think the change in ending and lack of complete avatar state was a good choice as well.... In a show where you have 10 hrs to tell the story spanning long lengths of time there is the luxury of once or twice still being a miraculous rarity... but a series that in its entirety will run less than 8 hrs, you need to diminish the frequency in order to increase their impact. So once in book 2 will be a bigger deal and a bigger lead up to the finale of 3. Pronunciation changes... I liked em, didnt bother me any. My only real problems with the movie are that I wish it had been longer. And the grandmother couldnt act her way out of a paper bag. oh and boomi would fit better in book two as an emotional story. aang having some time to believe everyone he knew is dead and then the surprise of an old friend offering him counsel... sounds like a winner to me. I mean all these smaller stories in the show have a chance to be real emotional arcs rather than filler episodes... So long as M. night continues to treat them with the same seriousness he treated this film, and doesn't pander to whining fanboys who want "more color, and humor"
posted by optimistic supporter on Jul 09, 2010
I think this movie was pretty good. i am 16 and have seen all the cartoon versions. ya not everything is the same...but i see this version to appeal to more pre-teens to young adults not children. they have a cartoon version for a reason. I do admit they could have at least pronounced the names better, but sokkas devotion to his sister was really passionate and his love for the princess was there. They did answer why Aang ran away. it's because he was to scared to be the avatar. but its shows through the movie how he learns to grow and accept his destiny. It will be cool to see a bit more of a darker version in the sequel. just don't make it so dark that everyone goes on a massive killing spree between the nations. and make it darker but also add humor have sokka be more ditzy like he was in the cartoon, but serious when the time calls for him to be. Lighten Aang up to a little but as far as everything goes he storyline seems to be the same... i personally enjoyed the movie. It was SUPER stellar and i know many people who are hoping for a sequel. So M.Night i just wanted to say its a great movie so don't let the negative criticism get you down because many people will go to see the sequel. =:) i really hope to see it soon hoping i dont have to wait like 3 years for a sequel. Stay optimistic thats the best thing you can do good luck for the 2nd book Earth. And thank you for making a great film
posted by Spermtowormceo on Jul 09, 2010
I agree with all the horrible things people have said about the movie because to tell the truth it is all true. He ruined a perfectly good cartoon series with a movie. Also I do think he did not bother to watch any of the show because if he did he maybe would have done somthin right for a change and made a good movie, but no he just likes to fail at his so called passion.
posted by Dirk_m on Jul 08, 2010
I don't want anyone who liked to miss the movie to miss out on a sequel. Maybe M Night can do a youtube series named something different and not destroy a great series with his poor adaptation.
posted by Long long sigh on Jul 08, 2010
I loved the avatar. I don’t care for the movie. The acting was terrible…… Aang was……………. I wish I could kick the kick in the nuts and tell him to get out of his head. Aang in the show was great. He was too young to be the Avatar, he was too young to realize his destiny. With out saying it Aang in the show screamed, “I’M JUST A KID!!!” And you felt bad for him in a way but you have a lot of admiration for him as well. Here is his second chance to take back a bad choice and to finally grow up. Kids… people can all relate to needing to grow up looking forward to growing up and doing great things when you do grow up its everyone in the worlds dream. This movie was all about the world is going to end and look there are a bunch of cool people who can move stones, mess with water, blow air and bend fire………. I watched an interview of the actors who were cast to play the role of 2 of the most important roles in the movie talk about how they got into the series and they had no idea what the point was. What with Aang and Ohg???? I do realize that Ang the avatar sounds different if a Chinese person were to say it…… But come on the first few time I heard it I thought ok, its fine I can live with it… Then on top of all the other things that were completely wrong about the film it got to me. My little brother who I have never heard swear about anything ever in my live told me in his exact words when I asked him about this film said, “What the F++K, that bad.” My eyes opened and my jaw dropped but can you really blame him? My advice to M. Knight is think about Peter Jackson… When he did Lord of the Ring people loved that story for years and years. If it were not for Tokkin there would be no World of Warcraft, no war hammer, Knights, orcs, feries, Harry freakin Potter, the list go on and on.. Jackson had some very very big shoes to fill. He was going to be a hero or people were going to hate him… He was true to the fans. The actors were also true to the Fans. The people who loved the books loved the movies I remember seeing the Shiare for the first time on film and almost shed a tear. The fans loved the movie. This is the Avatar If you were try to the millions and millions of fan that existed already this movies would have made 10 times the 40 million it did opening weekend. Sadly M. Knight you left the fans, the true fans behind . Did the first movies really need to be 90 mins long….? I would have loved to see a 3 hour, “Last Air Bender” that made sense, good acting, good plot pacing, relationship building, to this day that film did not answer the one question that you asked yourself when you started watching the show was why did Aang run away…? If this movie were good. I would have dragged the rest of my family to see this film if it were Good. Lord knows I have in the past. Again Please be true to the people who already Loved the story, characters, and plot. This is not about you M. knight this is about Aang and what he means to the people who watch him grow into the most powerful force for peace and balance in the world of “Avatar The Last Air Bender.” The little boy, a young girl with a strong head and a goofy brother who finds him in an iceberg who in the end grows up. Like watching your own kids, brother sisters, your self people related to that…. And loved Aang the Avatar for it. Please M. Knight remember that and good luck on Book 2 Earth…..
posted by Shamlanesucks on Jul 08, 2010
I can' believe the studios are letting this overrated moron direct the sequel.
posted by Sheen on Jul 08, 2010
No! Please don't butcher Avatar the Last Airbender anymore! Do yourself a favor, give yourself up on directing this film! Or atleast stop writing it! Your talent is NOT in writing! Let other people do it for you! ...pick the first option though. Get out of there. You don't need another chance to destroy ATLA
posted by Please stop on Jul 08, 2010
Please explain why the allowed this man to screw this movie up... He has never made a good movie so why should do it now...
posted by shine on Jul 07, 2010
oh come on. this movie was so dreary and depressing. And you want to go less and less kid-friendly?
posted by Fan on Jul 07, 2010
Great! I am looking forward to the sequels! TLA was an amazing movie!
posted by Edlacer on Jul 07, 2010
This movie was cRAP please make a sequel but with a different cast that actually shows the characters personality. and please get a new Director i have no F&%*^ idea why the choose Shyamalan to direct it. they couldnt pronounce the main characters names right!!! just goes to show you Shyamalan never bothered to watch a single episode of the series. i just hope Shyamalan gigantic failure as a producer, screen writer, and director doesnt kill the franchise. i really want to see an avatar film with some justice done right to it. So many things wrong with the film just a gigantic waste of time, money and a huge blow to all the fans of the series
posted by Mr. Chris on Jul 07, 2010
If they go forward with a sequel, please make someone else a director and salvage this franchise before M. Night screws it up again. And knock it off with making every movie darker. That's what ruined the first movie. This isn't the 00's anymore. People actually want to have fun at the movies now.
posted by Andale on Jul 07, 2010
If MNS is truly writing the next two, I am NOT going to see them. Dragonball Z was better then TLA
posted by Not Listening Paramo on Jul 07, 2010
This has got to end. It will be "Darker". That's the problem. WE DON"T WANT TO SEE DARKER!! Children don't want to see DARKER! The REAL Avatar fans want to see a "real-life" adaptation of the cartoon that was so well respected, loved, and awesome. Not some dark, jacked up adaptation of what M.Knight F'd UP mind interpreted as what was going on in the cartoon. PLEASE PARAMOUNT & Nickelodeon! DON'T SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL's Advocate of Movies!!!!!
posted by Twinks on Jul 07, 2010
M. Night should not be allowed to make the sequels to the film. I don't think he was truly invested in the story, rather just wanted to make a quick buck. I wanted so badly to see Aang come out of his frozen globe and ask for penguin sledding. Instead he was just depressed and dreary the entire movie. Even Sokka had no humor. I noticed that only two of the character names were pronounced properly and that was Katara and Yue. Even the one on one fighting challenge of Agnie Kai (I know I spelled it wrong) was mispronounced. There was no connection to the characters. M. Night obviously did not see the series and did not identify with the little details of the main characters that the fans fell in love with. This would include but not be limited to Aang's sweet innocence and childlike playfulness; Katara's huge and mesmerizing blue eyes and her adorable "hair loopies", as well as her obvious love and nurturing nature toward Aang; Sokka's unique way to put a smile on the viewer's face, even when faced with the most dangerous of adversaries. I think M. Night rushed through the thing to make some money and simply had no care of how the series fans would be affected. M. Night...just hang up your hat. You don't need to be making movies. Please allow someone who actually still has vision, talent, and respect for the fans make the next installment. I'm scared to see Toph, one of the three funniest characters in the series. With M. Night behind the wheel, she'll probably be a monotone snore just like the rest of the cast. For those who never watched, or didn't follow the series, it's a cute little movie. But there are serious fans out there of all ages who fell in love with not only the story, but the characters as well. M. Night brought nothing to the movie that would please the fans.
posted by deadson 13 on Jul 07, 2010
dude the acting was good but the film had no derection night needs to die or stop making shity movie ALL his movies sucked ALL of them i say get bay or lucas on the job and fin the story oh and kik night in the balls twice and ban him from ever making another movie yea it made 40 mill cuz evry one thought it was guna be better .man what happent to good derecting?
posted by Huge Fan on Jul 07, 2010
I also think the simple language and a lot of funny scenes were cut to make the movie more understandable and shorter for really young kids. Look at this clip… Sokka is funny! So the older die hard fans should wait for the dvd for the longer version before they trash the movie! Have you seen those other adapations? This was really well-made so please don't destroy the franchise and let others who enjoy this movie miss out on the sequels!
posted by Huge Fan on Jul 07, 2010
As to the complaints about the pronunciation, find a japanese trailer on utube and watch it… MNS was trying to make them sound more authentic
posted by Huge Fan on Jul 07, 2010
The end was amazing. When the Princess gave up her life for her people, when Aang looked around at all the people fighting and dying, and finally when he recalled times with his teachers and friends and translated those memories into water bending so powerful, but not to kill the fire nation warriors on the ships but to make them realize their attack was futile and must retreat, were EPIC! The music was mesmerizing. Aang looked so little and so lonely but had such a big responsibility. I don’t care what critics said but Noah Ringer was great!
posted by Fan is dumb is dumbe on Jul 07, 2010
Here we go again. Nobody can like the movie or else we are idiots. You want it to be like the cartoon, then just watch the cartoon. You want a happy Aang, sorry that doesn't work in the real world when he wakes up and finds everyone he knows has died and the world is a mess because of his absence. You are no true fan of the series when you can't even understand the positive themes Avatar tries to convey, ie accepting and appreciating others' beliefs.
posted by Tito on Jul 07, 2010
Outstanding...yeah... I wonder if the Kyoshi choreography is as "amazing" as that earthbending synchronized stomp-dance. *eyes roll*
posted by the realer one on Jul 07, 2010
Rubbish, this film was outstanding in all respects. You haters need to relax. Make the next one!
posted by they have to finish on Jul 07, 2010
you cant not make the sequels and just leave it unfinished.. in the cartoon the further into the series it went the better it got, maybe the movies will do the same.. m knight is sure to make azula wicked! CMON PARAMOUNT
posted by Fan is dumb on Jul 07, 2010
TLA was a horrible adaptation of the amazing series. Shyamalan needs to stop making these movies and hand it over to someone else that will know what he's doing with the source material. The writing and acting were just so HORRIBLE in the movie. Just watch the series until a better movie comes out, M. Night has no idea what he's doing.

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