Video: David Archuleta Salutes the Troops at 'A Capitol Fourth'

July 05, 2010 03:46:44 GMT

The 2008 'American Idol' runner-up kicked off 4th of July celebration with 'Star Spangled Banner' and then paid homage to military with 'Stand by Me'.

Video: David Archuleta Salutes the Troops at 'A Capitol Fourth'
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David Archuleta dedicated one of his performances at the 30th anniversary broadcast of "A Capitol Fourth" to the United States troops and their families. Introduced by host Jimmy Smits as the singer who "survived Simon Cowell", he honored the heroes with "Stand by Me".

Prior to that, the 2008 runner-up of "American Idol" opened the celebration, held as part of event to commemorate the U.S. independence day, with a rendition of "Star Spangled Banner". Other performers at the Sunday, July 4 festivity were Gladys Knight and Reba McEntire.

Additionally, McEntire was handed with National Artistic Achievement Award for her "dedication to enriching the national legacy of the performing arts as well as her lifetime of musical contributions." Previous recipients of this special honor included John Williams, Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan as well as Stevie Wonder.

Aired on PBS, the gig took place on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol grounds. It was closed with a fireworks display above the National Mall. The First Family and their military guests watched the evening's fireworks from the South Lawn of the White House.

"Stand by Me":

"Star Spangled Banner":


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posted by Ashley on Jul 06, 2010
David was AMAZING as always <3
posted by Amy (in VA) on Jul 06, 2010
NOBODY sings the National Anthem better than David Archuleta. sheesh. I was at the dress rehearsal for this event and though I've seen vids of David singing it acapella many times, it just blew me away. He has the gift of making you FEEL the song! Bravo.
posted by Lela on Jul 05, 2010
David Archuleta is just "AWESOME." I was so proud of him when he opened the show with his stellar performance of the national anthem song and again when he paid tribute to the troops with his superb performance, "Stand By Me." He is truly an American Idol that exemplifies all the quality traits of a great person. God Bless American and David A.
posted by Kathy on Jul 05, 2010
David did such an outstanding job last night at the Capital performance. He has a voice that just lifts your spirits. The star of the show I might add!
posted by djafan on Jul 05, 2010
David Archuleta gave a stellar performance last night. What a blessing to all who were there and thank you to who ever had the foresight of inviting him to this great event.
posted by smf on Jul 05, 2010
I loved watching David steal the show! He's so talented, so stellar. He is going to be around for a long long time. God Bless America! And God bless David Archuleta. What a precious spirit....
posted by trudyfod on Jul 05, 2010
I saw the show Capital 4th - thanks for posting David's songs - he was amazing last night! simply stunning performances :)
posted by Sharon (Gmax) on Jul 05, 2010
It is hard to come up with new superlatives to describe David, his talent and his unbelievable heart! Suffice it to say, many more people now know of this remarkable young man and his musical genius. His performance was just stellar! I am so proud to be an American, and a fan of David's. The journey that he is taking us on is one big Happy Dance!
posted by Tims on Jul 05, 2010
Can we borrow David to sing our national anthem, Advance Australia Fair?
posted by waffles on Jul 05, 2010
David is SO talented and SO cute (hot!) that I thought the fireworks were boring compared to watching David :) His new single is AWESOME too!!!!
posted by Jenna on Jul 05, 2010
Thanks for posting the videos. It was such a pleasure to watch David perform the SSB and then Stand By Me. He is such a class act (and in a class all his own) I might add! I agree, David is a vocal dynamo and as genuine and sincere as they come. He was wonderful!
posted by Bebereader on Jul 05, 2010
David Archuleta, a true American Idol! His vocals soared last night and powerfully conveyed the meaning of the songs. What an honor and privilege to be invited to this event. David Archuleta can always be counted on to deliver a solid performance.
posted by jess on Jul 05, 2010
Yeah! He was amazing.
posted by kent on Jul 05, 2010
American Idol should be proud of discovering a young talent like David Archuleta who is clean, wholesome, respectful, and admirable. Not to mention, he can kick adult singers' butt.
posted by dma on Jul 05, 2010
His voice is just mesmerizing. Can't get enough of his sound. His deep respect for this country is also a real joy to behold. After two years of screaming girls and adulation he is still just David wanting his music to touch you.
posted by tina on Jul 04, 2010
david archuleta was stunning - the anthem and stand by me were the best performances on the show. awesome, and the fireworks at the end were spectacular. the guy is a vocal dynamo.

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