BET Never Banned Ciara's 'Ride' Music Video


The network claim they have reached out to Ciara's camp, asking for edit but never received any response from them.

Report mentioning that Ciara's "Ride" music video is snubbed by BET has swirled since May, but it seemed that the network didn't bother to clear up the matter until MTV questioned it. In a written statement to MTV, BET publicist Marcy Polanco said, "BET never banned Ciara's video."

However, the representative admitted that they found some parts in the clip indeed need to be censored before going on air. "It went through the normal process where we gave edits and we never received a response," the publicist said further.

When filming the clip, Ciara was aware it "has some very sensual moments in it" but decided to give it a go because she does "know that they [BET] do play sensual videos as well." A month ago before BET issued a statement, she said she was willing to edit the video if it's necessary.

Although "Ride" music video is not played on BET screen, it can be found everywhere on the web and Ciara is thankful for that. "It's been a real great blessing with the new technology and Internet and all the support I've been getting," she stated. "It's been working itself out. My fans are still able to see the video."




    Sep 19, 2010

    Does BET have a personal problem with Ciara or what? Ride is a very hot song and its not too sensual as to needing any edits before airing on BET, besides av seen similar If not more sensual videos on BET or are the saying rude boy was decent and the likes of em. BET you need to give the girl some credit and stop creating unnecessary scandal over something we should be help promote. Point is CIARA is S-E-X-Y so whatever lil effort she puts in a video turns out super hot. I LOVE YOU CICI. You my gal and I got ur back go get em. Yo haters watch out for cici she's coming to wipe u outa business haha!!!

    my girl
    Sep 17, 2010

    Watup ciara what u been doin i like your spung o and u need to go with sexy bowwow becuse u never had a man like hem and he nevery had a woman like u

    Aug 06, 2010

    In that case,they shouldn't have played Rhianna Rude Boy.We know Ciara is talking about dancing to the beat,but RhiRhi turns her ass up in her video on her back

    Wow BET
    Jul 15, 2010

    This is crazy! BET plays way worse videos on air. I dont see why they couldnt play Ciara's.

    Jul 09, 2010

    BET is stupid. There is nothing wrong with that video at all. If they banned this and did not ban the video neighbors know my name by Trey Songz than their just stupid

    Jul 03, 2010

    If they not playing the video than that means they have BANNED IT. DULL!

    Jul 01, 2010

    I love that video. If they can play other videos with females dancing half naked y cant they play hers. To me there is nothing wrong with her video. I love u ciara

    f... BET!
    Jun 30, 2010

    I watch Ciara on the BET awards and i though she will perferm Ride with Ludacris but that didn't happen.Im so dissapointed. F... BET!!

    Jun 30, 2010

    If they are not showing the video then effectively they have banned it. MTV and VH1 are showing the video without any edits , so why can't BET ? BET sucks.

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