'Paranormal Activity 2' Premieres Teaser Trailer

June 30, 2010 08:04:27 GMT

Still presented in the style of found footage like the previous movie, the upcoming horror will thrill the audience with the strange noise and freaking shadow.

'Paranormal Activity 2' Premieres Teaser Trailer
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Paramount Pictures has given the first preview to "Paranormal Activity 2" in a form of teaser trailer. Containing glimpses of scenes set in a bedroom, kitchen as well as living room, the video manages to make those watching it freaked out with the scary noise, barking dog and swaying things.

"Paranormal Activity 2" is made as the follow-up to "Paranormal Activity" which is nominated for "best first feature" in the Independent Spirit Awards 2009. The first film follows a young couple who is haunted by a supernatural presence in their home.

Similar to "Paranormal Activity", the second film is presented in the style of found footage from the camera set up to capture what is haunting the residents. However, little has been known about the plot for the upcoming horror since the official synopsis has not been released yet.

Tod Williams directs "Paranormal Activity 2", replacing Oren Peli who now serves a producer alongside Jason Blum. Following the warm reception of the predecessor, the upcoming film will get wide release in the U.S. on October 22.


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posted by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY on Oct 27, 2014
posted by Hoffman on Aug 28, 2010
The girl was not killed by the cops you idiot
posted by Zahir on Jul 29, 2010
i think the plot revolves around katie since her body goes missing from that evil thing, her body returns for revenge,...her boyfriend who was also killed should also be part of the want to see the way, "you demanded it!" is a complete marketing strategy by Paramount! Shame on them lol!'s all bout the money!
posted by meme on Jul 01, 2010
if you go to the official website at the end of the trailer you see a still image of the room. In the big closet mirror door you can see the baby standing and somethign written on the floor. In the crib there is no baby and nothing on the floor, creepy. I think she has a ghost baby.
posted by Aaron on Jul 01, 2010
"You Demanded It" what? We never demanded anything, PA was scheduled to be released many theaters anyway. This whole "demanding" crap is now just a new marketing tool.
posted by bababooey on Jul 01, 2010
on the website it says "what is happening to hunter?" and the baby is in the mirror but not the room. also at the end of the first one, the demon possesses the girl and she is killed by the cops. so i guess now its the same house, same demonand the girl is part of the haunting.
posted by jh on Jun 30, 2010
this actually looks good
posted by Leocdc on Jun 30, 2010
Mehhh.... it looks as bad as the first one. I went to cinema to feel fear for one (I never see horror movies) and what I received was so not-scary, except the final minute, that was spoilered by the official trailer of the movie. So, there's no way I'll see this.
posted by baby on Jun 30, 2010
i luvd it
posted by baby on Jun 30, 2010
its a good movie scary ,weird

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