Video Premiere: Joe Jonas' 'Make It Right' From 'Jonas L.A.'

July 07, 2010 02:05:40 GMT

The middle of the Jonas Brothers gets jealous when Chelsea Staub goes on a night outing with her new friend, Ben.

Video Premiere: Joe Jonas' 'Make It Right' From 'Jonas L.A.'
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"Make It Right" music video from the previously-titled "J.O.N.A.S!" has been debuted. Still filled with footage from the latest season of Disney Channel's TV series, it highlights on Joe Jonas when he is strumming his guitar and singing the song near a swimming pool.

The other members of the Jonas Brothers are not featured in this clip. Instead of having Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, it sees Chelsea Staub as she is picked up by a guy for a date with Joe watching them from the second floor of his house.

Featuring lead vocal from Joe Jonas, "Make It Right" is featured in an episode titled "Date Expectations" which was aired last week. Stella meets a new friend Ben and makes Joe jealous. Meanwhile, Kevin and Nick compete in ping-pong for a place in a celebrity ping-pong tournament.

Joe Jonas' "Make It Right" music video


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posted by J.B Rocks on Aug 23, 2010
Go and fuck off bro...Joe has very best of vocal talents and he also writs song and plays instruments wat else do u want... He has proved his vocal talent in Make it Right and Wouldnt Change a thing and he will rock with his solo album
posted by honey on Jul 13, 2010
this song is soooo sweet.joes voice is perfect for this song.nick voice is also good but only live ,if it is recorded joes voice is good for the song.joe voice is sooo sweet,and people he has vocal talent.if not he would not give lead vocals for so many songs of jobros.iam sure that his new solo will be fantastic,if u cant encourage him no problem just dont discourage.his voice is perfect but nick some times gives more than needed.joe has talent he is the FRONT MAN of jonas brothers
posted by Jscribblz on Jul 08, 2010
I agree with Mandy. Anyone who dislikes one Jonas and not the others is being Jonas-sist (Like Jonas rascism). I admit, I sometimes have favourites, but they jump back and fourth. If anyone asks, I say, true Jonas fans do not just have a favourite, they just have one they can connect to better. It's rare to find true Jonas fans, expecially in Australia where I am from... If you are a Jonas Brothers fan, you don't just like their looks, its about the music, the behaviour, what you can truely care about.
posted by jane on Jul 07, 2010
this is a great song but Nick actually sings this better. Nick said on his London livechat that he wrote this song from a personal experience and they decided to use it for the show. I agree with Whitney I don't think Joe can pull it off solo, Nick is the best musically.
posted by whitney on Jul 07, 2010 need a life. I personally am a huge jb fan but I dont think joe can pull it off on his own...nick is the one with the vocal talent...not a fan of this song at all
posted by mandy on Jul 07, 2010
hey...i'm from Romania and i want to say that i love joe with all my heart.he is my first love and i think i will always love him because is very,very not like the other boys and he's got huge talent and he's so romantic,sweet,beautiful,funny etc.BTW 'make it right' is really a beautiful song.i love it!
posted by mandy on Jul 07, 2010
ur not a true fan if u say something bad about one of this guys.they are a band,right?&if u don't like one of the band u're not a fan of the band.u are a nick jonas's fan.i love them all&i support them in everything they do.i reconize that nick has talent does kev.but everyone has it's u heard my favourite is joe.but that doesn't mean i dislike kev or nick.if u said ur a huge jb fan u can't dislike one of them.and ur rude if u say the only one of them with ocal taent is nick.that's not true&u know it.BTW...u must be crazy if u don't like the song'make it right'.is so romantic!

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